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Commissioner -. And I did not want to beat the -. My wife made" (c)
was fashionable one time to shoot a psychological thriller and action-packed drama about the injustice of the modern society, of the total control of special structures for the citizens of the country, about the lack of freedom of the individual within the system. So it was fashionable to put a picture of the heroes - singles at will of fate found themselves outside the law and going against the public institutions, which eventually ceased to remember that were created to serve the public and not to dictate his will. Especially a lot of these paintings created in the pessimistic 70th, when in fact it under the genre was born. However, considered in the review of the dramatic action film, produced in France - not quite in the same category. Yes, common with realistic thrillers about "Unscrew cogs started to interfere with the machine" has a canvas, as well as a lone hero eager to get justice. But the similarity ends there, though, because it played the legendary French actor Jean - Paul Belmondo - special agent of French intelligence Josselin Beaumont - funny and cheerful character. Which is not a bargaining pawn in the game of politicians and high officials, because he goes with them to communicate and instead of the hoped for return of the former commanders of the service - notify their "office" of the intention to complete once its mission. That is to say, he "hurt" the hero imposes special services dangerous "game". And it will take place according to its rules, as opposed to hunting "at fault" agents of these action-paintings
... By the way, the screenplay written by Jacques Audiard, in collaboration with director Georges Lautner himself - was based in part on the detective - English adventure novel writer Patrick Alexander "Death of a wounded animal with a thin skin," and partly on the basis of real political events of the time. For example, the French government under the Giscard D'Estaing had an interest in African uranium deposits, therefore cooperated with the military dictator Bokassa - who after his overthrow carefully placed in one of the chic French residences. Indirectly, there is an allusion to the operation and "Barracuda" - that after the signing of agreements between the government of the Central African Empire and France - radically changed the course of events. Consequently, significant changes were made when the book adaptation. Since the main character of the Englishman turned to the Frenchman and London changed to Paris. Just part was rewritten ending, in which the novel's hero dies at the hands of an African president -. Who are willing to attempt
the story pictures - French intelligence in the African country sends its best agent tasked to eliminate existing local dictator - Colonel Ndzhalu. But at the last moment the political situation changes dramatically and before the obstinate African leader agrees to international cooperation. The administration decides to surrender his person to the authorities of his new partner. So the captain of Josselin Beaumont is captured and put on public trial at which pleaded loner. Wanting to prove his loyalty to the French government, President Ndzhala cancel the death sentence Beaumont judges and sends that to hard labor. After two years in this hell, but being able to maintain their skills, having gone through all the humiliation and beatings, backbreaking physical labor and a long way home, Josselin Beaumont escapes and returns home. But instead of a visit to the boss, he sent a telegram to his commanders, which warns them of his intention to follow through. As he tells his professional code. Now former colleagues begin a hero - "returnees" hunt, trying to get him before he carry out his plan and kill African president. Which as luck these days arrives on government business in Paris ...
I think it is no exaggeration when I say that the role of an agent of French intelligence Jocelyn Boman - one of the best in the career of Jean - Paul Belmondo. A picture of the "Professional" - probably the most popular and favorite action movie audiences with his participation. Especially in the former Soviet Union - where the film Georges Lautner was even later the Soviet box office! Yes, and in a fairly extensive filmography of the director Georges Lautner - is the most important of his work. Despite the fact that later, they meet again with Belmondo to work together (well-known comedy "Daddy from Nice"), action thriller "The Professional" - and remains their best design and hallmark director for many years to come. The film was shot on a small budget by Western standards (which is about $ 4 million) - but looking at the financial picture of "limitations" do not feel at all. The picture has all the required attributes of the genre thriller: melee fights, car chases, followed by accidents, shootings and explosions. Even today, in general, that is visible "staging" of tricks - the film looks at one go. This is largely due to the bright play of employed in the film performers - who at the time of the film were not famous actors, but were able to get in the way he proposed. If on the games of the national favorite - Belmondo and everything is clear - it is always brutal, bright and charismatic, the more that is the main "star" pictures - in the charm that the whole dramatic story holds great dilute it funny jokes - some others think should be allocated. This is Michel Bon as an old friend Beaumont - in fact betrayed him with his invitation, Robert Hossein - played steep Commissioner Rosen walking on the trail of a hero, Elisabeth Margoni as the wife of Beaumont - Jeanne and played a beautiful brunette Cyrielle Clair Alice - an employee of the security services and long-standing mistress Beaumont . And as a black actor Pierre Senton as president Ndzhaly Marie -. Kristin Dekuar as an elite prostitute Miss Fredriksen and Bernard Donnado played Farge Assistant Inspector
picture soundtrack at all the thing is special, since the lion's share of success, and even drama "Professional" keeps just the same on-sounding background music. I wrote that does not need any notions that living legend and one of the greatest composers of our time, "Oscar winner" by Ennio Morricone. I am confident that he created the main theme picture - the final shots of the tragic, but at the same time it is expected the outcome of character Jean - Golf Belmondo remembered by viewers for life, after the first viewing. And especially sentimental even can cause a tear along a steep, but too desperate professionals "espionage and fights," Lovelace and joker - Zhoslenu Beaumont ...

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