Ps i love you (summary) Essay

The book ps I love you is about a girl named Lily Abbott and she’s a 16 year old girl and her home life is pretty crazy, she has two brothers named Wyatt and Jack, and a mom. Lily really hates chemistry class and she spaces out a lot, and she has this note book that she writes her own songs in. One day Lily’s teacher came up to her and said that she really needs to pay attention in class or else she will have to do summer school, and he will take away her notebook. In class Lily writes down some of her favourite song lyrics on the desk, then the next day she comes back to find that someone that sits in the same seat as her had continued the same lyrics on the desk with a little note saying “ you have great taste in music” with a little smiley face beside it, Lily continued to talk with her pen pal everyday they would leave long paragraphs talking about their home, school, and anything going on in their past and present future lifes. Lily has a very very close friend named Julie. Julie dated this boys named Cade and they had to break up because Cade and Lily really hated each other. Lily and her pen pal kept talking all year. Lily’s younger brother Wyatt started doing baseball and soon Lily found out that Wyatt’s coach was Cade, and he was coming to pick him up. Now in the notes Lily’s pen pal talked about how hard his family life was and how he’s not that close with his dad or his mom so when holiday’s came around he didn’t like to be in the house because they always fought about stuff that made his life hard. Thanksgiving was coming around when Lily’s family decided to have a party with their friends and family with dinner to celebrate thanksgiving, and Wyatt decides to invite he coach (aka Cade) to dinner with all of lily’s family, Cade agreed to go to Lily’s house for thanksgiving and so Lily waited for Cade to arrive so she could warn him about how crazy her family is and that his was the chance he could walk away, but he said no so they laid some ground rules so that they could both be polite to everyone that was there. The party was almost over and Lily was upset that Cade was still at her house so she lashed out at him in front of everyone and told him to go home, so Cade did what she asked and went home. Lily’s mom was every upset with her and told her to go apologize to Cade but by the time Lily tried to go apologize he was gone. The next day lily’s mom gave her a man bracelet that she was working on with Cade last night, and told her to give it to him as a i’m sorry gift. When Lily got to Cade’s house they had a spark, then something Lily never thought would happen… happened.

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