Processes Of Globalization Impacting On Australia Essay


In what ways are the processes of globalization impacting on Australia? And are these changes beneficial or detrimental to the society?


The topic of the essay needs to select theories, data, concepts and evidences from authentic sources to analyze how fat globalization in Australia has been beneficial to the development of society. Research journals and papers will also be critically assessed in order to scrutiny the negative aspects of globalization in Australia. The essay needs me to integrate theories to support my statements. In this the phenomenon of globalization and its impact on Australia will be observed. As my personal opinions are concerned globalization has a number of positive impacts on Australia and its economy, so this is how I am going to answer the question.

Relevant Sources of Information Found

The journal reflects on how Australia has advanced with the increase of international students and research scope thereby enriching the quality of education. It also details on how Australia has retained talent needed.

The journal deals with how Australia has sustained itself with the aid of globalization as well as how globalization has reduced the rate of unemployment, starvation and poverty in Australia.

The journal describes how globalization has been the ultimate solution for a fragmented world built upon poor economic structure. The paper also delves in depth about the inter-relation of internet with globalization and the advancing aspects on society.

The book enumerates on both the positive and negative aspects of globalization, the negative aspects being economic inequality and exploitation.

The book deals with the impact o globalization in various sectors influenced by socio-cultural factors. Furthermore, a brief case study is presented here in the context of Australia showing how globalization has influenced the policies and practices in educational institutes.

The book is of immense value to any student because of the information it has on globalization, its origin and development. It also postulates theories on economy and shift in its pattern, ensuing cultures which are pertinent to the essay.

Provide a Brief Essay Plan


In introduction the concepts and origin of the term globalization will be states, and the period around which it gained momentum. The development and advantages will be slowly aligned with Australia. Each paragraph along with its arguments will also be stated in the section.


  1. Outline theories on globalization and its cultural and political implications.
  2. Discuss its impact on different classes predominant in Australia for a better assessment.
  3. Discussion on how has altered the living conditions of common mass and its positive impacts on business as well as education sector
  4. How trade conditions have change and the concept of international trade has proliferated
  5. Relate core concept with the above mentioned sections to come to a conclusion


Summary of the arguments mentioned in body and outline of the main points to clarify standpoint.


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