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Discuss about the Professional Communication for Imperial and Communication.


A Visual Design serves the purpose of providing visual enhancements to a business website or a landscape that has commercial importance for a specific business house, by using attractive colours, fonts, designs and such in a strategic methodology that provides commercial advantage to a business (Gero, 2014). A website is generally used to advertise about a company or the products and services that are offered by the same and can attract customers by displaying videos or screenshots related to the products and services or experience of customers who have already tried out their products or services, which inspires the viewers to try out the same. Visual Designing can improve the scope by enhancing the look and feel of the business website. The implementation of visual design not only helps to enhance the scope of any business through a website but real-life visual implementations can also help in the improvement in business scopes.

The designers who deals with the graphic designs illuminates and explains things with the help of graphic language, that may be pictorial, schematic, paper presented and illustrators. The graphic designers plans and solves the problem of related to discipline and are concerned with all the purpose, visual judgement and process related to designing. Real life examples of visual designs are vector graphics. These two graphic designs are used excessively in the areas of visual designing. The designs of vector graphics are different from pixel graphics or bitmap (Luckman, Gibson & Lea, 2009). The differences between them are in two aspects: the vectors of vector graphics can be resized without its decrease in quality and the vectors are much simpler and focused in comparison to pixel graphics or bitmap. Basically, a design in vector is an art work that is made up of tools that are based on curves, basic shapes and lines.

vVisual design is considered to be a design that is supplementary and also is additional to all the projects. The research of graphic design gives a more advantageous view of graphic design and identifies a distinctive and varied field of research. A challenge that arises from the graphic designs is to increase the profiles that are related to the projects described in information design, designs that are experimental and service design (Malamed, 2015). The terms of graphic designer are related with the projects of large scale research that is done to improve the well being of products, interact with space and are also used to elucidate process. Graphic designer works on both the way. They work in pen and paper and also in digital form. Sometimes the design of graphic designer is content in the integral part of the large scale projects. Different evidences are provided by the graphic design in the areas where decisions are made and the evidences are made on the way where the designs are situated, interpreted and used. Another important example of graphic design is the photo manipulation. This manipulation is a method of graphic design that involves illustrations, digital art and photography. All are accumulated together to form a art piece (Beaven, 2009). Manipulation of photos that are real life enables the designer to create a photo that is different from real life and is full of fantasy. The work of photo manipulation has reached a wider range in present digitization world. The field where photo manipulation is done is advertising. It is used in advertising because it has the ability to let the viewers to see the world in a totally different angle or perspective which the viewers cannot imagine. If the viewers get to believe what they see, anything can be done.

Fashion Designers are the people who are involved in fashion designing. Fashion Design is the part application that deals with aesthetics and design or with the natural beauty that is related to accessories and clothing. Famous designer Karl Lagerfeld said, "One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.". Social and cultural attitudes are influenced by fashion design that has changed over place and time respectively (Vecchi, 2016). The work of fashion designers comes in different ways especially in designing accessories that includes necklace, bracelets and earrings and also different ways of designing clothing. Real life examples of fashion designers are Coco Chanel. She is a world renowned fashion designers among top five fashion designers in the world. Coco Chanel was an orphan and was bought up in an orphanage and was taught to sew in her orphanage. At the early stage of her life, she was a singer (Eguchi, 2011). Her career was not so good before she opened a shop of garments in 1910. By 1920, she made a perfume with artificial essence and natural extracts named the perfume as Channel No. 5. Then in 1926, Coco designed a dress and gave the name as the “Little Black Dress” which was later changed to “Chanel’s Ford”. Chanel was mainly famous because she introduced the concept to use jersey fabric to embellish and create clothing for undergarments for women. Coco Chanel’s features influenced almost 100 fashion designers in 20th century. In present fashion designing world, Chanel is one of the topmost brands in fashion.

The designers sometimes change accordingly with the change of taste of the customers which may vary from place to place and from time to time. Some time to needed to bring a particular garment in the market. A person who studies about the fashion trends, sketches some designs about the accessories and cloths, select the material from which it is to be made and keeps a look on all the production of the cloths that is being made. Millions and billions of products are purchased by the customers per year whose production is the duty of the designers who is designing the product (Abdallah, 2016). All cloths are made by fashion designers who include children, men and women’s apparel. There are designers who are expert in particular domain and design only those particular materials they are expertise in. Another famous person in world of fashion designing is Georgio Armani (Chevalier & Mazzalovo, 2006). Georgio is an Italian fashion designer who is mainly famous for his uniqueness, style and elegance in fashion world. He is not only famous in his clothing; he also has extended his company to perfumes, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Georgio started his career in a garment shop named as La Rinascente. He assisted there to a photographer to arrange the window. In 1970, after completing his masters in craft, Armani started to freelance new design in fashion and send all those designs in other manufactures of garment. By 1975 Georgio started his own business as a brand. In 1979, he started his own corporation and named it as Giorgio Armani Corporation which includes clothing, swimwear, accessories and underwear as well for women and men. The corporation was further extended to Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani, and Armani Junior which had more products of new fashion at most affordable price. Georgio also made his entry in Hollywood by designing cloths for Hollywood actors.

This essay has stated the importance of visual design and fashion designers in this modern era. As tend is changing day by day, taste of people also changes with the time passing. People want to see new things and wear fashionable cloths. This essay examines the way Visual Design serves the purpose of providing visual enhancements to a business website or a landscape that has commercial importance for a specific business house, by using attractive colours, fonts, designs and such in a strategic methodology that provides commercial advantage to a business. Two real life examples of most famous work of visual design are mentioned in this essay. This also describes the work of fashion designers and how important they are for meeting the need of customers whose choice of fashion is changing from time to time. This essay describes two examples of world renowned fashion designers Coco Chanel and Georgio Armani and the changing thoughts in the fashion world which influences the designers in fashion world.

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