Produce a report which analyses the customer care strategy of a travel or tourism business Essay

Produce a report which analyses the customer care strategy of a travel or tourism business


The organisation I have chosen for my report is Butlins. Butlins was founded by Billy Butlin to provide affordable holidays for British families since 1936. They have a large chain of seaside resorts spread across the United Kingdom. I have chosen to produce my report on Butlins after researching multiple choices as Butlins was the most suitable fit. They have a clear customer service charter and customer service training is provided to all team members. They have also received a National Customer Service Award. Throughout this report I will observe and analyse the aims and objectives of Butlins customer care service and research the training and benefits staff are provided with.

Butlins Mission Statement – To provide at our holiday resorts services and products which enable the maximum number of families happily to enjoy a holiday in a safe, secure and appealing environment.

To identify and develop new services, facilities and locations to maintain and improve the attraction of our holiday resorts.

To lead our team members towards excellence, recognise achievement and provide opportunities to develop their careers.

To maintain the integrity of the company and its brands.


Growing profit of the Company year by year to benefit:

· Our customers with an experience they value

· The environment, by using only those resources appropriate to our task

· Each team member with a fulfilling job

· Our shareholders and bankers with a sustainable and secure return, commensurate with the risk on their investment.

Aims and Objectives

The mission statement relates to customer care as the main objective for Butlins is to provide customers with a memorable holiday. Ensuring that during their stay at Butlins they are safe, entertained and provided with everything they need for a fantastic holiday. These objectives are specific. They are measurable and realistic to achieve. They are not time bound as Butlins do not have a set target in which they would like to achieve these objectives. The impact objectives have on customer care are that Butlins set out to provide each guest with the best customer care possible. Ensuring that guest issues are limited and are resolved immediately so that the guests can go back to enjoying their holiday.

Benchmarking and Standards

Benchmarking identifies internal opportunities for improvement. It is a process of measuring a company’s products, services or processes against those of another business considered to be the best. If you were to compare Butlins facilities with a competing business like Haven, the difference in the amount of things included in the price is brilliant. For instance Haven and Butlins have more or less the same facilities, yet Haven only offers free entry to the swimming included with your accommodation, whereas Butlins includes free access to swimming and workshops, traditional fairground rides, tots fairground, football sessions and play areas. This can have an impact on customer care as it looks more appealing to the customers and guest therefore more people will choose this as their holiday destination. Overall I think what Butlins has to offer is great and do not see any need for improvement here.


All team members at Butlins are provided with in-house training focusing on customer service and how it important it is to their role, the guests and the continued success of the business. All team members must sit a course named ‘Roadmap, Your Journey Begins’ when they start work. This enables them to learn about the Culture and history of the brand. Then after six weeks into their career they attend ‘Roadmap, Your Journey Continues’ which goes into a deeper level, relating to real life situations and how they have made a difference. The course is compulsory no matter the job role e.g. senior management also have to attend. Team members are provided with training space, toys, sweets and a nice lunch during their customer service training. With a solve it on site philosophy. Team members actively encourage guests to address any issues they experience during their stay, with the hope of resolving the issues as quick as possible so that guests can continue an enjoyable break. Training has a great impact in relation to customer care as it provides staff with the knowledge and skills needed to perform well. Overall I think Butlins provide a great training system and do not have and suggestions for improvement.

Staff Rewards and Recognition

Staff rewards and recognition means rewarding employees for their performance in the workplace. Acknowledging an employee’s hard work will show appreciation and help motivate the staff resulting in a better and happier workplace. At Butlins staff can enjoy free access to the resort and all its facilities outside their working hours and access to discounted offers from a variety of providers. They also encourage teams to share their ideas to improve the team and guest experience, then recognise and reward those ideas that are implemented. Staff rewards can impact customer care. If the employer is rewarding and recognising the employees, they will deliver a better performance. They will be happy at work which can improve the relationships they have with the customer.

Customer Feedback

Guests at Butlins are encouraged to address any issues with their holiday as soon as possible. They can do so by telling a member of staff whilst at the holiday resort or by written comments when they get home. In 2007 Butlins introduced a new service of customer feedback with a texting service. This service allows guests to flag up and issue as soon as it occurs, like a broken shower or the need of extra towels/bedding. These texts are then analysed and put into two categories to determine the type of issue, there is the blue email alert and the red email alert. This method has been effective for Butlins with a 4% increase in willingness to recommend to a friend and a 40% increase in customer loyalty, this new method created a positive use for customer feedback and allowed team members to offer the best service possible. The impact customer feedback has on customer care is very important as it allows the business to highlight the good and the bad things and review what needs improvement. Overall I think Butlins has a great feedback system in place and don’t see any need for improvements.

Customer Complaints

At Butlins staff use the Roadmap skills they learned during their training to help provide the best solution possible for any customer issues. They believe that by treating every guest as an individual, by thanking them for giving them a chance to resolve the issue and by using empathy in every interaction means that any issue can be quickly resolved. They actively encourage guests to tell them during their stay if there are any issues, however upon returning home they welcome guests written comments with a promise of acknowledging the letter within five days of receipt and will conduct a full investigation and reply within 28 days or receipt. Customer complaints can impact customer care as if the complaints are dealt with quickly and properly it will leave the guests satisfied resulting in their return. If not handled correctly this can result in loss of guests and reputation for the business. Improvements for Butlins customer care would be trying to keep guest complaints onsite and resolve them before the guest leaves, leaving no need for further action when the guest has returned home.


During my research I have found out that overall Butlins has great Customer Care. They ensure staff are provided with the correct training and knowledge on how to deal with a customer complaint. They will do everything possible to ensure that their guests have the best holiday and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. They keep not only guests happy but their staff to by rewarding their hard work which helps keeps them motivated and happy to be at work. They keep ahead of their competitors by offering more facilities included with the holiday. In conclusion I think their strategy is very well done and with a 40% increase in customer loyalty is it surely effective. I think they could offer a bit more to their staff in regards to rewards and benefits and again try to keep guests complaints onsite leaving no need for further action when the guest is home.

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