Pros & Cons Of Energy Drinks Essay

Energy, the measure of power and endurance of a person is a more important factor in human life. All the people all around the world have to face this competitive world. Therefore, it is necessary to think twice when you thinking to take a break from your daily activities. That’s why you need to have energy drinks when you feel lazy.

Most probably long distance driven drivers, workers who are having more working hours, people who are working in night shifts are using energy drinks in order to keep their motivation and be energetic. However, according to recent researches it is not recommend to take execsive amount of energy drinks. This is because of high caffeine content of these artificial drinks. In next piece of content let’s discuss more on composition and other important facts of energy drinks.

What is an energy drink?Simply, A energy drink is a type of food beverage. It contains several ingredients that causes to increase motivation through improving energy and its utilization. There are a numbers of energy drinks in the market. Among those, Red bull, Rockstar, AMP and 5-hour Energy Monstar are the most popular ones. People used to have these in accordance to their own patterns. There are occasional users as well as regular users. There are pros and cons according to the pattern of usage. Let’s talk more on these in below sections.

Typical composition of energy drinks

Usually all the energy drinks contains a amount of caffeine. These caffeine concentration is differ according to the product. There are high percentage if caffeine in some of the energy drinks while others have less. In addition to caffeine there are other ingredients also. These include sugar, Vitamin B, Amino acid derivatives and herbal extracts. Since sugar can be cause for several underline medical issues including Diabetes, the high sugar content also not recommended. Manufactures used to produce low carb contain or zero sugar contain energy drinks. When it comes to herbal extracts, Guarana and Ginseng are the most widely using herbal extracts.

Pros and cons of energy drinks

Energy drinks are really needed to provide immediate source of energy. Up until now, you have read about the ingredients of these wonderful artificial drinks. The sugar content is the main source of calories in energy drinks. Vitamin B is needs to convert your consumed food into energy. Amino acid derivatives are designed to proceed with several biological circumstances. These all ingredients all together help to keep proper functioning of your brain cells including caffeine and herbal extract.

These are the main advantages of energy drinks. However, according to recent studies it is not long term usage of energy drinks are not recommend. This is because of high caffeine content of these drinks. The herbal extracts also indirectly providing a amount of caffeine to the energy drinks. This higher amount of caffeine content may cause for sever brain cell damages and heart diseases later in your life. However, occasional usage of energy drinks do not involve for such a serious problems.

Further, alcohol mixed energy drink usage also not recommended. It can cause serious health issues due to internal reactions.It is wise to think twice before you are using a energy drink. Keep motivated but protect your healthy life style. Prevention is better than the cure!

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