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Green house warming is an increase in the temperatures of the world. This incidence is attributed to solar radiation being trapped within the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming is an issue of concern in our world today (Jacobson & Deluchi, 2011). Scientists have unveiled various causes of global warming. Man made greenhouse warming is a major contributor that cannot be undermined. Increased production of carbon (IV) oxide and methane from burning fuels, peat, coal have all increased the ability of the atmosphere withhold more energy thus increase in earth’s temperatures. The most pernicious argument is to assert that solar irradiance is the cause of our ever increasing temperatures.

The article reported that only a quarter of the claimed increase in temperature as recorded over the past 15 years as earlier published and it also mentioned that the rate of warming was 0.05C per decade which was below computer predictions. It was reported that scientists had accepted that computers may have falsified the effects of emission of carbon in relation to world temperatures (Michael, 2015). The report attested that the world is as warm as it were before the industrial revolution. Similarly it held that Antarctic sea ice has grown contrary to computer models that had forecasted a decline. It also reported that scientists did not mention about the ever increasing frequency of hurricanes as earlier stated.

The main publication in the daily mail which was attacked is “computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong “. This information did not present facts neither could it be verified. (Rose, 2013)

Analysis of the existing situation revealed that there was misinformation as far as the report in the daily mail is concerned. This misrepresentation of information brought fury among consultants and concerned parties (Rose, 2013)

The Daily Mail misrepresented scientific facts. The warming rate as originally stated by IPCC in 2007 was 0.2C per decade. The idea that scientist had accepted that the computers had falsified effects of carbon emission are baseless. Studies show that the world today is warmer than a century ago.

One of the modern agricultural practices that farmers use is the application of pesticides and fungicides. Weeds and pests have become a menace to farmers. This has actuated the use of fungicides and pesticides to control their effects and to secure farmers’ returns. The use of chemical insecticides and pesticides is not void of shortcomings that we have to bear with. The extensive use of chemicals has interfered with the natural ecosystem so as to maintain a narrow bio-diversity; this has changed the equilibrium in the ecosystem. According to Buttel, Foster & Magdoff (2015), some pests and insects have been confirmed to develop resistance and in turn strengthening offensive traits.

In figure 4, the large gap between human population and total energy consumption in the 20th century is as a result of energy demanding informational, industrial and technological activities that are driven by extra-metabolic energy derived from the burning of oil, coal and gas other sources supplementing metabolic energy. The society became more sophisticated with the ever increasing population that used more chemical energy to run activities (Jacobson & Deluchi, 2011). The small gap between human population and total energy consumption during industrial revolution is attributed to the early life of human civilization. Man depended on metabolic energy to run his activities. The use of wind, water mills, wood and charcoal were employed. This gap does not mean that we are eating more calories and phytomass, but it shows how the contemporary man requires more energy in the day to day life.

Humans are on a trend of continual production of energy to sustain the ever increasing energy demanding technological, informational and industrial ventures. According to (Michael, 2015)we are burning living biomass faster than the earth can replenish it. This therefore means there is a rapid depletion of chemical energy

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