"Pulp Fiction" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I love 'Pulp Fiction' / 'Pulp Fiction' (1994) from the first movie theater in the now then back in 1994. I've seen him since the unthinkable number of times and always get a lot of fun. He does not get old, and only made better with the years. I admire his pace and rhythm, witty dialogue and brilliant manner in which it was written and filmed. The script for the film was the first book I bought in the shop in English - so I wanted to know the secret of the appeal of the work of a young director / co-author of the script
'Pulp Fiction' -. A great example of that art is not the lowest, that the artwork can include an abundance of elements shoddy literature (for which the name hints) and thus be simultaneously true and a masterpiece cult film. His characters and the real world around them, and descended from the pages of cheap vulgar novels - gangsters, philosophizing hired killers, drug addicts and drug dealers, sexy wives gangsters, boxers with uschemlonnoy pride and far-reaching plans about match results, and their childishly naive girlfriend, gold watch, with a long and very deep history, transmitted in the family from generation to generation.
Tatantino Quentin and his co-author Roger Ævar in almost every scene refer to films and TV shows of previous years, and some which deservedly forgotten, others - still fascinate viewers and entered the history of cinema. Somehow, miraculously (talent, humor and admiration of movies and books, one experiences only in childhood - the main components, I think) they turned cliches into something completely original, sparkling, intelligent and funny. Genre fun Tchernuha received well-deserved right to be called a work of art
I can not help but note musical taste Tarantino -. The soundtrack to the film can be enjoyed again and again. Used in Pulp Fiction songs and instrumental compositions 50-70 years, Tarantino truly 'breathed' into their new life, reviving and multiplying their popularity and made them an integral part of the magic that permeated the entire film.
Whenever I hear 'Son of a Preacher Man 'by Dusty Springfield or' Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon ', a song Neil Diamond version Urge Overkill, I see Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) in black, raven wig with bangs to eye which can be a kind of bow Tarantino famous square ancestors innocent and fatal film Pandora s, Loulou (Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box, 1929). By the way, the two heroines, Mia and Fabienne (Maria de Medeiros), exactly the same haircut charming, irresistible, innocently - a deadly Lulu. And if you think about it, the two have brought a lot of life-threatening complications in the coolest men on their way.
genius INSPIRATION can be called the decision a young director to use as an introduction to the film the old Greek song Misirlou (Girl -Egiptyanka). Performed for the first time in Athens in 1927, it was later adapted in the style of Turkish music and Jewish klezmer. In the film, sound version in the style of American surf-rock created by the guitarist Dick Dale in 1962. What is Quentin Tarantino said: 'For me, it sounds like rock and roll and music from the spaghetti westerns, which is why I decided to use it in the film '. And he was right. Melodichanya, pulsating, energetic Misirlou instantly catches the viewer is immersed in the atmosphere of the film nesravennuyu.
Tarantino works great with the actors. In a densely populated film, there is not a single weak performance. All the characters are vivid and memorable. Well forget Vincent Vega, self-confident, but always vlyapyvayuschegosya in critical and life-threatening situation, which he himself and creates (for an assassin, he was too forgetful, careless and very much keen on tabloid little book, which does not leave in the toilet) ? Already crammed on edge, but it is true that Tarantino revived career of John Travolta Pulp Fiction. And his partner, Jules (SL Dzhekson), sincerely believing in divine providence and realize that he, of course, part of the forces of evil, but he is trying, Ringo, struggling to become a pastor, custodian - not a destroyer. And only appeared in one scene (but what !!!), Christopher Walken (Captain Koons)? Hristoobrazny Eric Stoltz medical directory instead of the Holy Scriptures in one hand and an assortment of cocaine various degrees of quality and price in the other. Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis), the same boxer with uschemlonnoy pride priceless family heirloom and a friend, I love blueberry pie. His fate is intricately intertwined with Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames), a formidable and powerful boss, then the enemy, and then ...? Mysterious, taciturn Mr. Wolf, an expert on solving intractable problems - a short but impressive appearance of Harvey Keitel. Good and a couple of sweethearts debutants-diletantov- robbers improvisers with tender and funny names Pumpkin (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer) from the novel opens and closes the film, as the shell valves, within which the overflow deposits of precious pearls. And this treasure - 'Pulp Fiction' - idealno made film, film festival, which never ends, made up of four (but it seems that there are many more) intersecting and freely moving in time and prstranstve stories told in a manner that has then forever linked with the name of Quentin Tarantino.
I read revues disgruntled viewers who call Tarantino original imitator who openly copies the favorite pieces of his old movies and puts them in his paintings. I can see his boy playing with a favorite toy. His toys - old films, which he loves, and he carries IT'S adoration in his own films. He is generous in his love; He shares with us his love of the cinema and the world offers us, the viewers get the same pleasure from watching his films, which he received while working on them. Tarantino may not be epochal deep artist raising films eternal questions and giving them life-changing answers, but he films wizard that entertain and make it just amazing - they contain the style, class, irony, humor and a real talent .
When in front of me a wonderful work of art, I feel my whole being - Tarantino film gives me such a feeling. I can not stand against him-bloody cheerful charm. Repeating for Fabien, who believed that the blueberry pie is good at any time of the day, I declare that the film 'Pulp Fiction' good any day, any week, any year-always.
10 of 10

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