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When a person rents a property (residential or commercial), he/she becomes a tenant & has to deposit a specific amount of money as an assurance of decency of intentions throughout the lease duration. During the term of tenancy, the tenant has to be really careful in using the property. Any damage or incident to the property can cause that person to lose his/her deposit. Furthermore, at the end of lease, the property needs to be efficiently cleaned to ensure that it is as good as it was when first acquired. We at Tenancy Cleaning are a determined & highly-skilled team of professional cleaners & we offer our highly professional house deep cleaning services in London. If your term is coming to an end in few days, weeks, months, contact us now to plan a deep cleaning service. This is how we’ll help you:

What is deep cleaning actually?

When you’ll ask someone about deep cleaning; they’ll most probably answer you vaguely. They’d say that, “deep cleaning is just extra cleaning”. While deep cleaning DOES INVOLVE extra cleaning but let us define more elaborately to you, what deep cleaning actually involves & how our specially designed professional house deep cleaning services can benefit you in every way.

It’s all about the details

Deep cleaning is really about focusing on the details. In a basic cleaning setting; what you’re getting is just the soft cleaning such as, cleaning of the rooms, light furniture cleaning, dusting, removing top surface dirt & just that. Whereas, in a deep cleaning house service by professional cleaners, we go to lengths in cleaning the minute details. A basic cleaning won’t involve rubbing the tiles, mirror, descaling the faucets & fixtures in your bathroom, using the most suitable chemical products & tools for cleaning the property.

Often kids love to smear the walls with paints, crayon & maybe ketchup – after a while, these stains become difficult to remove & won’t go with a light touch. A more detailed cleaning will be required. We have designed our deep cleaning services around such facts. Our professional cleaners will help your property in following manner:

Let’s start with the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to relax & the next person who’ll be living in that bedroom after you will want it to be as much clean as possible. You – living in that bedroom for years maybe – may have had stains on the floor, walls & sometimes – when kids are too excited – even on the ceiling.

A basic cleaning won’t promise cleaning all those stubborn stains & often that can become an issue between you & the landlord. Hiring our professional house cleaning services will ensure that we pay attention towards removing all those stains. Our professional cleaners are always equipped with advanced cleaning equipment & no stain will prove to be too much of a difficulty.

The favorite place: Kitchen

Kitchen is almost everyone’s favorite place in the house. You make different meals, try different cuisines & when you’re having friends over, you enjoy cooking new dishes with them. But at the same time, the kitchen at the end of tenancy, will prove to be nasty than you’d have thought. With all the grease stains, blemishes, blotches on the walls, around the oven, on the cabinets & other places; it won’t be easy for you to clean them yourself. Especially, when you’re really focused on packing & moving in few days or weeks.

Hiring our professional deep cleaning services will ensure that our adept professional cleaners will arrive at our property fully prepared. They’ll use the suitable cleaning products to rub those stubborn stains. They’ll clean the floors, cabinets & everything else. Also, don’t worry about thoroughly cleaning the oven. We realize it’s important for you & therefore it is really important for us. We’ll really clean the oven in a way that there won’t be any trace of dust, stain left over it.

Bathroom is equally important

One of the main area that gets really messy & dirty at the end of tenancy term is the bathroom. You may be most worried about leaving the bathroom in a really dirty condition. Landlords more often than not, start their inspection from the bathrooms because they know that those are the places that gets the most stains, fading & blemishes at. Don’t worry about that.

Hiring our professional house cleaning services London will ensure that your landlord isn’t furious after looking at your bathroom. We’ll scrub the tiles, mirrors, clean the walls, use suitable chemical products to clean the fixtures & faucets to a maximum extent. When we’re done, your bathroom will be cleaner. Our professional cleaners will ensure that.

Living room won’t be left either

And last but not the very least; your living room. The place where your kids, their friends, your friends, relatives have gathered so many times during the term of your tenancy to watch a movie, have a gathering, tea party, play games, & what not. But the many gathering over the duration of time will have left its marks on the floors, walls, even ceilings, & the furniture.

It may even be possible that some things are broken or damaged. Kids often love doing that. Hiring our professional end of tenancy deep cleaning services London will ensure that your living room is returned as it was conceived when you first moved in. Our professional cleaners will work tirelessly to clean everything – from floors to the furniture & thus give you more peace of mind. It’ll be easier for you to get the deposit back from your landlord after he/she inspects the property & finds it really cleaner. That’s how hiring our professional house cleaning services London will benefit you.

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