Pros & Cons Of Web-Based Applications Essay

A web-based application is any program that is gotten to over a system association utilizing HTTP, as opposed to existing inside a gadget’s memory. Web-based applications regularly keep running inside a web program. Be that as it may, web-based applications likewise might be customer based, where a little piece of the program is downloaded to a client’s work area, however preparing done over the web on an outer server. Web based applications otherwise called WebApps.

Below are few examples for web-based applications.

Google Docs

Drop box



Google Chrome

Office 365

WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Skype etc…


A measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs. Productivity is computed by dividing average output per period by the total costs incurred or resources consumed in that period. However, other factors of productivity, such as creativity, innovation, teamwork, and even quality are qualitative and more difficult to measure.

Microsoft office Pros and Cons


Cost effective: Depending on how many users, the price of the license will be reduced

Storage Drive: It has high storage space. You can also purchase additional storage if users need it.

Scalability: As with anything built in the cloud, Office 365 allows your business to scale from one user up to about 300 users. So as your business grows, Office 365 will scale to meet your requirements.

It has many other adavantages like Easy access to files, Email is accessibility, Additional tools


Cost contemplations: While the Office 365 membership is for the most part more savvy for most organizations, it may not work for your business. There are frequently spending decisions, or your business could be regular, and the repeating charge may cause spending limitations.

Data Security: As with any cloud-based arrangement, your data does not live on-prem

Collaboration instrument disadvantages: If you utilize SharePoint, realize that this program is additionally constrained in Office 365. This is one of the devices that may require outsider joining.

Document Storage

File stockpiling, likewise called record based capacity, stores information in a progressive structure. The information is spared in records and organizers, and displayed to both the framework putting away it and the framework recovering it in a similar arrangement. Information can be gotten to utilizing the Network File System convention for Unix or Linux, or the Server Message Block convention for Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft One Drive pros and cons


Access records from anyplace. Get, share, and alter your documents from anyplace, on any gadget — at home, in the workplace, or in a hurry with versatile applications. With this element, you can empower remote work openings, and simple joint efforts on location.

User-accommodating interface. Regardless of whether your representatives are as of now comfortable with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business makes appropriation simple. Its easy to use interface and brisk matching up with business PCs lessen the expectation to absorb information.

Windows and Mac similarity: OneDrive for Business is perfect with the two Windows and Mac working frameworks. It’s likewise deployable as an on-premises stage, introduced specifically onto your organization’s current servers.


Limited archive estimate bolster. Microsoft does not bolster documents more than 15 GB in OneDrive for Business. For bigger records, you may need to utilize a pressure utility.

Lack of outsider application combinations. As of now, OneDrive for Business does not empower outsider application reconciliations when contrasted with OneDrive for individual utilize. You can’t synchronize your business account with applications, for example, date-books or message sheets.

Limited disconnected access. Albeit OneDrive for Business permits disconnected access once a client downloads the application, that is about to the extent disconnected access goes. In the event that your group needs to lead a lot of work disconnected, you may need a more hearty framework.

Communication: Communication is a process where we share our feelings, thoughts, experience, ideas, suggestions, feedback etc. In process of communication receiver, message, sender, feedback etc are some of the important elements which has their own role and meaning.

Slack benefits and drawbacks


First of all, having a App for Mac really helps a lot. I started using Slack on the web initially but then moved to Slack App for my Macbook. It’s fast and shows notifications whenever there is a message.

It helps with sharing documents. The documents can be shared and saved to Slack cloud.

Creating channels helps a lot. We can invite other team members and our clients within channels to communicate with them.

Mobile app for Slack works great as well.


Voice Communication: As of now Slack does not offer Voice calls. But this is a necessary feature. If Slack team can bring this functionality, it would be great.

If I have to join a channel of a client, I have to login to a different team. But if slack could offer a way to add anyone from a different team right into our team, then it would be easy.


Web collaboration refers to Web, social and software tools used to facilitate website customer communication for increased sales and satisfaction on the Internet in real time. Web collaboration techniques include phone/text chat and remote multiuser conferences/seminars via intranet or phone systems.

Blue Jeans pros and cons


It is able to sync with the cameras in the meeting rooms and for large meetings

The quality of voice and videos in blueJeans is really good. This is also easy to set up and can join to a meeting with just one click of the link

It is quick to get a meeting started. The video and audio are always great.

BlueJeans out of the box is easy to set up and share with internal employees and/or external clients. It allows us to have many people on the line at once and share content at the same time.


There are not many facilitator options. It is tough to tally a situation. It took people a while to get used to it and the ease of use is pretty poor compared to other video conferencing systems.

The only issue I think is not really on the software itself but the internet connection or the microphone. We haven’t really encountered major difficulties yet

The only issue we’ve ever experienced revolves around the microphone/sound. Sometimes it’s not so straightforward when it comes to setting up the main speaker and mics.

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