"Professional" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Professional" - French film of 1981 directed by Georges Lautner with a unique, Jean-Paul Belmondo as a super-agent of the French secret service Jossatal Beaumont. In one of the Black continent Jos on the instructions of the French secret police it was to eliminate the dictator of this country. However, while Josse was preparing an attempt, the policy of the French Republic against the dictatorial regime has changed 180 degrees, and the usurper of power suddenly turned enemy of France in her partner. The French secret service agent hands over his Jossatal in the hands of the executioners. Former comrades and super-agent colleagues doubted that Josse will not survive long: either die under torture or in detention. Indeed: Belmondo hero is in prison where no one alive had not returned. However, it would not be a super-agent, if not escaped from prison, even after two years. During his escape, he sees with his own eyes, as a punitive burned entire villages, killing of civilians, including the elderly, women and children. Josse returned to Paris with a firm purpose: to carry out the sentence - to kill the dictator, who is due to arrive in the French capital on an official visit. About his intention, he informs his former colleagues and friends, who did not welcome his return from hell. It begins a deadly game. Beaumont is always a step or even two, ahead of his former friends. Responsible for the neutralization of Beaumont - Commissioner Rosen (Robert Hossein - the actor we know many French tapes 60s and 80s, in particular, the magnificent picture of Julien Duvivier "Chill, which is considered a classic of the French neo-noir). Commissioner Rosen - a mirror image of Beaumont. Jos - super-agent, but he - not killing machine. He - probably the last intelligence knight, for whom concepts such as honor and justice - not an empty phrase. Rosen is driven by ambition. For Rosen end justifies the means, even if it means from the arsenal of the Gestapo. He seeks to do away with the Beaumont to assert themselves and colleagues prove that he -. Superprofessional stronger Jossatal
me this film, popular in our country in the 80s, shook for several reasons. In my opinion, Belmondo role in the "professionals" - one of his best works. Belmondo creates on-screen image of an intelligent, noble, charming and strong man, who assesses the situation perfectly and uses the smallest mistakes are also very fairly clever opponents to cause fulminant, fatal blow in an elegant and ingenious way.
film "The Professional" features a balanced mix of comedy elements and truly strong drama. Fantastic scene chase the heart of Paris, on the background of the Eiffel Tower. Scene duel between Beaumont and Rosen made in his favorite style of Sergio Leone (the classic "spaghetti western"). The camera lingers on the close-ups antagonists: Jos and Rosen, a few moments of silence, Beaumont time to shoot first, hesitated Rosen falls - and it sounds mournful music of Ennio Morricone, his famous Chi Mai. MARIKON melody, which sounds throughout the film, is another reason why the movie "Professional" was a masterpiece.
Of course, the film is captivating and his frankness, showing intelligence services with the ugly side. This tradition, by the way, find the continuation of such a masterpiece of modern French cinema, as "36th Precinct" and "the MR 73" (directed by Olivier Marchal).
Interestingly, two years before the "Professional" was released thriller Georges Lautner ( which is known as a master of comedy, and as a master of political detective) with Jean-Paul Belmondo in the title role - "Cop or crook" (in the Soviet box office it came out under the title "who's who"). In the "Who's Who" Belmondo character (Commissioner Stanislas Borowitz, who, working undercover, impersonating bandit Antonio Cerutti) is charming too. He wears stylish, sporty riding on old-style convertible, seduces a married woman (played by her charming Marie Laforêt, better known as the singer), shoots sharp and dashing hits muzzle villains. He gets into various alterations, Mafia kidnaps his daughter. But while watching the movie, I did not doubt for a moment in the ultimate victory of 'good' over 'bad'. Despite the fact that in the "Who's Who" Lautner shows the merging of the mafia and the police, it is - an entertaining movie, much like a Hollywood
"Professional." - is another matter. Josse Beaumont lives to the last breath, as if it grew from Michel Puakkara, his character in the film by Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless". The fact that Michelle - a criminal case does not change. And Michel, and Josse seriously playing with death without hope of a happy outcome. Only if in the final scene, Michel runs, he still very young, he does not want to die, and experienced Josse goes quietly, knowing that his back is in optical sight sniper rifle. In the movie "Breathless" a lot of quotes from American film noir. Michelle imitates heroes charismatic Humphrey Boggart. Of course, the film is Godard, which is considered a classic of the French "new wave", there is little that unites with the "professionals" Lautner, I would even say that this film-opposites, yet in both paintings was influenced by film noir
Belmondo. - very versatile actor. He starred in the heralds of the French "new wave" Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, in the later dramas classic French "romantic realism" and noir Marcel Carne ( "Cheaters", 1958), in the crime drama in the style of neo-noir (eg, picture Claude Sautet "this whole risk" from a screenplay José Giovanni, where his partner was charismatic Lino Ventura), in costume tapes - for example, such as the "Cartouche" (directed by Philippe de brocken). But after "Mad Pierrot" Jean-Luc Godard (1965), where the main character has nothing to do with the legendary French gangster 40s, Belmondo began to play mostly in action movies. His decision, he explained that the movie should please people, not just a handful of intellectuals. The "professionals" Belmondo reached the top in the genre thriller.

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