"Pulp Fiction" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Few knew the former employee video Quentin Tarantino when he was just starting to conquer the world kinoolimp. But to conquer, he began his very successful. "Reservoir Dogs" if not blown crime genre, or at least brought some novelty in it. But here the following picture of this master made a real nuclear explosion, and what you want, it's "Pulp Fiction».
For the past 16 years, this picture with each new day join the ranks of their fans. Generally this year the release of pictures of the master became very rich in masterpieces. "The Shawshank Redemption," "Forrest Gump", and of "Pulp Fiction." How different the picture showed us 94 years of the twentieth century, but the most striking work this time, but the most groovy and drayvovoy is without doubt the masterpiece of Quentin Tarantino.
For me, Tarantino has always been something of a follower of Stanley Kubrick. After all, old Quentin, like Kubrick likes to banter over all that he cares about and actually surrounds. Each painting Tarantino - is a mockery of the society in which he lives, on those foundations, with whom he is not willing to tolerate. In this respect, "Pulp Fiction" - the most that neither is the director of this film Stebnev
At the time this tape caused a sensation in the world.. After all of this still had not shot anyone (from Kubrick was a bit of a different style, and his tapes were perceived very differently). Tarantino, if not the creator of this genre in the movies, like "black" comedy, or at least is it, without a doubt, the most striking of his representative, is it fun, it makes the master, that is otvyaznyh and vital, not given to everyone. Many people like to compare Tarantino and Guy Ritchie - a comparison of good, but the director shoots a completely different films, Tarantino - American Richie - representative of "Foggy Albina." - different styles and manners povestovovaniya
Primarily personally, Tarantino me attractive not as a director and as a screenwriter. In places, at times, his direction leaves much to be desired, but with the plot he is always in order. For "Pulp Fiction," the master has received the "Oscar" not as a director, namely, as a writer, and this is significant. Writes the man perfectly. I've seen a lot of "original" interview with this director and screenwriter, and believe me, he writes as well as he says. Simple, everyday language - no hint of the literary language. In his paintings the characters speak as himself Quentin, as far as I know, on the set, he practically forbids its actors to improvise, all told from the screen - his words literally. A large number of simple, everyday phrases, of course the presence of the mat - all this is a striking confirmation, because Tarantino is shooting a film for everyone and for everyone at an affordable for that "everyone" language. "Pulp Fiction" - a vivid example
"Pulp Fiction." - a collection of all sorts of stories, in one way or another connected with the mafia and lawlessness in general, that one day merge into one drayvovye and fascinating history. The uniqueness of the story lies in the fact that it is presented to the viewer is very original - it is perhaps the only film Tarantino, to which I have no complaints about directing
Tarantino usually very poorly kept per frame.. The camera is usually constantly jumping from one place then to the other. The director can not stop the attention on one thing. In the episode, when should show us a character, is shown completely different. Perhaps this old Quentin makes a special, but for me personally it is not always like that. The same tape is different to my great surprise. The director clearly as it should be, captures the most important thing at the moment when you need it to do, it is not disrupted with the bat, very smoothly presenting viewers each frame, which naturally can not but rejoice
«Pulp Fiction" -. It cult movie now doubt that there is no. Painting has long been disassembled into quotes, many of the scenes from the movie all by heart, know how the actual movie itself, because by and large, this is one great memorable scenes. What is even worth the legendary dance scene of Travolta and Thurman, known overdose of the same Thurman, the final scene with a black suitcase (that is, what there was in fact), the episode with the cleaning of the machine - all this is history, but what. "Pulp Fiction" - a movie that you can listen to. If you really look at things - Tarantino is shooting a film spoken. Dialogues are full of very curious thoughts, and suggested they let the audience in a rather blatant form. In the paintings of the master of any actor can fully say that he is a worthy representative of his profession, for all persons of the narrative gives the director a chance to excel.
And all, without exception, the actors "Pulp Fiction" distinguished. The greatest impression on me personally produced Tim Roth, its like not such a volume work frame makes its appearance in the episode now a riot of colors and emotions. This person for a long time proves that he's a great actor - "Pulp Fiction" - a clear confirmation. It looks good duo Travolta Jackson bandits. I usually never admired these representatives acting, but this picture are slightly changed my opinion, though not by much. I surprised Uma Thurman. It is obvious that this is her best role since her character to realize not given to everyone, it is too uncommon.
This picture has collected numerous awards around the world, and the most significant of them is certainly a palm branch at the Cannes International Film Festival. This ceremony anyhow what movies do not encourage such a weighty prizes in the world of cinema. "Pulp Fiction" encouraged, and to the point. Typically, these here pictures, extraordinary, remarkable, bright and original jury of Cannes and love.
Undoubtedly, the most interesting point of this masterpiece is an inexplicable mystery with a black briefcase, because Tarantino so throughout the film anything about it does not say. How much all opinions were current and goes on this occasion. Many believe, and I am inclined to agree that this is something mystical, soul or something well, something else of that sort, but who knows, with the exception of old Quentin
«Pulp Fiction." - a vivid example of the cult film 90, perhaps the most iconic movies of the time. Yes, that really there to be honest, any project Tarantino ever become so, because his way of working is very much remembered for a very long time. Already 16 years have passed since the creation of this masterpiece, and we are still talking about him as if he was released yesterday. Well, neither is there, except, this success rate and pattern of greatness in the world of cinema.
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