"Pulp Fiction" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

On the theme of the movie, you can dump a ton of experience, consisting of interjections, shouts "cool" and "masterpiece", as well as profound philosophical conclusions from the temporally non-linear story, with all the resultant morality, yes. Can significantly silent and only shot of a clenched fist with the thumb up. Even fans of Zen and astral intricacies that there will warmly slander "on the subject." To me, as a former respectful fans of the film, the film included in the "Top Ten" of tapes of all time legendary resource imdb.com, it remains only to scatter, like a poor nigger brains out of Tarantino's hit by a virtual sheet of his personal experience. For it was said to have virtually everything that can be said, and all those who have only had something to say. Since the "Pulp Fiction", in opposition to the permanent leader of the True Film Critics hit parade of the World "Citizen Kane", a film folk. And its attractive properties resembles food - close and understandable to all (see name -. Pulps product, aka spiritual fast food). And at the same time the level of embodied - perhaps accidentally - ideas reminiscent of cabbage that is umneet together with the audience, multi-layered revealing all its wealth - from the spectacular scenes and characters to thought-provoking dramas. Everything can be explained only by a strong creative impulse that gave life juicy, but basically penny-treshovoy idea. Whatever it was, quite endearing in any case.
Tarantino in an empty vacuum turned the whole universe, not osoznayu'schuyu and never osozna'yuschuyu yourself (give it to recognize intoxicated by the fans of his masterpiece). It remains for me to add to the huge mountain a couple of their stones. But before that (under the same law inconsistent vremenno'go development history of "Pulp Fiction") would like to put a number of interesting facts related to the movie that struck me as funny
-. Pulp Fiction - free translation of "Pulp Fiction." Pulp in the United States called the recycled mass, from which at the beginning of the last century made cheap paper. On this print paper magazines with the "disposable" type stories "read and throw" or "read-and-forget" predominantly adventure-detective genre. In the USSR at the time it was relatively similar option - Roman newspaper (though there is printed a reasonable, good, eternal ...). In general, we translate the title as "sortirny Roman." Since Pulp Fiction genre magazines inevitably settled in the place of the latrine. And yet we remember Vincent Vega ...
- book with which Vincent Vega drags throughout the film, and in the hands of which died - a "Modesty Blaise" by Peter O'Donnell, the first book in a series of mystical detective about a female agent Modesty Blaze (also a kind of pulp fiction). Perhaps it is a symbol of the film, referring us to his name. And the apotheosis of the philosophy of "Pulp Fiction" is a death scene in the bathroom: a dead gangster in a suit and krovische crumpled on the toilet, and was lying at his feet his book nedochitannaya popular genre. Let is not accidental that it is final, alive and well, full of optimism, goes towards new adventures with the "Modesty Blaise" in hand
-. The gun that Vincent Vega carelessly left on the kitchen table, going to the toilet - Ingram MAC 10 (with a silencer). Weapons for a typical bandit and rogues without fear or reproach, how is Vega. Given the strong impact and therefore a small crosshair accuracy (. 25 m max), is intended only to thrash in focus in everything that moves until you empty the store; or to shoot from the enemies, when again is important, not the accuracy and coverage. This weapon is quite corresponds to the character Vincent Vega (which we touch on below)
-. Well, without difficulties of translation! The "Pulp Fiction" have the words of the game, in which the weak are blown translators and customers the fruits of their labor. Of course, this is not "Alice in Wonderland", but still. A couple of examples. While Butch Coolidge and Esmeralda claimed that the names of "no mean fuck" from the Americans, whose name was translated from inglisha as "rapist, big, butcher and ... butch lesbian." Not surprisingly, he took over the powerful Marselusom Wallace. Also inglisha fans laugh farewell Mia joke about the little family of tomatoes, whereas their less poliglotistye comrades only shrug. Overtaken and trampled his son, my father, the tomato says "catchup!" - «ketchup!". That sound uniformly "catch up", that is "caught, caught, caught." But such things are only interested in terry fan «Pulp Fiction»
-. Speaking of Butch Coolidge. His name refers to the novel "Up the Down Staircase" Bel Kaufman where the school - the place of all dramas and comedies - bore the proud name of Calvin Coolidge. Of course, the same bully Butch
-. Poor unhappy Vincent Vega just attracts trouble throughout the film. First, he has to deal with "dead whore" (legendary image) - dying from overdose coca Mia Wallace, then the body of a dead nigger. In both cases, it meets in front of his home by his sudden savior who discovers himself about his role suddenly; and comes in a robe, demonstrating the apotheosis of serene family life. And the two cases have in common is the wife owner of the house, which, of course, the default object to their house dragged lifeless body who or whatever is handy and its presence complicates the whole process
-. The most incredible burst of lush fantasy character is Zed. On the one hand, a brave cop ranger riding on no less courageous chopper, on the other - gay rapist, cajole victims in the basement of the shop 'buy-sell' and its name is Grace and chopper on the handlebar tassels hanging pederastic. Cops and bikers crying shame
-. Guaranteed gap pattern can make a history of family gold watches, passed the horrors of war in the ass of a generation. The intensity of laughter through tears reaches hellish degree. The seriousness with which the history of the characters belong to the tragic fate of the gold watch can add to hysterical laughter.
Well enough. Will change the arrow. I initially looked "Pulp Fiction" (yes, that tender age, it was just "Pulp Fiction" and not «Pulp Fiction»). Mid-90s of the 20th century. Tarantino had a picture of the careless courage that reveals itself in the outstanding potential. She took no tradition and conformity of the best examples, and brutal-treshovym directorial vision, with guns, entertaining dialogues and blood. This vision clearly developed on the basis of low-budget horror treshovyh and class b militants, those films in which the idea is more important than the implementation. Tarantino - a rare type, which combined the quality of performance and cut off from the world of culture American original fiction. This approach as a business card Tarantino will retain in the future, and that they will wait for him the producers and the audience. This spirit-budget "Grindhouse" was named after the author. Tarantino was the style ... and a hostage of his own style.
By creating the genre of 'Pulp Fiction'.

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