Principle Of Marketing Essay


Discuss the differences among the intensive, selective and exclusive distribution strategies.


Distribution Channels

The intensive distribution channel is mostly used for providing the goods to all sorts of markets and this channel is found in each of the product shops. On the other hand, the selective distribution channel has been paying attention to the specified geographic locations for availing the specified products. Finally, the exclusive distribution channel is determining the modification of selective distribution.

Since, the intensive distribution channel has access to the all sorts of products, it is the most effective process to access the different types of products, such as convenience, specialty, shopping, and unsought goods. However, since intensive distribution channel has the access to every sort of goods, it may create the problem in purchasing the unsought goods. In such cases, the selective distribution channel is considered as the most preferable means of accessing the unsought goods that may create hazardous situation after the purchase. The selective distribution system is associated with the close identification of the products before purchasing them and it is required for the goods, which are needed to be warranted. More specifically, the selective distribution system is much attentive towards the geographic location, which is one of the most significant aspects of shopping goods. On the other hand, it can be inferred that the exclusive distribution channel can be preferable for accessing the specialty goods. The modification of the distribution channel determines the special access to the extra-ordinary goods that are desirable to the customers. The exclusive distribution channel hence has been providing the opportunities to access these specialty goods to fulfil their demands while purchasing them. Hence, it is seen that selective distribution strategies are concentrating on the needs and security of the customers while purchasing the goods.

In such cases, it can be stated that the Selective Distribution Channel is the most preferable process of maintain the responsibilities related to the promotional marketing of a company.

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