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Discuss about the Principles Of The Interactive Media.



The following assignment is the analysis of the website. The chosen website for this assignment is a gaming website known as the ubisoft. Ubisoft is the video game publishing company which launches the game made by the game developers. Ubisoft is the rising company in the gaming business they have launched various popular games like Assassin creed which has been on high demand thus working on such website will provide a good knowledge about the marketing strategy related to the rise of the website. The users in this website can range from 18 to 35 years of age. The characteristics of the user in this website are the people who are looking for the best game which has good interface and the multimedia. The main task which the user performs is to find the best game which they can play.


The Ubisoft is the video game publishing company who publishes or launches the video games made either by the company or some game developing company. Some of the popular games made or launched by the website is watch dogs, tom Clancy’s the division, assassin creed and for honor. The assassin creed series which is published by the ubisoft is the best running games in the history. There have been various versions and series of the game developed by the company (Rada 2012). The assassin creed is considered to be the most reliable and the annual franchise of the company. In the year 2016 the latest version of the game has generated over seven hundred million dollars in the sale of the third quarter of the financial year. Therefore in the year 2016 the company generated over one and half billion dollars in the sales. The video game evaluation in the year 2016 in the United States was over 18 billion dollars. According to the statics of the video game played in the year 2016 the average age of the gamers who are playing the videogames is 35 years. The average of the purchasers of the games is 38 years. The percentage of the house which owns a gaming device is over sixty five percent and the average years the games ahs even playing the game is thirteen years. The male percentage of the gamers is fifty nine percent and the female gamers are forty one percent. Thus the above statics implies that nowadays every age group of the people is playing video games to pass their time. Therefore the typical users of the game are not only restricted to the children but different age group should also be targeted for marketing (Gee 2014). Over fifty percent of the users are playing the sports games. Thus the website needs to publish more of e-sports games.

Method used to measure usability

Feedback of any work is important to measure the usage and effect of that work on the customer. It also helps in detecting the loopholes in the work which can be corrected. In the gaming sector there are various methodologies development has been done in order to evaluate and analyze the user experience. The factors which include for measuring the game usability is fun, flow and Playability which is the common used factor to analyze the game usage (Chen 2014). A person also proposed the framework which can be used for the evaluation of the factor playability during game play. Taking the factor the user experience into the account its user experience is found to be the sum of all other factors, like playability, flow or usability. Playability can be the key factor for measuring the user experience.

The sample screens and an analysis of the usability

The above figure shows the various steps how to find the usability. The first step is the brand experience the second step is the desirability of the game and the third step is the utility of the game. Each step of the analysis depicts the customer satisfaction message which proves that the game is successfully running in the market.

The analysis of the functionality of the interface in gaming

The chosen website for the assignment is a gaming website which publishes the video games.

  • Interface is defined as the platform where the user can exchange the data with the computer. Thus in gaming website the interface is a primary factor. If the interface of a game is good then the exchange of the information will be quick and efficient which means that the game will not hang and perform the instruction given by the user (Jones, Comfort and Hillier 2013). For example if the user presses the run button the instruction will quickly accessed by the processor and the action will be performed thus the game will run smoothly. The background music and all the controls of the game come under the interface part. Thus to design a best interface is a huge task for the company if the interface is faulty or not attractive the game will not be successful in the market. In the gaming website to attract the typical user the website of the game should be look attractive (van Vliet et al. 2012). Gaming is all about the efficient use of the graphics so that the pictures and videos look more attractive thus the gaming website should display an attractive graphics in its background. The user looks for the best games to play so the website should have the section which include the best games with its description to know the background of the game. The main task that the user needs to perform with the interface is all the controls of the game like the running, jumping and all other commands which is present in the game. It basically includes all the controls of the game. Other important factor of the gaming website is its navigation which means the way finding which is also known as the website architecture. (Hemmati et al. 2013).
  • Another factor in the gaming website is its multimedia element. The multimedia element includes the image, videos and animation. In gaming the animation is the main tool on which the game is designed and makes it more realistic. Better the animation better will be the game graphics as the result the game will look more attractive (Rogers 2014). The animation of the game can be improved by putting images, videos and texts to make the animation part of the game more attractive. Thus in designing a gaming website the animation should be given top priority which will make the site more attractive.

The six guidelines

The selected website for this assignment is a gaming website. Therefore certain factors should be kept or removed from the game:

The shortcuts: the feature of the shortcuts includes the breadcrumb navigation, search and scan columns. In the chosen website the feature of the shortcut should be present so that time complexity on the website by the user can decrease (Schaul 2013). If the user wants the information of the particular game then he can easily use the search column to search about the particular game or ca use the breadcrumb navigation to track back to the site where he was before.

Navigation and Way finding: the navigation is an important part of the website it can help the company to study about the game, most of the customer is navigating to which will help them to study the customer liking towards a particular game. The mental mapping is important part of designing a website as it will help the customer to find the information about the games efficiently and easily.

Pager headers and pager footers: These features are not necessary to give in the chosen website but it giving headers and footers will enable them to display extra information about the game like the copyright or the designers of the game.

Typesetting: the feature of the typesetting is important for the website to make the website more attractive moreover the important information about the certain game can be seen by the user. Hence the feature of the typesetting should be included in the website.

Graphics: Since the chosen website in the assignment is a gaming website. Therefore the concept of the graphics should be included in the website to make the website more attractive. To display the information about the game with its sample graphics is required in the website.

Color: the website in the assignment is a gaming website. Therefore to include the feature of the graphics color is also required to make the website attractive.


From the report it can be concluded that the user of the gaming website are According to the statics of the video game played in the year 2016 the average age of the gamers who are playing the videogames is 35 years. The gaming industry is growing day by day as in the year 2016 the company generated over one and half billion dollars in the sales. The users in the website can be the factors which include for measuring the game usability is fun, flow and Playability which is the common used factor to analyze the game usage. Other methods of evaluations were more efficient to find the tool to measure the concept of user experience by including the account flow or fun or the playability of the particular games.


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