"Professional" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Political thriller 'Professional', released on the light October 21, 1981, not too accurately and succinctly repeats covenants French director Henri-Georges Clouzot, which is notable for the fact that, thanks to its spectacular films earned him the nickname "the French Hitchcock '. It is more correct to say - he did not repeat these covenants. Georges Lautner's film should be, rather, with his Hollywood epic action in the spirit of 'first blood' or novels about James Bond, takes off then almost every year the film company United Artists. And to accuse the creators of 'Professional' in an attempt to make a movie of another format is difficult, because this identity was drawn from time immemorial and by the classics of the French New Wave, the then privnosshey industry with new ideas for development. Tape Lautner even something vaguely can 'smack' to the new wave, that's only after the end of her period, it took almost 15 years. The similarity is seen especially for France and its cinematography, where militants have never in history were not in the foreground, giving way to a comedy and drama. 'Professional' innovative product seems so different from the fashion of the country.
And it's not in the genre features, gunmen shot always. It is surprising how the film with not the most intricate and variable scenario, a penny at the time a budget of 20 million francs (equivalent to $ 4 million), was able to capture truly spectacular and not to lose the adequacy of the movie, not turning into senseless arcade with guns and bullets in the foreground. Tupizny no, no absurdity. History, in which the faithful home to Major Zhosslen Beaumont (Jean-Paul Belmondo) makes his just punishment in the scale of the fictional African country Malagavi and France itself, to show and tell on the background is quite possible life circumstances, which, although they appear to be tricky and manipulative upodobayuschimisya films with the same special agent of the British services still cling and make believe in yourself. Events in the 'professionals' are formed into a single logical pattern from the first minutes, when Beaumont is in the camp and runs from there together with a friend, and an army unit sent on the trail, mercilessly destroying the village: shoot animals, Reshet bullets at home, burning their flamethrowers, but in the prison guards beat the exhausted prisoners because of their inability to work in the heat. This fictional country appears in the eyes of the main character and the audience farmyard, a concentration camp, the poor and do not have a chance on the birth of humanity
On the other hand in front of Beaumont gets his native France -. Legal, rich state, where the person is full and is not afraid to get a bullet in the head every minute. But even there - monstrous betrayal of the government, sacrificed his employee in favor of the new policy. What remains to do a man who barely survived the farcical confusion? His attempts to administer a trial officials - the dictator-president, another traitor, a detective with obsessive assistant frankly stupid police at government - to appear here as a proper, real punishment, for which accreditation in the press will be blinding blow. In this case, the action hero are not the consequences of folly, because he behaves cleverly and prudently, always being behind the opponent. And he does not make dubolomnoy massacre, like John Rambo, on the Champs Elysees in Paris or in the walls of houses. He does not give up in trying to hiss politicians, changing oil nuclear bombs, and vice versa. Zhosslen Beaumont - is imperceptible hero of our time, which even leaves the emotions out of work; on such people and keep the world powers, the whole world in the end. This also manifests itself in the face of women, which takes care of the hero, regardless of relationship to them. Because of all the film and is called 'professional' by identifying the reference level thereof.
Of course, this film is revealed as more than a thriller with the prefix 'political', because all of the ovary in the story focus on the 95 per cent there. But he did not escape the sharp volvulus towards attracting the attention of action. And then that group of technical director with founders stepped on a rake. The main problem of the film is that it even at first glance, seems too cheap and rude. Human blood is brighter traffic lights, it looks like a watercolor. Fighting where characters foolishly grimacing, falling in poses some Kamasutra, and sometimes even beaten by air (other respectively flew from the air). Those soldiers Malagavi shooting at dogs and chickens as if they - the gangsters of the 30's with Tommy Ganas - from the hips, pumping rhythmically from side to side. In general, a huge upset by such a formulation. Saves the set of some other elements, chief among which it is worth noting the chase, filmed in high dynamics. However, in general, in terms of the film does not look innovative technology, which is very unusual for France. May have said it is a low budget.
main advantage of 'Professional' is its clarity. The film, despite its depth and the border theme - a very easy and intuitive. It is woven from a mixture of an action movie and drama, which, if desired, in general could be deleted without losing morality. The famous composer Ennio Morricone soundtrack - is not the only feature. Audience Choice only confirm this judgment. In the premiere weekend of the picture came more than 300,000 Parisians, and finally rolled over France it looked 5 million plus 3 million in Germany. A striking feature here too, because a huge box office and audience success contributed just title theme 'Chi Mai', in the weeks are in rotation French radio stations. As a result, 'Professional' became the most commercially successful project for the director Georges Lautner and among the most viewed movies with Jean-Paul Belmondo. Impressive that 'professional' has not lost relevance today, having, for example, kinopoisk 61,000 ratings from viewers with a rating of 8,1.
8,5 out of 10

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