Project Report On Facebook: Viral Social Media Essay


Describe about the Project Report on Facebook for Viral Social Media.



Facebook the most viral social media helps you to share emotions and thoughts to individual. It is world-wide accepted as due to this we can connect to our old friend whose contacts are not with us. It is elevating and grasping the mind of individuals and delivers the utmost result of one interest. It is something which is considered to be a boom as helps individual to interact and share their marvellous moment with each other either by sharing or sending the photograph. It is elevating at a high rate as old people involving their interesting and gets connected to share their thoughts and view.

In general, we can conclude that Facebook is not about making profile but it is a source of communication and building a personality ahead in the competition. Facebook is not only about visiting your profile and spend your time, this is something of utmost importance in various specialisation, it helps to build up new contact over the wide network and promote your business with the help of electronic media. Promotion can be done via face book just making a catchy quotes, or banner that would captivate the mind of visitor toward your concerned activity or product.

Brand Newsfeed

A contact Newsfeed or Timeline is the analogous of your Email advertising on Facebook and underpins your achievement in accomplishment and alluring in the midst of populace. That brand newsfeeds and advertisement helps individual to get the subsequent details regarding the concept of marketing. This will help to increase the brand awareness and helps to obtain the list of interested employee moving toward this field.lly obtain new Fans and increased exposure.

It is not only that gives us the fame but also encapsulate fame along with personality development through which you can contact your friend and relative effectively. The feasibility of building contact with business associates achieved with the help of Facebook. Page Newsfeed will not only offer a wealth of motivation and stuff for your own content ideas along with feasibility of motivation for you to comment on the place of duty of others and be viewed by their Fan and Facebook Friends. It is something that enhances the exposure for trading and business, invaluable insights into what ensuring the vital info but in addition offer sufficient opportunity for exchange of ideas with new audiences.

Tagging & Commenting As Your Page

The tagging option helps in sharing your thoughts and picture just by giving them an vision regarding the location and activities that you want to share among individuals. see it but also their own Fans too which proffer affluent ill-gotten gains in terms of rendezvous and new fans. The comment helps to share an individual thought regarding the concern thing and helps owner to understand the review. It is a most efficient way to reach the user by giving them feedback in term of comment.

Google Search Results

It is the vital key in driving the traffic toward the website that would help to boost the brand awareness and systematic methodologies to implement new technological advancement. The more you are on Facebook this would increase the online presence and prolific impression on social media. ( Russell, A., Ito, M., Richmond 2008)

Facebook Group

When we create a Face book group, it helps us to add people of interest and therefore also have the feature of restricting people to interfere without any prior consideration. It can be either open or closed, as per authenticity of information that one is sharing through social media. For engaging the people, we can upload videos and motivational quotes and gain the high rink of publicity. It caters to user requirements; Let us consider an example, when one creates a group relating to fitness, they can give subsequent knowledge of how to reduce weight, exercise methods and diet plan. While when making page of cooking, it involves the recipes of scrumptious dishes, through which individual can obtain the knowledge of making with just a single click. It helps in grouping the individuals into a common group , preferably college student and employee usually make use of it to share their thoughts and ideas among their circle.

There is also an option to create page on Facebook. It can be either run by individual, a group of individual or organisation to show audience their field of interest. This can be created at ease and can share events and function on it so that user can attain information about the concern thing just by visiting the page. This would be beneficial in offering a platform to audience to get a clear image of your activities and personality image. It is very ease to create a Facebook page; you can easily follow some steps and make it efficient. There is option to choose requirement of page either for individual personality, custom group or large system of government assortment.

Facebook helps to provide promotion with the help online audience that it is most effective way to generate the buzz, enhancement of user activity and also increasing like on fan count, however, there are certain limitation and guidelines that governs type of campaigning and regularly administer and then further look to promote it on their social network platform.

Benefits of Facebook groups/ pages

There are various benefits that help individual and organisation. Some of them are listing below:-

  • Reaching a great number of people
  • User engagement
  • Brand Promotion
  • Getting list of individual having same interest
  • It helps to share new regarding event and job openings by organisation.
  • Through Facebook group and page, student can ask for their question and acquire the solution as well as expert advice, as Facebook accompanying a lot of users.

Critical issue of Facebook Group and Page

As we know everything has benefits and flaws. The disadvantages lie in area of fraud, theft, stealing personal information. So it is advisable from my side choose the group that is not publically open on Facebook. It must require a confirmation message that helps to check the authenticity of specified group or page.

There are many cases visible in headlines regarding the misuse of technology to demolish the user identity. It is often reported that there is a fraud advertisement available on group and page that would re-direct you to a page that you are not aware of.

A common unrevealing post relating to Facebook group is entering the number and waits to see the magic. This is something that is done only to gain the attention of individuals. This is something not relevant and user doesn’t acquire the knowledge and start following other.

Fairly or not, critics are advocating for set of laws or erstwhile forms of restrictions on how Facebook handles user privacy, and are even suggest that users go away from the site.

Sometimes the hacker used to hack the personal details of people and from their profile start uploading pictures and videos that would seen by a lot of individuals.

A lot of political issue is discussed over it which is sometime becomes controversial and led to use of vulgar language and rude thoughts towards each other either by posting as comment or message individuals. Although there are certain rules and regulation that restrict or banned the user activity. But our proper knowledge helps to build a better profile.

Contest and prizes

For encouraging the user involvement, there must be a contest that cans either of getting more likes, identifying the need of such product. The people with each interest have something on Facebook through which they can share their knowledge and come in contact of people of the specified specialised interest area. There are prizes offered either by selecting the individual or through lucky draw. In precise word, it is a common platform that binds user all across the world. It is a medium through which one can give their regards and blessing to someone on festive occasion, birthday or marriage anniversary,


Therefore, Facebook is not only a source of entertainment but also a platform to business advancement. The user can achieve a lot in term of entertainment along with feasibility of fetching the contact of business official for boosting up their business among the targeted audience. It is a better understanding how a social media helps us in various fields such as entertainment and business. The study reveals the fact that it is becoming a need for youngster as well as business associates to remain active on it.


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