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This essay introduces how fundraising events are organized. Fundraising events are those events that help an individual, organization or government to raise funds. The fundraising events enable the individuals, organizations or government to make huge money however; these events are usually time consuming and exorbitant. The thesis statement mentions the process of organizing fundraising events in an effective manner.

The initial and the most important part of organizing a fundraising event are proper planning and budgeting. It is necessary to properly plan every minute detail of the fundraising event as success of these events are capable of providing massive benefits whereas, failure of these events can result in loss of time, effort and money. Therefore, the first step of organizing a fundraising event is writing down a detailed event plan before sending out invitations. It is also important to choose the type of event one wants to host. There are several types of events one could host such as informal and formal dinners, receptions, breakfasts and barbeques.

It is necessary to choose the type of event while keeping into consideration the type of the prospective attendees. The major goal of organizing a fundraising event must be raising funds in an interesting and creative manner. Another major part of organizing a fundraising event is determining the fundraising components of the event. These components involve auctions, ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, registration fees and individual donor gifts. The next crucial step is preparing a budget. The budget involves the projected costs for successfully organizing the event. It is necessary to ensure that the expenses incurred are lower that the revenues generated from the event. It is necessary to take sufficient time in planning the event prior to hosting the final event. A minimum of six months are usually taken while planning an event. It is necessary to decide the date on which the final event shall be held. This tenure of six months are used for publicizing the event and creating a buzz.

Host committee plays a vital role in organizing fundraising events as it is not possible for a single person to make all the necessary arrangements. Therefore, it is necessary to recruit some close friends and known people for serving as the host committee for the event. The host committee is responsible to sell the tickets or obtain donations for the event. It is also necessary to set goals for the host committee and ensure that they meet the goals. It is also necessary for the organizers to stay in proper contact with the host committee members in order to carry out a successful event. The members of the host committee are responsible for calling the attendees and sending invitation mails to them. Making phone calls are more effective in convincing individuals for participating in the fundraising events as the invitation mails usually get ignored by the recipients. While planning a fundraising event and choosing the type of event to be hosted, the location of the event is decided in accordance with the number of attendees expected. The type of food and beverages to be provided to the attendees is also decided. The flow of the event is also planned. Therefore, organizing a fundraising event involves making arrangements that shall be best suitable for the kind of audience invited. It is also necessary to determine the speaker of the event, who shall address the audience. The choice of the speaker determines the success of an event as people are usually drawn to the events where they know the speaker.

Once the type of event, its location, budget and host committee members are determined, a timeline is developed. It is necessary to determine what is required to be done and when it is required to be done. The timeline enables the organizers to keep a proper track of the tasks and the people, who are responsible for those tasks. Usually, the events involve guests arriving at the event location and buying or presenting the event tickets for entering inside. The guests enjoy the food and beverages served to them while the hosts introduce the speaker. The speaker addresses the guests and welcomes them while they enjoy their beverages and the entertainment offered to them. Finally, the guests depart after they enjoy the event. At last, the volunteers and the other people associated with the event are congratulated for planning a successful fundraising event. A follow- up meeting is usually organized for evaluating the event components with which the entire event comes to an end.


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