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Art does not tolerate haste and immediacy. Cinema to the clearest confirmation. Skim hastily movie as quickly forgotten. Masterpieces take time to mature in the creator's head. Director and screenwriter "Fights» (Heat, 1995) Michael Mann 20 years ottrubil on television before proceeding to shoot his most iconic films.
Over the years he has processed huge amount of material on the subject, so well aware that his chosen genre is in moral decline. On the topic of crime drama all have long been said and shown masters. After the "Godfather" Coppola, "Once in America" ​​Leone "good guys" Scorsese was easier to shoot than to say something new.
ideological stagnation spawned two currents. Weedy stream of talented and innovative work associated with the names of Tarantino ( "Reservoir Dogs", "Pulp Fiction"), Guy Ritchie ( "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"), Bryan Singer ( "The Usual Suspects"). And the sea of ​​drink mediocre punchers tirelessly to replicate everything and everyone in the pursuit of long dollar. The latter was so much, that soon the general public crime genre has lost all respect. Against the background of this sad phenomenon of "Real" by Michael Mann was "manna from heaven", a breath of fresh air, a new round of the epic saga of the confrontation between police and thieves.
... The place of Los Angeles, the city of sin. The world-famous capital of the "dream factory" shaken by the daring and ingenious robberies, with which manages a Neil McCauley, a man without a past and a very uncertain future. McCauley - perpetrator of the old school, with its principles. His team is small, but it contains only reliable and proven professionals. The key to success of any enterprise - in accuracy, speed, and strict observance of the rules. But the old woman is proruha.
received an order for a robbery of the collector car, Neil takes over the case from the person. Newbie turned rotten radishes, a psychopath and a traitor. Simple operation to seize securities turned into a bloodbath, leaving Neil and his men found themselves between two fires. On the one hand they affected the interests of the powerful mafia banker Van Zant, and on the other - have got into a zone of visibility tough detective Vincent Hanna. Hannah, like a chained dog, clung to a thin thread and very soon come face to face with the most worthy opponent
Realizing that the ring around it narrows, Neil decided at the last high-profile case -. Bank robbery in broad daylight. Then plans to take in his arms the woman he loves and leave the "friendly" metropolis forever. But too much of it crossed the road. Neil likes to say: "Do not allow yourself to become attached to anything that can not throw in half a minute adrift, if you feel a sudden threat." And as if he did not want to follow to this principle in his life, there are people whom he owes. Ahead of his latest, uncompromising fight, run away or hide from which he could not ...
need to thank Bonnie Timmermann, is responsible for the selection of actors, because she was able to gather such a great cast. Since the time of the second "Godfather" each producer slept and saw his picture side by side shine with two great stars of world cinema - Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. But the years went on, and repeat the trick Coppola no one could. However, formally the actors in "The Godfather 2" did not play in a pair, as their characters (the young Don Vito Corleone and his grown-up son Michael) were in different periods of time and could not meet in the same frame. And then came the bombshell when it was revealed that the "inhabitants of heaven" does not just play together, but will stand on opposite sides of the law.
Mann has long fostered crime genre on television, where he worked as a screenwriter and director, in including such popular television series as "Vegas", "drug war" and "Miami Vice: department of manners." He also belongs to the first attempt to film adaptations of Thomas Harris's books, "Manhunter", where for the first time on the big screen will be famous character Hannibal Lecter. However, none of his painstaking work on TV or the first full-length tests, not even the "last of the Mohicans", received at the Oscars a consolation prize for the best sound without steel Mann something special. And then it is the maximum invested in "Fight", literally every frame polished to a shine.
Lacking pioneering audacity Tarantino, Mann decided to do without experiments. Instead of "reading diagonally" he dug deeper. Not wanting to copy predecessors and romanticized underworld, he was on the side of "conditional" good. Conditional, for uncompromising and hard-nosed cop Vincent Hanna, whose brilliantly embodied on the screen of Al Pacino, is not a role model. In contrast to the faceless throng of fighters against crime, of which Hollywood cloned dozens annually, this figure has turned a human being contradictory. How, indeed, and his alter ego in the person of principle, but ruthless to his enemies, the robber Nile. The two of them deserve each other and their personal confrontation has become the main attraction
«Contractions." And, nevertheless, not be stars surrounded by other colorful personalities, there is no film in the list of best pictures of all time. Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, Jon Voight, Ashley Judd, Ted Levine, Wes Stage, William Fichtner, Natalie Portman, Hank Azaria, Henry Rollins and Danny Trejo. All of them have made their important contribution to the success of the painting, depicting the characters on the screen succinct, lively emotions, genuine feelings. Each role - minishedevr, whether zatyukali fatherlessness adopted daughter Hanna (Portman), a shameless huckster (Azaria) or mean-spirited and cowardly banker (Fichtner). Only through such a strong actor team "Fight", in spite of the limit for cinemas timing duration of 170 minutes, it is possible not to sag in the dialogues.
separate note and the highest master class demonstrated by the operator Dante Spinotti. With him Mann has created a number of unique scenes, with which a truly enriched the world cinema. This tense dialogue between two characters in a cafe, and the final battle, and, of course, the brilliant glow of the street and the execution of a skirmish that has become a role model for all subsequent generations of filmmakers. Add to that the adjusted number of seconds the music composer Elliot Goldenthal.
It would seem that so many good things, but at home "Fight" swept mediocre, barely repulsed the 60 millionth budget. After that I had much greater success abroad, where the viewer smoothly went to the names of De Niro and Pacino. For seventeen years the picture Mann seriously risen in the rankings and are now surely among the 125 best paintings by the authoritative opinion of visitors IMDb site.
Perhaps fans of more traditional police militants with Van Damme, Seagal and other "workers genre", the tape may seem prohibitive prolonged and even boring. Steps it is really a bit more psychological game characters, intense dialogues and scenes from everyday life. But fans of the epic crime films necessarily like.
10 of 10

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