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'Real' - a brilliant film! And I do not exaggerate, this is indeed the case. I expected to see a good motion picture, but I must confess that it is not so much ... Hope that I have laid on this film, materialize in full. Here you can see all there is to true connoisseurs of good and quality movies:. Gorgeous actor's game, great storyline, beautiful soundtrack and brilliant directing
In the center of the film are two characters: a police officer and a robber. Their names are Vincent Hanna and Neil McCauley, respectively. Each of them is a true professional in their field, each of them have never suffered defeat, and certainly not going to do it. It is amazing how much in common between these two guys. It would seem that can connect people who found themselves on opposite sides of the law. By the way, it is not yet known who will win more than the love of the audience: a detective or criminal. People who watch "Fight", throughout the film has to fluctuate over the choice of whom to support him and for whom experience. Someone like that would Vincent Neal hid behind bars, while others on the contrary would like to see at the end of the last film in one piece with a bunch of stolen money. Up to you on which side you will
Cast -. Professionals, stars, and just geniuses of world cinema. And that's not all the kind words that you can say about the people who starred in the film. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro played a detective for the characters and the robber, respectively. It is on these two "m" and keeps all the "Real". Both actors are just perfectly able to grow into their roles. Each of them tried in a manner peculiar to them to file their character the audience. Especially his great game I won by Al Pacino. I have always considered him a cool actor, who has already demonstrated many times people, and me in particular, his talent and acting skills. It would seem, here it is not where it was dispersed and not where it was to show everything what he can do, but Al Pacino on that and "great" that he was able to squeeze out a simple situation all the maximum and thus got my respect. I do not want to say more, De Niro appeared on the set slightly. In no case! This is undoubtedly a talented actor, too, at a very high level, he could play the role of a skilled thief Neil McCauley. Criticize this game can only be those who do not understand the movie. I stood to applaud and Al Pacino and Robert De Niro for their very convincing game. A huge thanks to them for the robot, which they were able to do throughout the whole film-making process. As for me, it's one of the best duos in Hollywood!
Also, I'd like to mention the excellent play Val Kilmer. I admit that it was a film "Quest", I discovered this pretty good actor. He was assigned the role of Chris - another gang member Neil McCauley. This is a true professional in his business and devoted friend of the leader of the gang. Of course, Chris this is not the main character in the film, but even in the short residence time on the set, Kilmer was able to demonstrate a very cool acting. I sincerely regret that, after such a successful role in "Combat", the actor anywhere else and was not able to light up ...
And indeed very difficult to single out any of the cast. Of course, out of competition here are Al Pacino and De Niro starred. But the rest of the cast than not spoil the film, but on the contrary made it bright colors. That only is Natalie Portman, who at such a young age could easily play the role of receptionist Vincent daughter. Diane Venora and Amy Brenneman could well play for the characters in the second halves of our old friends Vincent and the Nile.
all, in my opinion, it was interesting to watch the confrontation between the Nile and Vincent, which lasted until the very last minutes of the movie. Each of them is failed, on the contrary completely possessed the situation, each of them was on the verge of failure, but also in schitanyh inches from victory. I particularly liked the scene in the cafe when the two main characters are sitting at the same table, face to face! They are a friendly conversation, but each of them knows who is who. It was at this moment the atmosphere in the film increasingly heating up and heating up ...
'Can you imagine what I would have, with tattoos born to lose took shop with alcohol?'
'No, I can not imagine.'
'that's right ... I could never have come back to prison.'
'Then throw their case.'
'I do what I can, and you do what you know how to ... »

Not only that things Neil Vincent by the hour were sorry for the expression of bad, because then there was in their world there are women. They could not make small adjustments in the life of one and the other. Ladies, there were, let's be honest at the wrong time. They had no place in the lives of our boys, but love is such a thing, that she will not order to whom and when it come ...
would think the film is very long, but it is only at first glance. Here there is nothing superfluous, no empty conversations and the like. If the cut of the films even the most minor episode, it will lose its integrity. The creators of the successful mixture of a detective with the crime, and even with some elements of drama. And if we remember the gunfight in the second half, "Fight", then it can be safely called a fighter. Such an atmosphere, adrenaline can envy even recognized ekshn.
separate topic for me is Michael Mann. The fact that he also was chief director, scriptwriter and operator proves that the person is completely devoted himself to the creation of the film, he puts it in his heart and soul. It would seem that in this genre as a detective does not remain untested ways, yet Mann could still surprise the viewer, was able to show him something new. It is in the "Combat" is visible professional robot director: he literally spent the whole movie to the smallest particles
Perhaps the music. "Combat" receded into the background, because all the attention was drawn to the actors and the action takes place in the film. But anyway, I want to mention the composer Elliot Goldenthal, and well done to the robot. All his compositions perfectly approached for this film, everything is very accurately conveys the atmosphere at a given moment.
And she awaited the ending. Vincent and Neil were alone. No one will be able to step in and stop them. Who will win in this battle of equal strength opponents? Perhaps I will not kill the whole affair, it is better you learn all the while watching
Total:. "Real" - a masterpiece of world cinema
10 of 10

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