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When a gang of criminals is smart, strong, bold
and better servants of the law of the game,
When the shopkeeper from the victim turns into a wolf,
And on associates is betrayal of wine, when not
weakens the cops finally stubborn grip, then
Coming uncompromising brutal war, its outcome will decide
cool fight.

outstanding crime thriller Michael Mann left right in the mid-90s, offering the audience something new, something that previously they did not have to see, namely a strong alloy of the depth of the top police dramas 60-80 and dynamics of the best thriller s 90. Although the genre of "smart" militants existed before, Mann film immediately set a new standard in the genre and still picture stands out like an athlete who has set in his eternal weight world record. "Fight" is a band with unprecedented militant lasting almost three hours. Three hours that pass almost unnoticed. Most importantly, Mann was able to make the characters of his film harder, more tragic and more varied, and it made the film a modern classic.
unique multi-layered script "Contractions" was born on the streets and crime in immigrant neighborhoods of Chicago, where the director grew up. The scenario was a confrontation between two real people - Chicago detective Chuck Adamson and talented criminal Neil McCauley . Thanks to Mann pervochalny scenario has acquired numerous branches and plot threads that eventually were woven into a coherent whole. In a broad sense, this is a story about the people of so-called «lower-mids» class, trying to earn a living, to reach the top in any way. Mann moved the action to Los Angeles, and while still not as well known, in 1989, attempted to bring his script into a television movie that was called «L.A. Takedown ». According to the director, he has used approximately 40% of the script in this movie, so the "Real" in fact can be considered as independent pictures
«I do what I do best -. Doing business. And you do what you do best - trying to stop guys like me » ©
nominally" Heat "refers to tapes about the eternal opposition of" law and order "and the crime, but to compare the work of Mann with an average of film the genre is like comparing a super professional amateur. "Fight" is not just a crime film. "Real" - a game of chess on the streets of Los Angeles between the two GMs, where white plays a homicide detective Lt. Vincent Hanna, a black figure moves the robber professional Neil McCauley. But by and large the line between black and white in the picture is blurred. Mann specifically remains neutral, not favoring either party. The director even emphasizes similarities irreconcilable adversaries, both run by well-organized team, both are equally honest solve their professional and personal problems, even thought they are the same, because "to catch a thief, you need to think like him." Finally, both live under the laws of their world, only world they have different. Director's idea - to show how similar personal qualities people have to act on all sides, forced to kill each other not by choice, but because life is so complicated because there's nothing else they can do. That's the drama and all the power of the "contractions". And only symbolically looks sincere farewell handshake police and criminal!
«You want to do things on the street, nor bear attachments not bear anything, from what you can not give up for 30 seconds, if you feel the corner chase» ©
The script of the film as a magnet drew big-name actors, including two incomparable litsedeev Ala Pacino and Robert de Niro, which agreed to fulfill the role immediately after reading it. By the number of well-known actors in one film "Fight" it is very difficult to surpass. Particularly impressive is the magnificent five robbers: "Professor" Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro), "player" Chris Shiherliz ( Val Kilmer ), "Dodger" Michael Cerrito ( Tom Sizemore ) "carrier" Trejo ( Danny Trejo ) and "cowboy" Ueyngro ( Kevin Gage ) ... The charismatic Robert de Niro is very much brought to his role. He made respect and even love him nominally villain, forced to empathize with him, gave him humanity and tragedy. A pronounced so-called "style of Al Pacino," his emotions, gestures and manner of speaking to the police Vince Hannah. Al brilliantly embodied the image is not even a cop and a hunter, for whom the meaning of life was to take a trail to track down criminals animal and overtake him ... Considered scenario phrases promolvlennye mouth masters of acting have created a number of memorable scenes, dialogues, the culmination of which was the brilliant conversation characters de Niro and Pacino in a cafe.
Inspires respect and admiration for exceptional realism "Contractions" reached barely large number of professionals. The director has given a lot of time to detail, because the only way it was possible to achieve complete accuracy and truthfulness. Played a role and advice of many consultants from the police and "who served" criminals, and 3-month training actors at the site with the use of live ammunition and the actual combat tactics, and cooperative with the police visits to the actual crime scenes, and a visit to the famous Folsom Prison, and participated in the filming of these forensic experts. In addition, the film together with the operator Dante Spinotti offers a real tour of Los Angeles, as "Fight" was entirely filmed on the streets of this metropolis without the use of scenery, pavilions and fictitious locations.
For all its depth and drama, "Fight" is still a full-fledged fighter. Coupled with a realistic, action "Contractions" scene makes an indelible effect. The raid on collectors and bank robbery, followed by a shootout in the city center became the standard for all subsequent creation of Mann's crime fighters. Words, actions of criminals, police response reaction - carp absolutely no to anything, because everything really, competently and accurately. For the effect of presence in the scene of street fighting with the police Mann even left the original sound of the shots, deafening echo raznosyaschiysya among skyscrapers. In all the scenes action "Contractions" believe without a shadow of doubt, even if opposed by four thirty, even if one remains against all.
soundtrack "Contractions" was created by composer Elliott Gondentalem largely through experimentation. As a result, music turned avant-garde, gloomy, depressive at times, but at times powerful. Hardly noticeable at first, the music "Contractions" gradually begins to fill the ears and the head of the spectator, more and more immersed in the dramatic story unfolding on the screen. The soundtrack is complemented by dynamic drum beats and violin trills The Kronos Quartet . And stand out two strong composition Moby, ideally coming up in the style of "Fights»
In short, «Heat» -. Is the depth, versatility and layering, it's a real power and aesthetic beauty, mixed by together. On the other hand, is a unique style and a high level. Finally, the "Real" - it is a struggle and feelings, it's just life
«This is based on observations.. This is based on the people I met who knew with whom I spoke. With thieves, cops, killers - and all I respect. This is the basis of the film » - Michael Mann.

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