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Discuss about the Professional Year for Corporate Governance of ICT.


During my internship as a level 1 help desk support, I had taken in account the Australian standard to fulfill the ICT task given to me. The chief role of a help desk support is to provide technical assistance and support associated with computer systems, software and hardware. Along with that, other responsibilities given to me include responding to queries, isolating issues, determining and implementing solutions and running diagnostic programs.

The AS8015 framework of Australian Standard provides six principles for Good governance of ICT (AS 8015 (2005) - Australian Standard for Corporate Governance of ICT 2018). The Principles includes:

  1. Establishment of clearly understood ICT responsibilities
  2. Planning ICT to provide the best support to the organization
  3. Acquire the Validity of ITC
  4. Ensuring best performance of the ITC
  5. Ensuring that the ICT conforms with formal rules
  6. Ensuring that the ICT is respectable to human factors.

While providing service to the consumers, I had faced a situation where a consumer complained that the computer bought from our company was damaged. Following the above principle, I with my technical team solved the issue by repairing the computer free of cost and thus ensuring that the ITC sold by us is giving its best performance. Not only that, in order to ensure that the consumer do not face this situation again, I suggested my team to provide a monthly service checkup to the consumer, for the 1st 3 months.

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