Professions In The Computer Science Field Of Study Essay

As we, as a civilization, continue to advance we will continue to further the technology we have. Because of our growth as a society, we will need more and more people in this industry. It is for this reason that this field has such a high growth expectancy. Within the Computer Science field, there are several different professions that one can choose from. These different professions include anything from building computers to solving computer problems, or even building and editing code. On the hardware side of the spectrum, we have computer technicians who build computers. While on the software side of the spectrum, we have software developers who build applications using code, and software engineers who are more concerned with editing the code rather than building it. All of these occupations have one thing in common, and this is that they are all a type of computer scientist.

A computer technician is someone who repairs and maintains computers and servers. A computer technician’s responsibilities range from building and configuring new hardware such as computer to maintaining computer servers. Computer technicians use their skilled knowledge, hands-on-experience, and different tools to carry out the tasks they are given. If someone has a computer, most likely a computer technician helped to design it in some way, shape or form. A software developer is someone who writes the software that people use. The term can apply to someone who specializes in one area or to someone who writes code for many kinds of software. Software developers play a key role in design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software. The software that they create are most likely to help make something more efficient in one way or another. One application of this field is the creation of artificial intelligence through the use of machine learning. Whether the software is on a computer or even just on a calculator, a software developer wrote it. A website developer is someone who creates and designs websites. One can create a website using a few different languages. In order to make a website, one can make use of three of the main languages to build websites which include HTML, CSS, and Javascript or one could use a more obscure language. These three language have different uses in the process of designing a webpage. HTML ,also known as Hypertext Markup Language, is used for the text on the web page. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to describe the presentation of a document that has been written in Hypertext Markup Language. Javascript, on the other hand, allows for the web designer to make the web developer to create a more interactive website. In order to be a good website designer, one needs to stand out through the use of color and design on a website. If you have ever used the internet then you have definitely encountered the work of a website designer,

A graphics designer is someone who creates the graphics used in both games and software. If you want to be a graphics designer you better know how to draw. There are several fields a graphics designer can specialize in. These fields include the rendering of both 2D and 3D images such as characters, background objects, and backgrounds. A graphics designer is an integral part in making a highly visual game such as Skyrim.

A game developer is someone who creates games. In order to create a game, one can use an engine such as Unreal or Unity. Engines such as Unity have premade assets such as trees and character models that one can use in order to make a game a lot quicker. In Unity, one uses code to make the characters move while one uses the physics engine in order to create barriers and gravity. However, if you want a challenge you can make your own game engine, but in order to do that one would need a huge team. Most games require a large team of game developers and graphic designers in order to make the game. If you play video games you better thankful for game developers.

On the other hand, a software engineer is someone who edits the code in order to make the program run more smoothly and efficiently. They accomplish this task by first analyzing how to make the code more efficient. They then apply math and science to these programs to make them run more efficiently and make these programs more advanced. A software engineer specifically uses complex algorithms to shorten the code and make these programs run as efficiently as possible. A software engineer is someone who writes quality software. Anyone can learn to program, but not everyone can program efficiently. Even though these professions are all different, the majority of them work in teams with one another. An example of this would be a large team working to create a game such as Skyrim. In order to create a game of this size one would first have to create an engine to create this game on. This engine would be created with a team of software developers to build the code and software engineers to make the code more efficient. Then we would have a group a game designers working on 3D models for the characters, animals, trees, background, background objects, and etcetera. Furthermore, we would need software engineers in order to create the physics for the game such as gravity and barriers. Next, we would need software developers to create the character controls, and allow for input from the user. Finally using the engine and designs we’ve created already, we can begin work on the game creating scenes for each part of the game.

Although there are several different professions in the computer science field of study, they all work together to bring us the technology used every day. A software engineer cannot edit code that has not already been written by a software developer. On the other hand, a game developer cannot make a high quality game without a graphics designer. A graphics designer cannot create graphics if they do not have a computer that has been built by a computer technician. As one can tell, without each and every one of these professions society would not be the as advanced as it is today.

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