"Psycho (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

« All we go a little crazy, is not it? » Norman Bates.
History 'Psycho' was launched in November 1957 in South American village called Plainfield with a population of seven hundred when the police began for the search of the missing traders Mrs. Worden. The settlement books last buyer was listed Ed Gein, a harmless local idiot. A squad of detectives to come back in an abandoned manor Gein, surrounded by one hundred and sixty hectares of abandoned land. The owner was not at home. Cops have gathered to leave, as the front of their eyes accidentally opened a nightmare, surreal, surpassing wildest fantasies Yeronima Bosch. In the kitchen, they saw "two pairs of human lips on a leash, bowl noses, four chairs, upholstered in human skin, baring a neat row of skulls neatly carved faces of four women, rouged, painted and nailed to the wall like a picture." Also found five "spare" people, packed in plastic bags, ten female heads with the tops cut off to the eyebrows, rolled a pair of leather leggings and a suit made of leather mother Gein, dressed up in which he was walking alone in their possessions. In the shed, hanging on hooks behind the heel resting svezhevypotroshenny, headless corpse of Mrs. Worden. Atypical collector detained. Psychiatrists stated schizophrenia and maniac locked up in the hospital, where Gein and spent the next thirty years, is not revealing for all time a single case of riot or aggression.
couple of days later, thirty-nine miles from Pleynsfilda writer Robert Bloch, browsing local chronicles came across a tiny article informs the reader that "the regional police forces had suppressed the activity of killer Ripper, on account of which, according to preliminary data, the number of at least a dozen victims." Most interested in news articles Bloch poverty. He tried to get more information - went to Pleynsfild, but residents stubbornly silent, lifted the documentation, however, the data were classified by the government. Then Bloch turned to the most reliable source - your own imagination and decided to literally "get into the skin" Gein. It was later revealed that the psychological portrait of the killer painted by his imagination was almost documentary accurate. Learning of this, the writer for a long time was afraid to look in the mirror, afraid to see in the reflection of the views of a maniac.
Gradually fantasy Bloch took shape in the complete work of art that is interested Hitchcock. Many were surprised by the attention maestro completely atypical format for him. However, the director pursuing well-defined tasks in "overcoming oneself" and the creation of a fundamentally new and non-standard content. Studio bosses "Paramount" immediately disown the picture, and without fear zaspoylerit all the work of Hitchcock, called her only as "a story about rural fagot with a knife." Then the maestro staked not only his reputation, but also the state and decided to invest their own shooting. Budget constraints have intensified the artistic integrity of the film, shot in documentary style with minimalist techniques, appealing to the viewer's imagination. Writing out the crew of his TV series, able to work quickly and cheaply, the maestro went to work. Thirty-six days, the film was ready. Total production costs amounted to $ 806,947 and 55 cents ...
Out on the screens, "Psycho" became the highest grossing film in black and white in the world history. The audience stood up for tickets in kilometer-long queues. even the most skeptical critics forced a few years later had to admit that the picture has changed very vector of cinema. Indeed, due to it having the whole genres slashers, Jala, the chiller. It swept away all censored, and has identified the purest sample of the deadly eroticism, then so no one (even Hitchcock) and surpassed. The main thing is to achieve "Psycho", in my opinion, it lies in the fact that this is the first attempt to use completely non-standard forms of interaction between the film and the audience resolutely new step in the development of the cinema as a form of human communication, expand the scope of the perception of the audience. What exactly is innovation?
composition, ideology and technical implementation in "Psycho" reach an ideal level of compliance. The structure of the two-part painting. The first half is a semi-documentary detective story about love and theft, the second - a symbolic journey into absolute chaos. Film begins with the fact that Marion Crane, blinded by passion, steal from the boss forty thousand dollars and hastily left the city. She decides to spend the night at a roadside hotel, the manager who is extremely intelligent and attentive boy Norman Bates. In the first part, Hitchcock uses all the classic tools of identification with the character of the audience. However, precisely at the moment when the public completely merges with reformed heroine, its most shocking way (70 short sharp plan in 45 seconds) are killed. Following is given mounting gluing: a long zoom and close-up of black (a symbol of "black hole") funnel in which the blood disappears completely, then immediately applied close-up looking at the viewer's eye with a dead character back-symmetric out of the camera. The audience is in an impossible position of a voyeur, watching ... corpse. The fun begins. The director brings to the empty stage Norman, "destructive" consequences of the massacre. The viewer reflex correlates with the hero, and even sympathize with this pleasant character, gently wash the blood from the tiles, wrapped in oilcloth corpse and potoplyayuschemu car. The second part of an emotionally and visually muted. However narrative static unsuccessful search Marion detonates brilliant second scene (in perfect estate, i.e. is strictly symmetric to the first) killing, wherein the shooting motion dynamics again corresponds with intersubjective plans removed from the point of view maniac. But the main thing is in the end. Repeatedly looking at the world through the eyes of a madman, we suddenly see himself his eyes, looking at us ... and identify with us, if the feeling is mutual kinship of souls. Hitchcock indirectly returns us to the opened all our destructive tendencies. Moreover, the opinion "mother" in the camera is the refrain of a scene with a funnel, after the murder of Marion. Thus, we can say that the view of the suction of the abyss, "looking at us," has undergone over the complete transformation of the film - from the subject without subjectivity (funnel) through an objective entity (corpse Marion) to the pure subject without a body-object (the mother). In this view of the killer entered the code, which a priori can not be unraveled in his right mind, and reflective means. It is something terrible, archaic and immense, hidden behind a deceptive illusion of everyday life and of civilized existence that defies analysis and training
characteristic for the film gap between the surface and deep-ordinary-fixed terrifying at all levels. Technical (viewer identification alternately a serial killer / victim), composite (story Marion / Norman), visual (Gothic mansion Bates (with the opposition of the basement, where dwells the "body" and the mother of the upper floors, shelter her "image") / modern dnoetazhnaya hotel), etc. In a broader sense, it can be interpreted in the historical aspect as disharmony between traditional and modern culture. And, according to the interpreters, Norman - is the medium between the two extremes, whose essence was sacrificed to split. But in its place can be any, because madness is always somewhere it is not back in Plainfield next and lives, and in the center of our existence.

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