Project Report On The Awareness And Brand Recall Of India's Top Multi-Sector Diversified Companies Essay

To run a successful business, it is essential that you know who your customers are, what they need, and how to reach them. Market research can help you get accurate and specific information about your customers and competitors, which is a critical part of starting or expanding your business. Consumer demands impact and direct all aspects of your company’s activities and can determine the success or failure of your business. To grow this business, most of the leading companies making their efforts to collect more qualitative data for survey. IMRB INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading companies in these competitions.

This project was carried out at Kantar IMRB. The project title is “To Study the awareness and brand recall of India’s top Multi-sector Diversified Companies”. The duration of the project was two months from 16th May to 16th July 2018.My project work was to collect data from the people who were working in multiple sectors also aspiring students and existing employees in IT firms. I was appointed as a team leader, and was allotted a team of 7 people. My work was basically to get the work done by the members and also contribute to complete the work from ground-level. My role was to conduct interview within Pune and PCMC area at different locations also I had to monitor, Guide, allocate the work and control the team members. Also I was responsible to brief the team about the Target Group and segment. The duration of one interview was around 40mins and I was supposed to interpret all the questions to the respondent according to questionnaire and get the information in tablet which was provided by company. Once the interview was completed, I was supposed to upload that data on company server.

The analysis of the project was carried out with respect to income, age, gender and profession of the respondent and the recruitment questions. I conducted the interviews according to Right Hand Rule and Random Sampling by going door to door. Through this survey IMRB has collected important information about the brand image, Recall, Recognition, Awareness of different companies operating in multiple sectors which leads to forecast, brand penetration, find future and intended consumers also to make strategies to sustain in the market.

During this entire project I learnt time management, punctuality, commitment leadership which will help me improve my personality and communication. All these things I found will be very much useful to me in future.

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