"Professional" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

- I'm dying
-? Yeah ... You scared
-? No ... Why do you ask
-? I would be scared ...
- Oh, yes, you're all afraid of going to hell
we have before us a picture of the category of those that I saw, still not particularly fascinated world cinema. Just "Professional" by Georges Lautner often shown on television, and therefore I could not not watch this tape. Of course, at that time, when I first watched this film several times, I do not understand everything that was happening on the screen, and it is not always able to watch the action from the start. I just remember how I shudder from one only of music, sounding in the frame. And, naturally, I did not know then that there is a jack of all trades on behalf of the Ennio Morricone, and the music in the film with the participation of Jean-Paul Belmondo belongs to him. When a movie has become my serious hobby, I found a picture for his collection and now this creation is periodically reviewed, since it does not get bored.
In this there is something very special atmosphere, which attracts like a magnet. What is this? Yes, there is something special. Still, France, the handsome Paris, it is clear that the action takes place in the eighties, and in frame of a tough guy, who takes Jean-Paul Belmondo, not handsome, certainly, but a person with a strong masculine, that's for sure. I liked the fact that we have shown not just some ordinary thriller, in which there is nothing but "bang, bang and broads", we have something like a crime drama with elements of thriller. Yet it is worth noting that in this film directed by Georges Lautner laughs at all possible militants, referring to all activities, and in particular, and the main character with humor and irony. Hero Belmondo named Zhosslen Beaumont and then utters many different phrases with jokes, smiles, the good and wicked irony. Of course, all this is good for the entire tape.
it tells the story of a man named Zhosslen Beaumont, as you've probably guessed. This man is the most difficult profession, he is a secret agent of the security services, in fact, the French state. Once Jossatal sent to one African State to fulfill an important mission, where everything is smooth and does not pass our French secret agent sent to prison. A few years later Beaumont manages to escape, and he returned to his homeland, where he decided to do the job, which he gave the French Government - put an end to some president of some African republic, whose name Ndzhaly. But the French government during this time the plans have changed, they no longer want it to eliminate. In general, now at home against Zhosslena set everything he no longer has any friends or acquaintances, he would have to think of something to stay alive. Josse one knows for sure - the job he performs his, will perform in spite of all, to avenge themselves, will revenge all
If you look, you will easily understand that this picture is relevant in our day.. Why? Because in the film are two major themes that are, you know, and now are not the latest popular. I'm talking about betrayal and revenge. Hero of the film Zhosslena Beaumont strongly framed by giving him such a task, but without canceling it in the end, when it lost its value. Actually, now that Josse returned to Paris on his first place in the plans - it was revenge. And as everyone knows, revenge - a dish best served cold. When a man takes revenge, he forgets everything, human qualities fade into the background, and human soul is painted in a dark color. Soul rest only when revenge happens. And so it was, in fact. Generally, Zhosslen got into this situation, that he knew what awaited him only despair. Beaumont had nothing except only what to expect, where to bring this desperate situation. What he could do was not to turn off the chosen path, finish the idea. Well, we have an opportunity with you with pleasure to watch an unusual, well thought out and fun place, a place that is worthy of close attention. And Zhosslen Beaumont will do everything like a real professional.
This picture corresponds to its name. Everything was done very professionally. To be honest, no matter how much I tried to find at least some small, very small minus, boo, all attempts were in vain, all in vain. Georges Lautner perfectly tried with all his team, here is immediately obvious that the director worked with pleasure, putting in all the work of his strength. And what we have in the end? But in the end in front of us, perhaps, the best part of Jean-Paul Belmondo, the best film, in fact, of Georges Lautner and classics of world cinema come straight from France. Before us is a classic of the genre, which has all the best traditions of the French film, thriller with special agents and the best traditions of the crime drama.
If we talk about the actors, it's all here with their roles coped just fine. What can you say about one of the best French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo? He simply inimitable, that's what. So realistically portray every emotion experienced by his character, not everyone, that's for sure. The most interesting, as it is possible to perform a character with a sharp tongue, it's worth it. As I have said, Zhosslena Beaumont irony seeps in almost every sentence, every other time, for sure. Other actors, too, have coped well with the tasks, like everything.
So, we have the immortal classics of world cinema director Georges Lautner, entitled "Professional". You know, the main advantage of these films is that they are not forgotten and every time you watch never bored, as I see them. That is probably because this is a classic. More to such paintings, life would be easier, I promise. As for the tape, then it is one of the saddest endings I've ever seen, as they say, a purely French ending. Still I would like to say that this film can be loved only for the soundtrack. Yes, Ennio Morricone, as always at the very height of his creative love, very much.

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