Project Management Tools: Construction Of Cafe In Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Essay


Discuss about the Project Management Tools for Construction of Cafe in Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.



The project management tools play a very important and supporting role for successful completion of a project (Kerzner 2013). Our project was made on the topic of construction of a caf? at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. We used many project management tools and techniques like project management plan, project schedule by WBS, resource management, Gantt chart, cost estimation and budgeting, change management, and stakeholders’ analysis for completion of the project and making the final report. The following assignment is a reflective essay on the project in which I would share my experience about being a part of the project.

Evaluating Personal Experience with Project Knowledge Areas

Our project was made for developing a plan for constructing a caf? in Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. The project had a number of operations like resource and requirements analysis, scheduling and planning of the project, budgeting, resource allocation, and change management (Schwalbe 2015). We had divided the work among us for keeping the project operations in scheduled time. However, some major issues arise while performing the project operations. At one point our project was going on smoothly, but timing problems were experienced in our project progress. It was not the only hindrance for our project. We had to face issues like shortage of resources and impact of risk factors for our project. According to Martinelli and Milosevic (2016), the project management knowledge areas (Time management, Cost Management, and Risk Management) helped us to deal with the above mentioned issues and develop a proper plan for the completion of the project.

Personal Experience of issues in project: Our project faced the issue of timing problems. The project plan was made for implementing the basic infrastructure of the caf? at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. However, due to some small issues and delays the operations of the project was delayed. Our project had limited number of resources and it has to be managed by using appropriate project management tool (Reiss 2013). We had limited resources and it was divided in proper proportion for completing all the operations while project planning. Our project needed resources for allocation and performing operations like construction of walls and ceilings, installation of equipments, electricity and equipments installation, and furniture and fixtures placement. Our team was in dilemma due to it as it had delayed the completion of the project in assigned time. However, due to emergency situation of short circuit, the electric line had to be placed again. It gave rise to over budget expenses in the project that was not expected by us. We had to suffer some loss and the expected profit would not be attained from the project.

Theories of project management: The project management area of time management provides an important support for completion of the project in assigned time by managing the activities and work packages of the project (Verzuh 2015). A project operation consists of various types of risk such as technical risk, strategic risk, accidental risk, risk of malfunctioning, and changes in requirements (Krajewski, Ritzman and Malhotra 2013). It includes six processes namely definition of activities, sequencing them, estimating the resources, duration of the activities, developing a schedule, and controlling it (Cameron and Green 2015). The cost management has an option of provision for doubtful debts. We employed the time management by making a Gantt chart for the project operations. The Gantt chart helped us in proper scheduling and management of activities in the project. According to Rosemann and vom Brocke (2015), the risk management has the option for configuring the surrogacy planning that would help in dealing with these accidental risk factors and minimizing their impact.

Actions for the dealing with issues: Our project had to face technical risk and accidental risk factors. The development of the infrastructure would require the implementation of the walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, cash counter, kitchen (equipments in the back of caf?), storage room, etc. However, we had to face risk of change in requirements by caf? owners and delay in implementation of the electricity cable. It resulted in delay and exhaustion of extra resources for the project operations. We were in complete mess due to the excess resource exhaustion and it even delayed the other operations. We could have used the provision for doubtful debts for overcoming the situation of electric cable failure.

Future aspects from the experiences: These experiences have helped me to understand the importance of project management tools and techniques. I had developed strong understanding on the benefits and process of implicating the project management tools for effective project completion process. The issues that we faced in our project of implicating the caf? infrastructure at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre are delay in project operations, surplus exhaustion of resources, and effects of risk for decreasing the efficiency of operations. The various project management knowledge areas like Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, and Project Risk Management can be utilized for dealing with these issues. I can use these concepts and tools for developing a better and compact planning of project operations. The project alignment with the objectives and requirements of the clients can be done by analyzing the project charter. We have developed the report with analysis of the issues we had to face and probable solutions for minimizing their effect and developing solutions.


The essay had covered the impact of project management tools for the operations of a project. It can be concluded from the reflective essay that we can be largely benefitted from the use of project management tools and techniques. The project alignment with the objectives and requirements of the clients can be done by analyzing the project charter. We have used project schedule (WBS) and Gantt chart for planning and scheduling the project operations. The summary of essay has shown that Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, and Project Risk Management could help in dealing with issues of time, exhaustion of resources, and effect of risk factors.


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