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... the US Southwest. Monotonous running ahead, a dark rain belt highway somewhere between Oklahoma and Missouri. Lonely motel near an old abandoned road in which the young secretary of the company trade from Texas real estate, run away with a large sum of public money and the dream of a better future. Stop for the night, hoping to knock off the trail of those who will be looking for her. Twelve rooms, all of which are at its disposal. It selects the first ...
It sounds a short summary of the novel Robert Bloch « Psycho ». However, the editors of the publication of this work, obviously not familiar with its text, before describing the plot. They, on the contrary, decided to refer to throughout the filming, fondly flatter that no difference will not be. Meanwhile, Mary ( Marion ) Crane, of which these lines in question settled not in the first issue, and in the sixth, and I chose it for her motel owner, and not herself. And if it is absolutely for purity, then the film, key fob with a "1", it is removed from the rack Norman Bates . But this is generally not important, and talking about something else.
Chilling stories about serial killers, maniacs, perverts, mental disorders, excite the world for a long time, as they have always been. However, only in the XX century, these unpleasant public biography page have been widely used in various art forms: literature, cinema, painting and so on. And if you touch the genre of horror, where the figures psychopathic killer, he became popular exactly fifty years ago. Of whether it is that in the last century, murderers are simply too many, or else, the fact that everything, as they say, was allowed? But the fact remains. Anyway, every age need a "hero". The image of the Jack the Ripper now unlikely to deceive someone, then you need something "their" terrible.
the culprit of all this has become a real pervert Katabasia-necrophiliac, a Edward Gane, kill women or digging up their bodies and makes the latter his clothes from the skin. In spite of all the horror of his crimes, Gein person repeatedly been interpreted in the literature and cinema, one of which is « Psycho ». Films about Leather-Face, ie, « The Texas Chainsaw Massacre », I have not ever look at, but, judging from the description, they are more accurately convey the nature of psychosis Gein than "Psycho." But do not forget that between the creations of cinema there is one little difference, "Psycho" - it's all the same, a thriller, a "massacre" - the pure horror. Passing that Alfred Hitchcock - «maestro fear", it is difficult to imagine how the hero of his film unearths tombs and hangs in his house of the dead bodies. Thus, the Norman Bates - crazy, "serene", if it is something like that, and got up, the movie is not specified. Robert Bloch, is working on his novel, he reproduced on a paper image of Edward Gein only partially, affecting only the fanatical attitude of the future butcher with his mother. The rest of the Norman Bates - original literary character. This item is not indicative of the writer's carelessness (though he did not know until the end of the story Gein). The fact that the hero of the book is not as bloody, talking about balance of the author and his aversion to excessive violence.
Analyzing of Norman Bates, one can say with certainty that if Robert Bloch only filed the appropriate idea, Alfred Hitchcock was able to open it fully. The novel describes the events, there is a classic story outline, however, the reader may not feel very character, pity, or scold him. In short, the psychological aspect of the book is not available, but the product itself reads like a newspaper article. The value of the film is that Norman comes to life, it is not just a symbol of "a madman with a split personality", and the unfortunate, the sick and all the abandoned man with metuscheysya soul, but a perfect heart. Try to imagine yourself in his place. Was it a curse or not, but is deserved and without nervnopomeshanny child that would be treated well, as did his mother? The mother - who's the cause of all the troubles and misfortunes, it is like a spider, gradually tightening Norman in their networks, and slowly suck it balances the mind. Norman tragedy that monster (and in another can not be named), he will sooner or later be destroyed, it was his mother. As a result, punished and mother, and Norman Bates fully tasted the punishment, suffering years of 'neighborhood' evil mother, and synthesizing their twisted fantasies. (Special feeling, I personally called the moment when Norman, after Marion's death, ran away from home to the motel, with cries of "Mom, Mom, blood, blood!". If you carefully listen to the voice of Anthony Perkins, it seems, it really sounds from the past and that this story actually happened). How can you not sympathize with, or at least indulgent treat that person? It is unlikely that someone will hate it. Because the novel by Robert Bloch and the film by Alfred Hitchcock show both pity and regret psychiatrist said about Norman Bates, especially when he was asked whether it is possible to give a blanket, he said. "Yes, of course»
Someone here already wrote that Alfred Hitchcock - a revolutionary filmmaker. It is - true. Thriller "Psycho," the most famous and memorable in his work, precisely because in his time, Hitchcock was not afraid to take on his creation. The truth is that the actors in this film were picked little known, and the budget is very modest, and the theme itself is surprisingly bold for staid sixties. Why, it would seem, it is known at the time the director, winner of many awards, to work on such a questionable movie at the time, as it has been in the account for at least a dozen prominent films? But the paradox is that with the release in theaters unpromising, endlessly bleak picture, all the old costly blockbusters (then probably there was no such a term) Hitchcock, with Cary Grant and James Stewart in the lead roles, were in the shade. Needless to say, all the more so today, "Psycho" is known to almost everyone, and the rest of the work of Hitchcock - only those who are interested in his work
film "Psycho" as its subject -. It is a terrible, terrible, but always alluring to his legend about, who lived more than half a century ago, a psychopathic killer in an abandoned motel, and the director, who took it on the blockbusters .
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