Privacy Laws And Principles Essay


Discuss about the Privacy Laws And Principles Important For Doing Business Internationally.



As per the analysis, the doing of business globally is helpful to work on the different new opportunities for a better growth and profit. The global business is based on the risks and the challenges that are related to employing the people who can work on the business development with including the success internationally (Crane et al., 2016). There are different issues where the people are opposing to the outsourcing, globalisation and the other international business practices. This includes how the company is involve in the human rights abuses in the other countries with the onslaught of the bad publicity and the loss of business.


The International Business Transactions include the selling of the products and the services in the foreign markets. The forms are set where there is a need to handle the two ways to sell the products in the foreign markets with the export of the goods which are manufactured domestically or internationally. The manufacturing of the goods is done in the foreign countries that have different advantages like the lower costs, taxes or the other trading barriers. The protection of the personal information is important which is coupled with the internet enabling personal data to be distributed across the globe. The privacy has been a major concern that could be mainly due to the patchwork of the laws and regulations. The applications are set where the U.S. standards are not realistic but disrupt the established markets as well. The effectiveness is based on the development of the company and improve the fitting into the local economy (Weiss, 2014). The Labour and Employment Law needs to be handled with the proper operations. The contracting and the hiring where velocity is considered as the global key, is set with compliance, benefits and the risks mitigation. The international trade compliance, with import, export, sanctions and the corruptions are also important to be handled depending upon the venture. This is set when the US business need to work with the countries and the individual like terrorists. The corporate structure of doing business needs to be evaluated with the handling of contracts for the foreign subsidiary as a service which includes the unique costs, timelines, capital requirements and the other tax issues.

The OECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Trans border Flows of Personal Data is important with respect to the validity that is given to the collection, use and the disclosure of the personal data. The legal and ethical issues are related to the human rights and the pollution where not all the foreign countries have the problems of the environmental legislation. Hence, working globally, it is important that companies discharge the harmful materials into the environment and then avoid any type of the costly anti-pollution measures (Ferrel et al., 2015). The ethical approach is based on the expansion into markets to limit the environmental footprint which is needed by the local laws.


The analysis is based on the support with encouraging the compliance with the standards set with the effective governance. It includes the management of the enterprise information system and the technology which includes the auditing, controlling and security with the risk management. The performance is based on the duties with objectivity with the diligence and the professional care set in with the professional standards (Eriksson et al., 2015). The maintenance of the privacy and confidentiality with information related to the activities related to the legal authority with the necessary skills, knowledge and the competence. The information is about the parties which includes the performance related to the disclosure of the different reports of the results. The support comes mainly with the enhancement of the understanding and the governance with management of the enterprise information systems and the technology (Trevio et al., 2016). The taxes are considered of threats and opportunities in the global business where the corporate entity level is set to measure the different forms of the examination process. Here, the treaty is set with US, where there are consequences related to the different forms of the success and the failure. The intellectual properly works with the patents, copyrights, trademarks and the other trading secrets which are important for the intellectual property development. The cost of security is depending upon the enforcement of rights which are seen to be expensive.


The doing of business globally need to focus on the high tolerance of power with the ambiguity and the uncertainty that needs to be evaluated based on the new ideas and the opportunities. For the society, it is important to focus on the different habits and the working preferences that are related to work for the dynamic industries and the organisations. The work needs to be established with the proper setup and taking hold of the information, which can easily help in navigation of the to the geographic, linguistic and the religious culture. The international organisations need to work with the other countries that include the cross-cultural training with the development of skills to deal with the other forms of the cultural differences (Barak, 2016). It is important to focus on the collective society forms, where there is a possibility to promote and then work over the career advancement by doing the business globally. The organisations need to handle the highly engaged and the career focused individuals with the ability to command and hold the qualifications for the specialised forms of the experiences and the knowledge. The cultural compatibility helps in bringing the change in the organisation where the issues are compensated with the check on how the organisation operates. This is also important to work on the local customs and the other operating conditions.


The efforts are made for the regions to harmonize the legislation, privacy laws and the other different aspects. The privacy legislation is either the non-existent or the patchwork which is set under the sector specific law and regulations. The US Organisations need to handle the business with the stringent legislation that is the common denominator for the effective privacy policy. (Blass et al., 2015). The business includes the consideration for the costs which needs to hold security for the employees where the target is to develop the formal mobility policies and then work on the increased organisation which includes the linking of the mobility with the other management strategy.


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