Problem Of Pollution And Money In Modern World Essay

Ethical concerns – This is a problem or a situation which would require a person, or an organisation to make a choice between alternatives which need to be evaluates as either ethical or unethical.

In this assignment I will be talking about the ethical concerns of pollution and environment, low pay, child labour and displacement of people. These ethical concerns will be related to Haven.

Pollution and environment- This is known as the presence of a substance in the environment that has harmful or a poisonous effects. This impact is created by factors such as litter, noise levels and smoke/gasses.

In a holiday resort such as Haven this would include the likes of the litter that is being created by the holiday makers, unwanted waste that is being thrown into toilets as well as the air pollution which has been caused by the cooking that is taking place in order to prepare food, with the use of wood, charcoal and coal in order to start fires to cook on.

Impact- this would lead to many problems that are created from these situations. The waterways are being affected due to the litter and waste that is produced which ends up going to the seas and lakes. The cause of pollution also leads to acid rain being produced, this would be harmful to the health of people. Tiny particles are created which leads to people finding it difficult to breathe. There are also toxic chemicals being created, eventually becoming harmful to animals and it could kill them if they inhale the chemicals.


Create green belt areas- this is a process which allows them to stop the development of the outstanding natural beauty

This is a process which could become an advantage to a holiday resort like Haven. This is due to the fact that it would legally protect some of the land

However on the other hand it could also be a disadvantage as this is a process which would need to be monitored in order for them to ensure that people don’t explore

Strict procedures- this is another process to consider. This is a procedure where the holiday makers will need to behave.

This would be a process where there can be an advantage, as a procedure due to the fact that they will be able to control and keep the levels of pollution and littering to a low level.

Although the procedure could be deemed as a disadvantage as this procedure would be hard to monitor.

Low pay- This is another ethical concern. The reason for this is because the community may not be happy. This would be due to the fact that these workers will not be producing their work properly as the business pays the staff a low wage while they work long hard hours to earn their money.

In the UK it is in the law for the workers to be at least receiving the national minimum wage. This has increased during April 2017.

Current National minimum wage standing-

Apprentice Under 18 18-20 21-24 25+

£3.50 £4.05 £5.60 £7.05 £7.50

Suggestions for Haven-

The business will need to introduce the minimum wage and be able to follow this procedure as it is part of the law. This would be an advantage as it will allow all the workers that work with the business to be receiving a fair wage. This will eventually allow them to cover their cost of living. This is also an advantage as a procedure due to the fact that it can enhance the workers reputation allowing them to be motivated. This then eventually leads to a better and stronger working relationship. For Haven this will give them a good image as a business and increase reputation.

However on the other hand the business will find it to be a disadvantage to as it will increase the costs therefore reducing the amount of profits that the business is creating. The business will therefore have to have reduce the number of workers as they will want to pay a limited amount of people in order to keep their business running at the same time, without having to worry about making cuts in the future.

Child Labour- This is the employment of children in an industry or a business, this could be seen as an illegal factor or considered exploitative. The business may be employing children to minor jobs, or to be part of evening entertainment in plays or performing music in order for them to reduce the cost of payment that is paid towards the workers. This is a factor that leads to the community being unhappy with this factor and therefore leading them to disagree with using the children. This eventually leads to the business having a damaged reputation as well as being a bad public image.

It is deemed as illegal to be employing children that are under the age of 13 to be working, unless they are taking part of a paid performance. This is including the likes of play, music, and sports or modelling. If this is the case then the business and the parents will have to have an agreement with a child performance license put into place.

Suggestions for Haven- The business will have to ensure that the children have a work permit as well as agreements with the parents for the work permit. The business must also ensure that they have a restriction on the working hours, the conditions as well as the type of work that they do.


One of the advantages of this is that protects the children and their rights. This also allows them to reduce the chances of child exploitation and the possibility of having a bad image in the eye of the public.


This would however be a disadvantage to the business as it will be difficult for them to be monitoring what happens. This will require them to have constant inspections.

Displacement of people- This is where the business will buy land in the country which would make the people within the area want to leave. This leads to local inhabitants being relocated. These are people who usually live in the most valuable area, which would be in the countryside. These people are often forced to move into places which are cheaper and less attractive. They are also often moved out without any support of compensation.

Suggestion for Haven- As a business Haven must be able to provide financial compensation for those people who are made to work and move out from their area. This would be a beneficial factor as it will allow the people to be fairly compensated. This will also allow support towards relocation costs as well as financial resources in order for people to purchase new house or area of land for property use.

Although this factor could also bring disadvantages. This would include the likes of tax that would need to be paid to the tax payer in order to provide support for the government and the rest of the community in health and education. The amount of compensation that people receive might also be seen as a downside. This is due to the fact that they might be struggling to deal with large amount of money.

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