Principles Of Management: Influenced By Social Media Essay


Discuss about the Principles of Management for Influenced by Social Media.



The paper talks about the influence that has been brought by social media in the organizations. There is a description about the fundamental theories used by the management in order to operate and conduct business. Furthermore, it explains that how social networking affects management positively and negatively as well. The paper also describes that how an organization improves the performance and productivity. Social media is a platform given to these organizations which allows them to expand and explore their business. On the other hand, the paper explains that how the influence of social media has helped or impacted the management.

Aspects of management influenced by social media

The social media refers to a application and website that enables users to create and share content and to contribute in social networking. In today’s fast growing world, the social media plays a very important role in the lives of people (Couldry, 2012). The world gets to know about the happenings through social media platforms. This has given managements a chance to prove them through networking. Social media allows companies to interact more and more with other countries in different parts of the world. The proper communication takes place through these media platforms which enables the company to expand their knowledge about the business. In today’s world, management is influenced by social media to a great extent. The Social media has changed the way of looking at the things. It has made communication easy in all parts of the world. One company can directly communicate with the other company on any business related issue thus; social media has given these companies a chance to fulfill their requirements by collaborating from all over the world. Many organization use social media as a strategy to develop its trade in business and earn profits. It will also help to introduce new products and services in the marketplace (Heller Baird and Parasnis, 2011).

There are many fundamental theories used by these managements in order to operate business which have been discussed below.

System theory

There are different systems that affect the workers and it depends how a worker affect those systems. System theory allows the workers to understand the patterns and functions used by the organization while working for a desired goal (Hatch, 2018). This allows the workers to work collectively at the workplace rather than working alone on any particular task (Hofmann-Wellenhof, Lichtenegger & Collins, 2012).

Chaos theory

Chaos theory is basically the complexities and issues that increase in the organization as when the organization changes its functions and operations. Change is inevitable and it cannot be controlled. Chaos theory recognizes these changes and controls them as per the needs and requirements (Burke, 2017). Also the organizational and management practices are examined while the functioning of these theories in order to make the company efficient and effective. As a result, the performance of the company is increased and it is benefited to a large extent. Organizational practices include teamwork, commitment, responsibility, standard, recognition, etc. which makes the company fully efficient to work in harmony and carry out good results (Burke, 2017).

Positive effects of social networking on management

Management has been advantaged by these social media platforms in various forms. These platforms have given them a chance to reach more and more people not only across the country but across the world. Through social media, they promote the company’s business activities worldwide (Smith and Zook, 2011). They advertise their company by creating blogs on internet and by providing easy access to company’s information to the people. These networks allow them to maintain websites in order to make people aware about the company. Social media has turned out to be a very important strategy for companies (Laroche, Habibi and Richard, 2013). It gives a chance to establish business not only to large scale but also small scale industries. Through social networking the small scale business owners promote their business which gives them satisfactory results and outcomes. As it provides abundant opportunities for the business hence it becomes a reason of confusion as what strategy to choose that can have good outputs and results. Through social media, people learn how to do their small businesses within expanding and exploring social networking space. It also helps to develop and enhance the skills of marketing (Lin and Lu, 2011).

Negative effects of social networking on management

The use of social media also turns out to be a hurdle in the life of business. The promotion of ideas through these social networks give the idea of promotion to other companies as it becomes a challenge to the companies in the world. Social networking also makes organization suffer from the ill thoughts of what people think about them. This becomes a concern for the company to deal with the questions raised by its customers. The social media has been one of the many great technologies that have lessened the sufferings of not only large scale but also small scale companies who want to work on large scale. Now companies use various social media platforms as the part of their strategies. Small firms who do not possess good knowledge about technologies find it difficult to carry out their business. In order to achieve greater aspects in this sector they have to hire professionals who demand a lot of money which becomes difficult for them to manage.

Social media has become a challenging figure for companies all over the world. Today the impact creates the competition among many organizations. The problem and issue that rises due to networking areas has made the companies a challenging task to earn large amount of profits so that they can spend money for the promotion over this platform. This becomes an issue as every time they have to think about the new idea. The ompany has to take care about the kind of information it publish over the nation. The information must be such that it can generate interest among the people in the world. Therefore, to attain name and goodwill in the market, it is necessary to use this platform of social media wisely and innovatively (Fuchs et al, 2013).


On the above mentioned study, it has been concluded that social media has influenced the each and every organization widely. The social media has changed the life of organizations as well as people. It has made it a bit easy for the companies to grow in this digital world. The company has to face challenges and issues while using this platform. The impact of social media although has positive as well as negative effects which could influence the image and position of the firm. The fundamental theories mentioned in the paper gives an idea about how an organization should perform its functions and operations.


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