Professional Identity: Business Inventory Essay


Describe about the Professional Identity for Business Inventory.


What do you think of your profile?

As per my CLARA profile, it shows that I am tend to the dimension- Belonging. It shows that I can be part of the community whether it is workplace or home. I have enough social resources that I can use in time crisis and requirement. I prefer to be included in social accommodation. Spider diagram shows that there are other dimensions like sense making and creativity, hope and optimism that have influence mu profile. However, curiosity and mindful agency both this component has less impact on me. I can be collaborative during any performance. Capability of imagination and urge of new creation is not sufficient in my profile analysis.

How well do you agree with it?

CLARA is an inventory that helps people to develop resilience. I agree with this too some extent. The profile is holistic, integrating and rationale. It involves the thinking, activities and feeling. The components of the CLARA diagram interconnects complex and dynamic aspects that helps to evaluate the strength of a person that in turn help to strengthen the qualities of others. Though there are some issues that has not resulted as per the expectation, this profile has reflected quite relevant image of my learning power outcome.

How well does it describe your learning power as you know it?

CLARA is the concept that is based on the contextual concept. It reflects the perception of the learner on particular topic. The outcome can change accordingly to the repetition of the process with different context. It has reflected quite actual result on my learning power. However, it would have been up to the accuracy if the dimensions like collaboration and curiosity get more proportion in the diagram. However, as mentioned before, output of the spider diagram can differ if the perception of the learner changes over any concept.

What experiences of learning have helped to shape it this way?

Interactive activities have helped me to strengthen the social relationship. Moreover, it has grown the interest to learn new things and generate ideas to show some creativity. It has encouraged me to face the new things and suppress the risk factors by engaging into creative activities. As seen in the profile, the sense making has influence the outcome of my learning power. Collection of the updates on day to day activity has enhanced the understanding of the purpose and objectives of learning.

How would you like your profile to be?

I would like that CLARA profile is showing appropriate outcome on my learning power. It will be apposite if my profile shows larger proportion of creativity, collaborativealong with the dimension of sense making. The profile should reflect the diagram with balanced proportional components.

How could you use your learning power strengths to improve your learning and performance?

Learning power helps to identify the strength and weakness of an individual. Hence, it can be useful to improve the performance.As there are sudden area I need to improve like curiosity and mindful agency. Curiosity helps to go beyond the surface that enriches the knowledge. Curiosity also facilitated the creativity of an individual. Moreover, mindful agency helps to follow an organized path as well as it gives a clear idea on the purposes of the learning.Hope and optimism helps to obtain mindset that influences the eagerness to learn more with time. Apart from that, I can improve the sense making that allow me to understand my knowledge and requirements of learning to make the learning power outcome more strong.

What might you learn about yourself from this?

The outcome of the CLARA profile has assisted me to understand the present perception of learning as well as the required areas of the improvement. As CLARA helps in self-assessment, it reflects actual scenario of the impact of the learning outcome on an individual. I have known the strength of my personality that could be helpful for the learning, whereas, I also need to improve some criteria that could affect the knowledge and performance.

What might you do differently?

Development is required to improve the learning outcome so that better performance can be achieved. To make the learning outcome more powerful and potential I must understand the requirement and contents of the learning. Moreover, focus should be given on the curiosity and mindful agency so that proper learning can be achieved in a more organized way that in turn leaves more impact on the purpose of the understanding. A different result can be obtained if I perform in a collaborative manner with the optimism for doing more efficient work.

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