Qualities Of Transformational Leadership Essay


Discuss the leadership style of your immediate supervisor/manager in hospital or medical facilities by using specific examples that demonstrate that type of style. Was this an effective style or not and why do you think so.


In this assignment, I am going to highlight the qualities of transformational leadership, which I encounter in my manager. The transformational theory of leadership replaces the more conventional style of value-based leadership (which concentrates on supervision, association and performance of a team) and emphasizes on the efficient functioning of individuals towards a specific mission. The transformational theory obliges leaders to impart their vision in a way that is significant, energizing, and makes solidarity and aggregate reason; the supervisor who is dedicated, has vision, and can engage others can be described as a transformational leader ("What Makes a Leader?", 2004).

My job role is that of a healthcare executive and involves interaction with customers on a regular basis, addressing their claims and needs. Additionally, this job role also encompasses compiling and assessment of patient data, with individuals working in different teams. There have been many instances, where my co-workers and I have had a dispute regarding the performance of a particular task (for example, managing patient data or its assessment). The healthcare manager has put an end to this issue by distributing the work in such a way, that everybody is involved in the various aspects of a job such as compiling as well as assessment of data. This ensures that no one blames the other for the lack of expertise in the task, minimizing the dispute.

I believe this style is very effective because it ensures the participation of every team member and enhances the functionality of the team as a whole. It also focuses on the individual as well as the collaborative benefit of all the team members. This style of leadership brings out the best in a leader, and creates a benchmark for all the team members, in context of an ideal leader. Although, I think that the approach would be more effective if the individual person would be assigned a specific task according to one’s specialization (Hutchinson & Jackson 2013).


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