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Feature film Michael Mann's "Fight" (in the original "Heat") in 1995, directed by him on his own script, is now a cult model of crime drama and high quality action movie. The literal translation of the movie "Heat", which means the US jargon criminal "prosecution by law enforcement agencies»
first 10-15 minutes, with the opening scene, you are overcome curiosity -. What is going on, who are these people, what are the objectives of heroes? All remain under a veil of secrecy. Instead explanatory film shows filled with "drive" a professional kidnapping of securities from the collector car. The viewer, with arrivals on the scene, and police Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino), puzzled and surprised
The next part of the film -. Exposure and familiarity with the characters and their motivations. Moreover, we observe both camps. On the one hand - Neil McCauley by De Niro and his gang of robbers. For police officers standing by Al Pacino. Quest takes place both between the poles and the protagonists McCauley and Hannah. Disclosure of the characters are slowly and consistently, but it only gives the beauty and the clear reason the next step. Mann, like sowing the seeds on the field, puts here and there, "Chekhov's gun" in the film composition. Each of them will shoot at the right time and a measured him.
should refer to the description of the main characters. Robert De Niro plays the role of cold-hearted and disciplined robber with strict principles of life. He - the leader of the gang and the brain. The main thing for him - this is freedom. "The basic rule: never bear in life is nothing that you could not stop for thirty seconds when the corner will be the police" - this is his basic credo. He is one, but not alone. For women trying not to get attached. De Niro played it quiet and quick to human actions without human morality.
Al Pacino, as opposed to the hero of De Niro played the expressive (with his trademark tone) and the hard cop, always achieve their goals. He lives for his work, therefore, have been married for a third time, a long time did not come home and does not give time to his wife (who, by the way, and she was an irresponsible mother, who almost did not pay attention to her daughter, a teenager, the role of the daughter played by young Natalie Portman) . Lt. Vincent Hanna uses her charm and audacity in dealing with criminals, and he helps. "I say what I think and do what I say!" - ideological position
lieutenant in the police investigation and surveillance of gang goes further the plot.. LAPD repeatedly breaks to take in the act of criminals, but their attempts are always futile because of the cunning and intuition McCauley Nile. Meanwhile, the gang is preparing for another bank robbery. For all participants a chance to part with a criminal past, heal calm family life with "barbecue and a game of ball." Such motives and their use helps to empathize with each of the characters
Before important events Lieutenant finds his enemy -. Police have located yet not sully themselves McCauley Nile. Vincent Hanna begins to haunt him in the night on the highway to the accompaniment of instrumental covers of songs of Joy Division - New Dawn Fades, performed by Moby. Chase scene, the emphasis on the faces of the characters and follow the conversation on the souls convey the fundamental idea of ​​"fight" and the clash between the two main characters
watching the scene, the viewer feels that the film is nearing its point of no return:. All the ends chopped off, goals, set by the author, are performed. After a successful robbery on peaceful streets of Los Angeles tied a bloody shootout between criminals and the police. This episode is still one of the few truly memorable skirmishes in the history of cinema. Total human panic and fear with the utmost degree of involvement forced the viewer to perceive what is happening on the screen. It is worth noting the time with a close-up face of Al Pacino in a shootout climax. The emotional component, coupled with the fact that Lieutenant "can not miss", creates the desired effect. At the end of the film this technique will be used again
The ending of the film is built perfectly Mann:. And logically and organically. But still you leave no doubt that there is another outcome. In the analysis of the hero Al Pacino is clear - this is a person standing on guard about, and the avenger of innocent victims, who had seen a lot of nasty on the police work (the story of the dead snyaschihsya him). However, he did not descend to the bottom and did not change its principles. Hero Robert De Niro - a controversial figure. Man has internal guidelines to assist him alone. The way he quickly crushes and without hesitation with his enemies and friends, gives food for thought. He literally is in the darkness (the time hiding in a dark corner). Only once he could crawl out. He already had the hope and loving his woman. It would seem that life made sense again, you can move on. But the moment that his car rides with a dark highway in a brightly lit tunnel that lasts only a few seconds. This hints at the frustration. Even such a small detail, like a shadow, has played a trick on him. Snyaschiysya his dream becomes prophetic. De Niro's character, of course, the antagonist, but with the "villain" position it has nothing to do. This role is moved to the fifth, former member of the gang - rapists and Ueyngro traitor, "heinous" features that were introduced by Mann, in my opinion, is artificial and clumsy. Be that as it may, it is required for the story.
worth noting the visual side of the film. The film uses a lot of panoramic views and long-range plans. In particular, the night of Los Angeles, which, no doubt, mesmerizing everyone. "The city is always in the lights." The surrounding beauty of the metropolis, to the nearby Pacific Ocean, enveloped in history aesthetically pleasing "wrapper". This film is required the efforts of a talented operator Dante Spinotti already filming this city neonuarnom film "LA Confidential." Musical accompaniment of the composer Elliot Goldenthal fits and complements the atmosphere of the film. Among the actors of the second plan should be commended Velu Kilmer, William Fichtner, Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo.
These emotions and aesthetic pleasure after watching the film are at the highest level. Excellent story penned by Michael Mann, it is a story without any ethical and moral lessons, makes a head dive into the world of film and fall out of reality for 3 hours. The duration of the picture in no way detracts from its advantages. On the contrary, slow and unhurried narrative prepares the viewer and gives excellent dispersed by the middle of the plot of the film. Attention and enthusiasm the picture is not slipping. Then there are the strong and, as I have repeated, "drayvovye" pulses required to complete this beautiful story about the "battle." After watching you want to shake hands with Michael Mann in gratitude as well as at the end of the movie shake hands Neil McCauley and Vincent Hanna.
10 of 10

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