"Psycho (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One of the vertices of Hitchcock, along with his best works - "Birds," "Vertigo" and others. In this film there is no unnecessary frame or a random angle. That is what makes the viewer see the "Psycho" again after he inspects up an unexpected ending, which is truly impressive. The script is based on the eponymous novel by Robert Bloch; Joseph Stefano and personally by Alfred Hitchcock adapted it for the film. The director even specially redeemed all copies of the novel from bookstores, to hide what ends the story and keep the intrigue. "Psycho" filmed in 1960, stands out not only for its iconic status, but also the fact that the film is low-budget black-and-white, which was unusual for Hitchcock in those years. However, the film with a budget of less than one million dollars collected around 32 million at the US box office.
What genre of the "Psycho"? It combines a lot of elements of different genres. This film is both a detective and a classic thriller, and, of course, horror, love story, and a "road movie", and possibly noir. Viewer hits reasonableness and appropriateness of the unexpected, at first glance, Gothic. In addition, a strong impression virtuosity demonstrated visual allegory of film noir. Take the very beginning, for example. The color of underwear and a handbag from the main character to the white and black after the crime. Shadows on the characters faces are "doing something wrong." - is also one of the main features of film noir
It is in this movie, perhaps the most pronounced famous Hitchcockian suspense. In fact, in "Psycho" emotional stress spectators it is achieved not so much by what is shown on screen, and how much that is not shown. It is impossible to find something more terrifying than what draws itself the human imagination. Hitchcock knew that, like no other. Slow climb up the stairs, slowly opened the door, and so on - all this, one way or another, was subsequently used in a variety of films in the same genre. It should be noted that certain details and great camera work in "Psycho." Macro is very stylish and beautiful. The colors are bright and vivid, especially the white, which looks like a true white, despite the fact that the film is not a color.
However, all of the above most noticeably in the second and all subsequent viewing, rather than the first. The fact that, when the viewer is watching a movie for the first time, he was completely immersed in the story. The plot is very exciting. Woman in love Marion Crane (Janet Leigh played great) makes spontaneous theft, to help her lover Sam (John Gavin), and possibly bring coveted for her marriage. Rather than carry $ 40,000 in the bank, she runs away with them to the lover, but it is still necessary to get there. From the beginning, it all goes wrong. Her boss (Vaughn Taylor) accidentally sees Marion driving a car, riding out of town, although it had previously asked for leave from work because of a severe headache. Then she raises the suspicion of the police officer (Mort Mayllz) because of his strange behavior, but he lets her. Marion begins to fear everything. Despite this, it continues to be sent from Phoenix to California to his beloved. But she needed somewhere to sleep - the last time when she fell asleep on the track, it attracted the attention of police. In this world, under no circumstances should behave strangely, so Marion stopped at a roadside motel. But the main character is not the strangest figure in this film. And the main danger of an unsteady situation lies not where it could be expected ...
«Psycho" - as well as any auteur cinema - in a sense picture of the world. Worldwide, wherein one reaches the desired where the effort and caution are irrelevant. In this case, no one will ever "make it to California," or, in other words, to achieve its objectives. Another premise of the author is that the most important things are in the subconscious, and people should be wary of this. But by and large, no one knows what it is to be feared, and where the danger lies.
All filmmakers, including operators, musicians and artists have contributed to make this film a masterpiece. But one of the most important factors for success is the incredible soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann. Music plays a key role in the creation of dramatic tension throughout the film. Composer and string orchestra created a nervous atmosphere of anxiety, which helped Hitchcock scare people. What is most interesting, the two most terrible scenes of the film - the legendary scene in the shower, and the scene where Arbogast (Martin Balsam) Detective climbing stairs - quite scary when viewed without audio
Acting in "Psycho" great.. Each of the actors are making their memorable touch to the overall picture. Janet Leigh in the image of Marion Crane simultaneously graceful and awkward. The main male character of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), a young, pretty and bustling enough without finding a place for himself. This film is made from Perkins superstar and at the same time, probably destroyed his career. After "Psycho", he became associated with Norman Bates and even played in three sequels "Psycho", but these movies are not even remotely close to the original. The other characters of the film are very typical Hitchcockian - Marion devoted sister (Vera Miles), patient and prudent Sheriff (Sam Flint) and the canonical private detective (Martin Balsam), which is supposedly the epitome of all private detective noir era. All the characters are very archetypal, except character Perkins. But this does not spoil the film, but rather plays a role in the creation of a kind of pritcheobraznosti.
Of course, today there are those who criticize this masterpiece. They can blame the "Psycho" is that it is naive and badly outdated. First, isolation does not look right now so shocking, as it in 1960. It is true, at the moment, many films have been made with an unexpected ending, by the way, appeared in including under the influence of "Psycho." Secondly, today's filmmakers have rarely use this interpreter-arguer doctors character at the end of the film. Today it is possible, it would be naive. However, all this stuff, do not detract from the merits of the film. "Psycho" - it is an eternal masterpiece, because he influenced a huge number of horror, thriller and, ultimately, the films of other genres. Every great director who wants to scare the audience no doubt looks Hitchcock films, especially "Psycho" and takes over some idea, perhaps without even realizing it.
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