Public Health: Prohibition Of Smoking Essay


Discuss about the Public Health for Prohibition of Smoking.



The Mayor,

Municipal Association of Victoria

Victoria, Australia

Subject: Regarding the prohibition of smoking in outdoor eateries


This is Brendon D’Moore, residing at Melbourne for last 15 years. I would like to start my letter by applauding as well as thanking you for taking such an exceptional initiative towards nicotine-free and a healthy environment. I am one of those keen followers of your missions that always focuses in various types of anti-smoking campaigns throughout the state of Victoria and Melbourne area. Being a professional public health practitioner, I always wanted to see, support and finally participate in activities like the one you have come up with that will compel smokers to refrain from smoking in public eateries and other open areas (1).

This particular proposal banning will cover up all the dining compounds at outdoor cafes, restaurants, take-away counters containing the licensed compounds. The extensive discussion will be commenced with health professionals, the businesses and the industries dealing hospitality, local governments, and the community for informing the legislation and was being waited for the introduction into the Parliament in the year, 2016 (3). The new aims that lead to the banning for the protection of the community from the severe harmful effects of the second-hand smoke, reduction of the visibility of the smokers and for the de-normalization of smoking for the young people, and mainly for the supporters for quitting smoke their good and proper life style.

Supporters of the community for smoke-free outdoor dining that keeps on rising continuously, with the latest research showing 73 per cent of Victorians, Cancer Council Victoria supported the banning procedures. Unfortunately, only about 4000 lives of the people are lost each and every year in Victoria due to smoking that costs approx $2.4 billion in the cost of healthcare and the productivities lead to the loss. In recent research, around 13 per cent of Victorians smoke (2). The Labor Government is mainly committed for the reduction of the harm that was being caused by tobacco and will also continue for the identification in the further prospects for reforming. It was the Labor that were being first introduced as a smoking bans in Victoria in 2001 that has been enclosed in the restaurants, then in the workplaces, clubs or in the pubs.

Few numbers of issues have been considered in the progression of the recommendations that were being contained in the Section 4 of this particular report. These have related to (5):

  • Banning of smoke are recommended to those particular places where food is served
  • Level and cost of the compliance and enforcement
  • Smoking have been banned in those areas where the regulations are strict
  • Meeting the goals of the health of the national and state public
  • Consequences for not acting

In modern times, Monash Council has been a major advocate for Victoria for banning on smoking in outdoor dining areas (4):

  • Monash Mayor Greg Male, in the On 30 March 2011, wrote to the Premier, Ted Baillieu, on asking for the particular legislation that needed for the introduction for banning smoke in the outdoor dining areas. Regrettably, no response was available from MrBaillieu
  • The Council determined, in December 2012, for writing to the Premier of Victoria, the Minister for Health and local Members of Parliament, requested the introduction of the State legislation for banning tobacco smoking, in the areas of alfresco dining and drinking (3)
  • On 10 January 2013, Monash Mayor Micaela Drieberg wrote again to Premier Baillieu, by referencing Cr Male’s letter of 30 March 2011, and again looking for the state-wide introduction of a banning on tobacco-smoking in outdoor dining areas. She also mentioned similar letters to the Minister for Health and to local MPs representing Monash
  • In 2014 and as Mayor, it was being labeled then Minister for Health, David Davis, the Minister for smoking passively for his lack of performances and actions on this particular issue
  • In the month of August 2014, it was also being welcomed Mr Davis’ for the declaration that a re-elected Napthine Government would ban smoking tobacco in outdoor dining locations if re-elected (5)
  • Monash Mayor Paul Klisaris, on 16 February 2015, wrote to the Health Minister Jill Hennessy, queried her for prioritized the introduction for a state for banning of smoking tobacco in outdoor dining areas following the government’s pre-election commitment for the introduction of a state-wide ban on smoking tobacco in outdoor dining areas. The Minister reverted on 26 February 2015 without any commitments
  • In July 2015, at the MAV Councillor Development Weekend, it was also being asked Mr Davis (the Shadow Minister for Local Government) regarding the policy dealt with the opposition on this particular concerned and he assured that the opposition remained sturdily in a supportive of a state-wide banning and he also condemned the government for not taking any initiative for the advancement of the matter as it is being elected in November 2014 and
  • On 25 August 2015, Council considered a particular proposal to the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) for advocating to the State Government for expanding the current free laws smoke, however this was being lapsed on the basis that the state government made an declaration two days prior for this particular meeting that it would implementing a state-wide banning on smoking tobacco in outdoor restaurant areas (2)

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Brendon D’Moore


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