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Research topic

In the year 2014-2015, it is estimated that 63% of the adults were overweight and suffered from obesity that results in imbalanced lifestyle. Thus, the prime purpose of this research is to evaluate obesity in adolescence and its impact on their lifestyle.


It is known that obesity or overweight results in major risks like cardiovascular disease, the occurrence of musculoskeletal conditions, cancer and Type 2 diabetes (Overweight and obesity- AIHW, 2017). Colagiuri (2017) further depicts that almost 2 in 3 adults are suffering from obesity and 71% of the total obese people are men and rest of them are female. It is also known that the problem of obesity increased with the increase in age. However, we need to know the accurate reason for which the problem of obesity occurs.

Thus, this research study will focus on the reason due to which people in indolence faces the problem of obesity. The data will be collected primarily from the 47 employees and three managers of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). These data analysis used for this research is both quantitatively and qualitatively. The managers are interviewed regarding what they had found from their statistics on Australia’s health and the employee will be asked the factors though a questionnaire regarding what they have evaluated from their survey on obesity among Australian people. Thus, non-probabilistic sampling technique is used in case of managers while a probabilistic sampling technique is used in case of employees.

Research Aim

The aim of the research is to find the exact factors due to which the Australian people suffer from obesity. The major reason for conducting this research is to ponder on the fact that almost half of the nation's population are suffering from obesity. Thus, a primary data on various factors for obesity will be collected and analyzed statistically in order to attain an accurate overview of the underlying reason for obesity.

Research Objective

  • To evaluate the factors due to which people suffers from obesity in Adolescence.
  • To evaluate the impact of obesity on these people
  • To recommend how to overcome the problem of obesity for better lifestyle

Research Question

  • What are the factors due to which people suffers from obesity in Adolescence?
  • What is the impact of obesity on these people?


In terms of dietary risks, obesity is the 2nd highest factors that result in the poor health condition of the nation's people (Overweight and obesity- AIHW, 2017). Thus, it is important to find out the exact reason why this problem occurs and what are the future consequences if this problem should not be diminished (Chambers and Nammuni, 2017). Moreover, the outcome of this investigation also allows for future research for in-depth evaluation of individual factors that led to obesity and their possible solution through which the factors can be reduced. In this way, awareness among the community can be successfully made after this research concerning the reason that causes obesity, the impact of this disease and solution for overcoming the obesity and this is the positive outcome of this research study.


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