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Discuss about the Project Plan on Internet and Social Media Platforms User Practices and Publics.



Social Media Platform is expanding on the large scale for exploring and developing the networks on the large scale locally and globally. It has raised the interaction among the general public in today’s scenario to build the communication among the general public. Moreover, there are various concern made regarding to the social media which may threaten the usability and the reliability of the internet. It is rapidly changing and developing with advanced technologies in the world, it is essential for every individual to work on their own skills and dealing with the latest technologies and tools in the present scenario. Social media technology is used for implementing with the various technologies and tools used and it mainly includes an electronic device as an intermediate for connecting to the social media platforms like phones, computers, televisions etc. (Gustafson and Woodworth, 2014). The social media and the technology helps, the every individual for sharing information and creating the awareness about the several platforms and tools via networks.

Area of problems

Social media is developing and expanding so vast in the world of Internet, so as to grow the business at global level. Social media has become an interactive platform where the content is been created, distributed and presenting the marketing practices and challenges around the privacy concerns over the usability of the data. Social media has actually influenced our life and the society in general form. There are various social networking and media cites which have cause a good and the bad impacts over the internet like Facebook and MySpace generally allows to connect and to find the people globally and connecting with them. It majorly affects browsing on various networking sites, which can make you feel connected to the larger community for building the casual connection on the electronic environment. By focusing on the various areas and fields over the social media and platforms, there are various tools and platforms, where the problems are raised in the social media world ( Lehavot et al.,2012). While activism create the awareness in the society regarding to the social media where it totally depends on the person to have the appropriate way of accessing to the social media platforms in the positive manner.


The need for the social media technologies includes the internet and the mobile based services and communications, which are continuously increasing on the large scale and are pervasive to the integral part, performing the day to day operations in the real world. As the user practicing for the usage of social media, is gaining the rapid popularity and usability of utilities on the social media, for the official purpose and remaining ambiguous. But, if we talk about the issues, then there are ample numbers of issues, which are raised and faced by many individuals on social networking sites and for the authorization of the resources for accessing to the networks used for the communication, building the synergies for differentiating the channels for the communication purpose. The social media and platforms, towards the user practices have become the dynamic medium of interaction and setting up the guidelines for using the social media platforms which has been formulated by the government. The documents help in to have an informed way of working according to their main objectives, platforms, resources etc. to meet the current requirements for interacting with the resources. The guidelines are been used for the social media, their characteristics, issues based on the current scenario, challenges and aim for the future use to meet the goals (Faklaris and Hook, 2016).


It is essential for identifying and working on the issues, being raised by accessing on the social media platforms. There are various issues which are related to the authorization and building the communication can sometimes convert to the biggest issue and take you to face the risks. The issues can be on the resources required that can be moderated or un-moderated, generally the issues are being raised on the basis of the data security, archives, privacy etc. Generally the governance or the private issues may influence the decision making and keeping all the records for accessing to the various plans and consulting to the policy frameworks. There are various negative impacts, which have breakdown especially in the field of education on the social media regarding to the privacy issues, like posting the personal or the private information on online sites. Therefore, in all the consequences of this technology being implemented on the various platforms, are not the good ones for social platform (Rodriguez, 2011).There are various issues which are being raised due to accessing on the social media platforms are:

  1. Cyber-bullying
  2. Decrease in the productivity
  3. Privacy
  4. Legal and Ethical social media problems.
  5. Social media plagiarism problems

Platforms or Kind of Data

Social media platforms generally share the data on the platforms but do not for the various reasons. It is essential to set the definition regarding to the social media for ensuring about exploring the various tools for the potential purpose. It typically describes to the information used for creating and been cured by the individual users for collecting from the public spaces. There are various platforms regarding to the social media platforms that re used for combining the social media archives as well as the data which is been stored and feed, tools used for the data mining and analysis of the data. Platforms are generally different from the tools and toolkits because the platforms are very comprehensive and provide the usability for the tools and for data (Qualman, 2010). There are various platforms where the social media take place is:

  1. News Platforms- There is the various pages and the websites which provide the accessibility to read the news and archive the feeds and making the analytics. For example: Financial institutions seeking and monitoring to the market sentiments and news.
  2. Social Network Media Platforms- There is various platforms that majorly provide the data mining analytics on the twitter and to the Facebook over the wider range of the other social networking and media resources. For example: Companies seeking and monitoring the sentiments regarding to the branding and products (Perrin, 2015).

Focus on the Social Media Research

Focusing on the social media, the experts usually recommend for focusing on the successfully market analysis on the business related to the social media and best practices. Establishment in the social media world can lead to set marks on the services that are been tracked and measured. It mainly allows us for focusing on the winning strategies and pivoting the changes. The strategies should be implemented for focusing on to encompass about the collecting likes, shares, tweets and retweets and pins etc. It generally focuses and makes sure that the each social media posts can have the basic support on the strategic goals for implementing on the social media platforms (Fuchs, 2017). Few common strategies implemented, for the social media goals and objectives include:

  1. Setting up of the best and the measurable social media goals.
  2. Choosing the right platform for accessing to the social media platforms.
  3. Building the brand awareness for the public to build the positive perception in the market.
  4. Gaining the new customers for driving the traffic towards the social media page.
  5. Increasing engagement by interacting with the fans and the followers for referring to the orders.
  6. Branding the social medial profile pages for uniformly accessing across all channels.
  7. Monitoring the social media analytics (Criado et al., 2013).

Aim of the Research Project Plan

The main aim of the Social media and practices is to make the people aware about the activities and the current scenario running on the social media platform. Moreover, social media is the best tool used for the scientist when used and advice on the good practices. The main aim of the social media totally depends on the platform used for accessing to the social media, its main purpose and the user ability made for the best practices. Social media has expand to the greater level for increasing the scope in the variety of the customers for helping the businessman as well as it provides the facility to the individual or to the organisation to grow the business in the social media platform globally. This is generally maintained by the support of the people as individual play the vital role in the field of the social media platform. The people are aware about the social media platform and certain things should be kept in mind that the steps taken on accessing to the certain platforms do not harm or play with their sentiments (Ruths and Pfeffer, 2014).


The social media has built the wider network for communicating with the friends, families or building the professional communication for the development of the business with the help of the social media platform. Since Social media platform is flooding all forms of the marketing, dealing with the projects, building the relationships to achieve the goals and the main objectives in the future. It provides the facility to each and every individual for participating, sharing, networking and bookmarking, etc. The world of the Social media is evolving into the greater change and emerging to internet world globally. Moreover it helps the personnel to explore the various platforms for practicing and managing to the social media (Knox, 2016).

Specific research Question and Proposition

There are several questions being raised regarding to the social media platform and one of the major query is raised regarding to why the automation is needed on the social platforms for keeping the human element and connecting to the broader business. The following research is made on the listening tools used on social sites for tagging and automating the keywords and to have the highest performing marketing teams across the multiple sites (Drumwrightand Murphy, 2014).

Methods/ Approach

There are different ways of examining and presenting the practices made in terms of cultures, content based on visual in the social media platform. There are various methods or approaches which are being used in the social media platform and to the user practices:

  1. Sentiment Analysis- The analysis is made regarding to the organisation where the company gets sentiments for the brands and the products. For Example, Social media analysis on the Samsung S8 offering the features regarding to the sentiment analysis of long form content.
  2. Influence and reach- It helps in influencing and reaching to the customers for influencing about the products. For example, Facebook has the highest rank for buying the influence and it has the major positive and negative impacts also.
  3. Understanding the customer behaviour- The whole information is been specified in the form of understanding the desires of the customers. For example, Pichai is aware of the customers behaviour, Google is eyeing to lead in Digital market industry.
  4. Consumer Profiling- It is been used for analysing the data. It has becomes easy to have the details about the consumer. For example, Amazon is providing the consumer profiling for the delivery of the services and proofing on the large data sets (Korda and Itani, 2013).

Ethical Considerations

The social media is really killing the real activism and replacing the optimistic way of accessing on the social media platforms. For accessing to the social media the individual has their own responsibility to be honest and truthful regarding to the business or to the sales items which basically means of providing the actual and the fruitful information in terms of business (McKee, 2013).With the increasing demand of Social Networking, the ethical consideration is increasing in numbers with violation of security, distortion, harassment and creepiness. Social media communities are becoming weaker to deception, because customers of the social community are getting the services of open social communication (Bolton et al., 2013). And some internet scams are also facing by the consumer, due to unrestricted social communities, these two factors has become the reason of attention for social media consideration.

Some ethical consideration when various people use social media networking are given below:

  • Attack on Privacy setting: if any action of users break the law or terms of privacy of any users of social media, this action considered as unethical. In Social media ethics, behavior targeting is remarkable area to consider. The positive point is that, watchers may appreciate the related of the item being advertised or represented to them but this also a kind of attack on privacy.
  • Spamming: over-publicizing or uninvited promotional advertises is also measured as an unethical act. In spamming issue users are usually blasted with different kind of information, which is not interesting for them. Some of the advertisement which is showing on website, and user have least interest in them, are also come in unethical act from the users viewpoints.
  • Public Criticizing: while, using of social media networking users think that they are using a private website and they can post anything on that , and that post or thought will be private, this is the biggest mistake of the users they posted things are not private on the social networking websites. Once if a user’s post something on social sites, it can go spread as fire in the forest, without asking the users permission (Alfonso and Suzanne, 2008).
  • Dishonesty and falsification: there is no method to authenticate the honesty and distortion of the social networking sites. Nowadays, the intension of the social networking sites involves the more usage on the clearness of communication of users and various actions posts via Social networking sites. It is very unethical to be fraudulent about social media networking or about anything. This is the responsibility of every user to be honest and follow the all rules and regulation of social networking sites to avoid all the fraud activity and unethical acts of social networking sites.
  • Missuses of free Expertise and Competitions: if any users characterize himself with wrong identity, credentials, it is an unethical act to become anonymous, but showing some one different than user is. There are many users which give the bad feedback and bad comment to the company, this act also comes in unethical act, because at the end the reputation and image of the company will be spoiled by the act of users. If a company hired people just to give the bad comments and feedback to their rival companies, this act of company also comes in the unethical act (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010).


Social media is instrumenting to shape and catalysing the social that has been used for enabling the users and know the importance of the social media in the global world to make the people aware of the current scenario and the activities performed to have the proper growth in demographic of playing the vital role and practicing of business.


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