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Discuss about the Quality Management of Organizational Excellence.



The selection strategy and plan favored for the candidate is resume screening and face to face interview process wherein the interviewee will be tested on their cognitive and critical faculties. The paper aims to discuss about the best selection strategy and procedure for the appointment of a competent Human Resource Manager in order to ensure for an error free functioning of the company Rogers Place. The paper will cover the selection and recruitment process of the HR Manager at Rogers Place enumerating specifically the job description, advertising strategy including budget advertising, the selection strategy and plan illustrated elaborately with the help of a flowchart. The company Roger’s Place is located at Edmonton which hosts a number of entertaining shows, sport shows and concerts and is well-renowned for its massive seating areas. The recruitment plan is formulated by giving careful consideration as the HR manager will be responsible for the recruitment of accolades and overall supervision of the different departments ensuring smooth functioning. The factors to be considered are the financial resources of the company, political factors and strategies of rival firms. Therefore the best strategy to use considering all the above stated external factors will be to post a detailed job advertisement detailing on responsibilities, eligibility and duties of HR Manager, resume screening, selecting eligible candidates, providing a call for face to face interview, interview screening and offer letter to select the best candidate.

Recruitment Plan and Strategy

A strategic recruitment plan is fundamental in ensuring a shared commitment on the end of the job seeker and employers. During the process of recruitment, however, Rogers Place should take into equation their long-term goals and map the recent technological developments to ensure that they are not missing out on anything that would give the company to recruit a talented and deserving employee as HR Manager. A proper recruitment strategy should be chalked out after determining the resources of the company, for instance, how much the company can afford to pay to the newly appointed employee. Rogers Place should have a clear outline of the organizational policies, the recruitment plan and process and ensure to adhere by equal opportunity law as per Canadian Human Rights. Two major advantages of possessing a proper recruitment strategy are controlling cost and ensuring the highest convenience while conducting interviews.

Posting Job Advertisement – this would ensure that the company is in a brief and adequate manner posting their requirements for the candidate and job position.

Resume Short-listing and Calling Selected Candidates- selecting a number of resumes for identifying selected and undeserving candidates by the hiring manager.

Organizing Interviews –this includes having a proper plan of what has to be asked to the candidate and formulation of tests that would check their competency for the post.

Filtering the potential candidates from the rest- this has to be conducted post-interview for selection of a handful of deserving candidates.

Call for 2nd Screening

Performance Assessment- this would need the candidate to prove their competencies and skills for the position.

Plan Induction and Training- to introduce the candidate with company policies, position requirements and etc.

Final selection of the candidate- this can be done by unanimous decision of the selection committee and sending an offer letter to the candidate and notifying the non-selected candidates as well.

Recruitment Plan and Strategy:

Job Brief: The candidate should be well-versed with Human Resources department and practices. He/she should be competent to take up HR challenges and urgent tasks.


  1. Supervising the departments and their effectiveness
  2. Assessing human resources plans and policies of the organization
  3. Superintending employee performance and skills
  4. Addressing company’s lacks and needs
  5. Scrutinizing and planning the best usage of organization’s capital
  6. Recruitment of potential employees for the sprawling growth and operation of the organization
  7. Ensuring to attract and retain capable and talented employees within the organization
  8. Planning for training and grooming sessions for the newly elected as well as old employees of the company.
  9. Preparing performance appraisals and employee motivation for better performance
  10. Maintaining proper workplace culture of the organization

Advertising Strategy

A proper strategy for the selection and recruitment policy is necessary because poor choice of candidate can continue to severely affect the organizational performance of Rogers Place. The advertisement for the vacancy will be posted on online job portals ad ideally should be a few days prior to the vacancy in order to ensure that the departments are functioning with proper coordination. Any other mediums for job advertisement were not chosen because online job posting has far wider reach and attracts the attention of larger audience. Furthermore the overall expenses with online job posting are far lower than the other traditional modes of job posting. It would speed up the process of recruitment as online portals are well-equipped with sophisticated management tools which guarantees for an enhanced experience for both the employer and candidates. a major part of efficient job advertising is to ensure that the company is attracting and retaining talented employee(s).

Disadvantages of other modes of job posting

In case of news paper posting or any other medium the hiring may get delayed due to varying factors like varying readership rate thereby considerably delaying the recruitment process. The scope of applicants naturally gets narrowed down and this becomes a major hindrance in selecting talented candidate for the position. Other modes of recruitments like internal recruitment process or personal recommendations are not favorable under the current circumstances because often times they are misleading as well as a sheer wastage of time. However, with a systematic and organized job posting will help Rogers Place expand its talent pool and will have the opportunity to create a group of elite professionals as employees.

Rationale Strategy for HR Manager

The advertisement for vacancy will be posted online because the process will narrow down the vast number of applications as the employer can filter them out according to the company’s hiring needs. This would induce for a faster resume screening by the selection committee and connecting up with the relevant candidates. Different criteria of the candidates can be scrutinized thoroughly with the aid of updated technology. For the position of HR Manager, Rogers Place can also lower down its recruitment costs and administrative burden and attract the best candidate in the present competitive environment. As far as research results are concerned, it has been made evident that most of the experienced and talented candidates in their first paced life rely on online job portals to get a quick overview of the company and the position mentioned. The candidates can therefore assess swiftly whether the company’s needs align with their expectation. Online job posting also attracts a number of passive job seekers with previous job experience in the related field, which can prove beneficial for the company. It will therefore be the best strategy for Rogers Place to post the job vacancy online for the post of HR Manager.

A Sample of Online Job posting to be used:

Budget for the advertising


Time Period


60 Days


30 Days

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