Problems That May Be Caused By Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Having a newborn is a big responsibility. Teens usually think having a baby is okay, but in all actuality having a child might come with more problems than one teen can handle. Teens that have babies at an early age usually have to deal with major lifestyle changes: Such as dropping out of school, moving out of your parents’ house, being a single parent, and much more. These complications can vary depending on the current situation in one’s life before the birth of the baby. Finances and other necessities can be a constant struggle if the teen doesn’t have a strong support system. Work and school could become an issue if there is no one to care for the baby while the parent is away. Although daycares and babysitters are available, some parents are skeptical on leaving their baby for a long period of time. Sometimes teens choose to make this decision with the wrong person, which can also cause more problems for the parent and the wellbeing of the baby. Single parents are often forced to make decisions that are awfully hard, but it’s for the good of the baby. Sometimes teens find it hard to tell their parents that they are expecting. This can also cause stress before the birth of the baby.

Having a baby can cause birth defects for the child. Premature birth is the most common. Premature birth is when the child is born more than three weeks before the due date. “An increased risk for preterm birth and intrauterine growth restriction has been associated with individual BDs (birth defects), including heart defects, brain defects, renal agenesis, intestinal atresia, tracheoesophageal fistula, esophageal atresia, anorectal atresia, omphalocele, biliary atresia, limb reduction defects and gastroschisis.”

Many problems can happen when the mother is giving birth. One is if the baby dies when the mother has it, or vice versa. This incident is called cesarean also known as C-section. A cesarean is an operation by which the fetus is taken from the uterus by cutting through the walls of the abdomen. “Cesarean delivery was coded as either elective or emergency. A cesarean was defined as elective if it had been planned before labor (even if performed on an acute basis). A cesarean that was decided on or initiated after the onset of labor was classified as emergency. The comparison group was vaginal (including instrumental) births.” Cesarean usually takes six weeks to recover opposing to vaginal births. With this process it cause a lot of blood loss. The after math of the process cause pain to the mother uterus. This pain can occur during driving, sex, or any movement.

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