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Discuss about the Scope of the Project Management ?

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The project management is done on an organizational project for managing the different activities of the business and resources of the organization. Different areas of the organization are reviewed and the area where the business is lagging is identified for the preparation of the report. The unique characteristics of a project is identified and the environment of the organization and the authority level of the project manager for taking important decision regarding uncertainty and confusion is documented in the report. Suggestions are provided that would help the organization to gain competitive advantage in the current marketplace.

Scope of the project

The project is based on management of the organizational structure and improvement of the ITSM and ITIL process in the organization. The report has been prepared for ann organization that supplies employees in an organization for coordination and implementation of the different project activities in an organization that outsources the employees for handling the information system of an organization. The cost incurred for outsourcing of the employees and provides training to them is estimated.

Business case

There are total 200 employees who are required to be trained for increasing their skills and appoint them in different business organization for managing the IT services. The training must be completed within a proposed duration of six months and within a budget of $15000.

Project objectives

The objectives are as follows:

  • To appoint new employees regarding the demand of the organization
  • To provide proper training for increasing the skills and knowledge of the appointed personnel
  • To create a team of experienced and inexperienced staff for increasing the efficiency of the project
  • To finish the project within proposed duration and budget.

Milestones schedules and deliverables

The milestones are created for the project that helps in synchronization of the project in different stages and take necessary steps if the project is not completed within the scheduled milestone.

Project Milestone

Date of Completion

Stakeholder Judge

Acceptance Criteria

Survey on the requirement of the organization

4 days


Meeting must be arranged with the organization for finding the requirement.

Appointment of the staffs and personnel’s

7 days

Project manager

The staffs are required to be appointed based on their qualification and knowledge

Selection of the team members

20 days

Procurement manager

The appointed staffs must be categorized according to their knowledge and the requirement of the organization

Review of the skills of the employees

7 days

Procurement Manager

The skills must be reviewed after appointing them in practical field.

Providing training to the employees

14 days

Operation Manager

Training must be provided to improving their professional skills and knowledge

Impact analysis for different scenario

10 days

Project manager

Different problems must be provided to them to get different result or solutions

Dissemination of information and creation of workshop

1 months

Operational manager

A workshop must be prepared for improving their skills.

Taking skill test for the employees

10 days

Procurement manager

The staffs are required to give a test for analyzing their performance

Outsourcing the employees

1 months

Project Manager

They are appointed on respective department of the organization.

Go live and support



Data reports from all the departmental heads

Risk assessment

Project Risk

Risk Owner

Contingency Plans

Lack of skills of the appointed staffs

Risk manager

The appointed staff might have sufficient knowledge for handling the new technology and thus they should be trained for handling the technical operations.

High demand for employees for outsourcing

Accounts Manager

A high demand for outsourcing the IT technician and less availability of the staff can cause loss of the contract and thus employees must be prepared for outsourcing.

Lack of sponsorship

Project manager

The needs for sponsor are required to be analyzed and the ad space must be increased to gather more sponsors for the development of the project.

Lack of trainer

Operational Manager

A skilled employee with efficient experience must be appointed to train the newly selected employees.

Complex project

Procurement Manager

The operational manager arranges meetings with the stakeholders for making the requirement clear and appoints skilled employees to handle the tasks.

Resource required

For the outsourcing of the employees for a selected organization a planning is required to be prepared that consists of the employee details such as their qualification and the specialization details. The requirement of the organization which needs outsourcing is also required to be analyzed for preparation of a team with efficient knowledge and manage the project efficiently. A training lab is required for providing training to the employees and the lab must be equipped with recent technologies that should be similar with the organizational infrastructure where the employees would be recruited. A project manager is responsible to handle the human resources who are required to respective department according to their skills and knowledge. A project budget is required to be created for the arrangement of training program and workshop for the selected employee.

Estimate of the required resources




$15000 for training the employees


Training LAB and conference Room

Newly appointed employees

Total= $15000

Equivalent to full time

2 Rooms

List of stakeholders:


Interest in project


The success of the project depends on the sponsor because the development of the project is not possible without proper funding

Account Manager

The records of the employees and the estimation of the budget of the project is done by the account manager

Risk manager

The risk associated with the development f the project is analyzed by the risk manager and their mitigation plan is created for the successful deployment of the project.

Procurement manager

It is the responsibility of the procurement manager to arrange all the resources on time for the faster development of the project. The project should never in a hold state due to lack of resource availability.

Operational manager

This operational manager manages different operation during the development phase of the project like arrangement of stakeholder meetings, appoint appropriate trainer for giving training the employees hired for outsourcing.

Project manager

This main responsibility is of the project manager who looks after different operation and paper works for the development of the project. The project manager also arranges sponsorship and funding for the development of the project. He also has the responsibility to monitor the progress of the project.

Team operating principles

The team operating principles provides a guideline for the development of the project and it should consist of the following principles:

Provide training to the employees according to the requirement: A proper training is required to be given to the team members recruited for outsourcing for properly handling the technology in the organization. The training should be based on the requirement of the organization and should be completed within fixed budget and time.

Arranging meeting with the stakeholders: meeting must be arranged with the business executives to understand their requirement and contracts must be signed for outsourcing the employees.

Preparation of a communication plan: A project communication plan must be prepared for maintaining the hierarchy of communication and it should be followed for communicating with the audience associated with the project.

Lessons learned

  • The problems are identified quickly and responded with providing a quick solution with the formation of a good management team
  • The availability of the resources is important for the completion of the project within the deadline
  • Meetings are important for the involvement of the stakeholders and understanding the requirement of the project.
  • The project charter helps in contribution of valuable data for future advancement of the project and settling any issues during the development of the project.
  • It helps the client to communicate with the business and keep the stakeholders informed about any change in the organization.





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Project Manager

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Operational manager


Accounts manager


Risk Manager



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