"Psycho (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Was not in the history of film director as an innovative and revolutionary as Alfred Hitchcock. Few people have never heard the name of this great master himself that neither is present sapensa. Hitchcock almost turned at that time all the concepts associated with such genres as horror and thriller, and, by and large, has created a new cinematic genre - the already mentioned "sapens" me, which to this day is a huge success in this fascinating cinematic art, and this despite the fact that this genre is now somewhat forgotten
I very much remember one quote from an interview with Hitchcock very influential American newspaper:. "If the boy looks at the carousel, it is a common thing. But when looking at the carousel boy, this story for my new film. " It is in this vein that the legendary master for 40 years and created his paintings, almost half of which was legendary, if not the masterpiece. "Psycho" or "Psycho" (I personally have always attracted the first version of the name.) - perhaps the brightest and most brilliant film, which was created hand "Masters of Horror»
his acquaintance with the work of Alfred Hitchcock's I started with this picture, it was about four years ago. It was unforgettable. Like I've never seen. So perfect, so "tasty" film shot in 1960, "Masters of Horror", and I met him only 46 years later, it is unfair. To this day, this genius masterpiece remains my favorite black and white movie, my favorite sapensom, horror, thriller ...
«Psycho" - it is in all respects a perfect movie. Hitchcock works always distinguished by excellent quality, depth and material completely stunning atmosphere. The same picture is the crown of creation wizard. Although Hitchcock is not so simple situation. Hitchcock - is a name that is known to almost everyone, many even know that he was doing what he did in his life, but that's with his paintings, or rather to their popularity among most ordinary viewer tugovato. Yes, of course "Masters of Horror" - a man of the twentieth century, with it its very middle. So go, ask, can anyone name even one tape Hitchcock - surely you hear the silence. Agree, this is a great injustice, because those masterpieces that once created a master, should be on everyone's lips, but Hitchcock is still rusty, and even thousands of "knowledgeable" people this situation is not fixed, no matter how it was sad.
But back to a much rosier. "Psycho" - is primarily a crazy in a good sense of the word, the picture that keeps the audience if not in constant fear, then at least in a small nervous trembling. It is clear that the horrors were seen at different times in very different ways. If in the 60s "Psychosis" really scared, but now scare the modern viewer is very, very difficult, although still a chill from what he saw still runs. And one of the main advantages of this effect is the color of the film. It is in black and white story as much as possible and seen (have no idea what would be the color "Psychosis"). I personally, not fundamentally viewed sequels trikvel and so on, because it is not Hitchcock, and black-and-white "Psycho».
A plot of the film really good, even now. Olden Alfred - Master sapensa even in the understanding of the audience to the "new way" that really there to talk. It is already possible to blame the film after watching, they say I know who the killer is, etc. etc. Although in reality, sure there was no one. Most of the audience until the end of guessed that someone who seems to be obviously guilty, is actually a supernumerary, well, not like not a criminal, and it won all eventually turned. Although see whether the plot of this movie so good is very difficult, because most likely the success lies in the genius of Hitchcock. In general, you can not be sure of anything when it comes to this legend, for "Masters of Horror" can be so unpredictable that everything that you can imagine, can finally be complete nonsense and farce.
For the majority, " psycho "- a Hitchcock and Perkins. I would like to stay a little more in the second. Anthony Perkins was bezyzvesten for many viewers as long as their paths do not meet this masterpiece. After that, Perkins became very famous in certain circles. I think that is entirely appropriate to say that this actor in this film played the most terrible and the most hysterical part of the entire world of cinema, although hysteria there by force, on 10 minutes before him, but actually after, so "crazy" is not played nobody though perhaps that Nicholson in "the Shining" can be noted, and even then, Perkins looks interesting. His eyes, his gestures, his facial expressions, grimaces, speech - all this is represented perfectly. The last scene of the film in general speak about many things, especially the episode in the basement of the Bates house. The scene at the police station at all is indescribable how vividly see this actor in each frame, just amazed. Perkins produces simply phenomenal impression, for which he kowtow. Very not bad looks and legendary Janet Leigh, but it's certainly not Norman Bates, what could I say. But the most important actor here, of course, is very Alfred Hitchcock. He is an actor who does not say a word, the actor who looks at what is happening through the lens of the camera, his presence on the court to limit the Haskalah whole atmosphere, and this is what is required by this actor
«Psycho." - this is a film legend, who long ago made history. Many viewers that not even seen the movie, it is known for a scene from "Psycho." Episode, when the heroine Janet Leigh rides in rainy weather on the machine, the glare oncoming headlights, rain curtain - all this leads to the heroine dream - namely, Hitchcock came up with this move "sleepiness" (and all this under the great music of Hermann), well, or the legendary scene in soul - the most amazing scene in the entire film, the episode machine-bog or bog-machine - is also scene recognizable, and of course the skeleton in a rocking chair -. is the peak sapensa Hitchcock
this film is great, legendary, brilliant, unique - if to say the least. Every self-respecting connoisseur of cinema at least once in life but must meet with this picture. To know her beauty, charm and atmosphere that are unique to this tape. This immortal masterpiece of world cinema, which captivates the viewer his heat of feelings and emotions, pulling him into the depths of these incredible events and does not let go is still very, very long time. Weirdly, ledenyasche, scary, scary, enchanting and captivating - all "Psycho," Hitchcock all
10 of 10 .

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