"Pulp Fiction" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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The 94th all said: 'He is - a genius'. One of the symbols of our age is that genius is no longer affect us. They do not change the world. Sacrificial genius of Schopenhauer held, as well as the genius-after-death. Pedestal culture busy intravital geniuses - those whom we invent. The very same genius lies in the finest setting up future combinations of already modeled artistic images, in the production of items for the game of allusions and hyperlinks, a competent stealing from others, finally. I was there for one notorious Tarantino movie samurai sword, which deals with Butch perverts in the basement? It has it the story of Mia Wallace Uma Thurman in the performance of a girl skillfully guns knives? Is it accidental phrase 'Django Boogie' sounding adding titles to the songs 'Pulp Fiction'? And there 'Pulp Fiction', but in the parlance of Imagist, "a catalog of images" stitched ornamental dialogic? And our love for this film? The thrill, the thrill of a gentle mental resurrection of an image, and only the & nbsp;.
only washed-neophytes from crops require coup. Creative revolution. Writers' transformations. Ideological breakthroughs. Hah. Get compilation absolute value, muzzle gag patterned curved plot. 'The whole point of the story is that they grabanuli bank te-le-fo-nom' - coins Tim Roth. The whole point of the story is that one guy grabanul Cannes Film Festival rendering their communicative experience. In like. It's as if you got a Grammy for your kitchen philosophizing dictaphone recordings made in the entourage unglued wallpaper and cigarette smoke creeping under a sheet bluish ceiling ... well, what's the difference - the recorder only records the sound. It said a little exaggerated, but still can not be denied that Tarantino is not just legitimized patsanskuyu philosophy, but proclaimed the triumph of ordinary-extraordinary tryndezha, everyday chatter. Previously cinema lens was aimed at high-profile events, sacral and historical significance. Tarantlivo Tarantino turned him in the direction of the everyday mundane, why criminal excesses bytovuhi turned into a subject of cultural studies, and lament hapless gangsters - the subject of citation and learning. Two opposing plane - the criminal environment and narrow-minded communication - spliced, and receive a unique hybrid style articulates the importance of details, names, brands of cars, cigarettes and other details & nbsp;
But ode to everyday phenomenology embodied in 'Pulp Fiction' perfectionist technique kinonarrativa. . Start dialogue cavatina, punctuated titles, surfaced only at the end, the final composition zakoltsovyvaya twist. Killed in the first part of the narrative character brilliantly resurrected in the second. Linear editing bones were dislocated. Mystical sensations cause no interference with higher forces, but rumors of events. A neophyte on the culture continued to demand the coup. One of the favorite directors Howard Hawks, Tarantino said: "Great film contains three cool scene. Not a single bad '. Quentin Tarantino is not easy to implement this postulate in 1994, he changed it. From now on, a great film contains three scenes is not just cool, but the steep three scenes, shredded saber installation and mixed with each other. And the bad and can be no question. And if you do not understand, 'Pulp Fiction' - a great movie & nbsp;
Cinematic whether erudition Tarantino transformed into a brilliant adaptation of the brilliant effusions or is it a personal experience when something somewhere heard or experienced the dialogue broke out 'spiders light. '(how I love this phrase in Kerouac) - a moot point, about the same as - and can we consider a passage from Ezekiel, more than once pronounced Jules, a kind of religious overtones' Pulp Fiction'? After all, if the Bible quote put on a par with parody and references ironizatorstvom whether she mockingly, desakralizuyuschey scripture does not become about the same as if someone wrote 'scripture' in small letters? The answer to the question depends on what is 'Pulp Fiction' for each of us: glossy 'Image Catalog', flip through a soundtrack imperishable; existential parable that you should not stay too long in the toilet for a long time with Pulp Fiction Ali with more than hands; sad story about the unknown laws of our 'cast-iron grilles of the world of cause and effect "(how I love this phrase Nabokov) & nbsp;
But kventinsentsiya Tarantino creativity in unformatted author discursivity and in patsanski - in a unique balabolstve.. Sometimes the narrative 'Pulp Fiction' deliberately stretches to give Vincent and Jules a couple of minutes to spare for a Philistine idle talk, well, we all remember how they move aside for discussion of foot massage, thinking that it is too early to go and see a loser, that pulled the mysterious suitcase, the contents of which has given rise to more than one interpretive monster. Tarantinovsky dialogue neglects narrative, humiliates and stebetsya it makes to wait. But sometimes it seems that within the discourse creates some other, a certain person, is the antithesis of dialogue, free communication. For example, Jules tells about a guy who has trouble speaking with since thugs Marsellus threw it off the balcony. But if it can be blamed on the machinations of interpretative enacted imagination, what to do with the episode in the pawnshop, where roughly visualized popular 'shut up' - Butch and Marsellus tied to a chair, and in the mouth by them gag. Suddenly Dialogism closes, shuts obscene BDSM damn. But the trick is this. Inertia and a long-playing melody Tarantino dialogue forced to hear the words, even when they are not pronounced. Butch and Marsellus do not say anything, but it is not necessary: ​​the brain has developed their speech. So maybe for the incessant Jabberwock always stood subconscious desire to shut up .. & nbsp;?
But if it seems to you truisms, talk about something else. On why Tarantino stopped to shoot brilliant films. On why the genius, once someone recognizes suddenly turned into pure handicraft creation primitive crafts, albeit stylized, even spectacular. Probably the creative fuse Tarantino only lasted for a career start. Ironic liveliness of dialogue and brilliant paradoxical nature recreated reality disappeared in the fog 'angelic metropolis' - Tarantino had lost something important, lost energy scoff puppeteer, addicted to samoparodiynosti. Geniuses do not change the world. The world changes geniuses & nbsp; 'The whole point of the story is that they grabanuli bank te-le-fo-nom', - all the coins as Tim Roth.. The whole point of the story is that & nbsp; the Hollywood mainstream grabanul treasury tarantinovsky chips, which only lasted for the first four scenarios. But that's enough. For what is our love for 'Pulp Fiction', but the eternal return to it. & Nbsp;

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