"Princess Mononoke" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

On my screen slowly begin to nowhere float away the final credits tape "Princess Mononoke" and I'm not waiting for the last chord stunning compositions Joe Hisaishi, leisurely start to write this review, being filled with an indescribable feeling, habitually seized me after the next view pictures of the great storyteller Hayao Miyazaki . The impression is that everyone cartoon that unsurpassed master - a true gift for the heart and soul litsezrevshego him, but the viewer gets so many incredible experiences, emotions and enthusiasm that sometimes are not able to share these intimate acquisitions. But today, once again reviewing "the Princess" fairy tale especially endeared me to him, it is not only befuddle his magic history and fascinated by its spectacular visuals - it opened to me in a new way, showed different sides of its deep history - like a magical forest, I opened a wandering traveler cherished path to where he will face the most incredible miracles. And today, I am fully prepared to share with you what I told this amazingly rich with magic and love, a fairy tale.
Each painting Miyazaki, filled with a very deep and incredibly soulful sense, it manages to combine in one of his creation so much important that just surprised the talent and versatility of this amazing man. His work - a life filled with wisdom, love, faith, and incredible magic. In his cartoons, he says, drawing, dreams and cries, he does not conceal anything from the audience, sharing with him the most intimate, secret and important to them. That's a fairy tale "Princess Mononoke," he tells us, as always beautiful, magical, touching and a little sad story - about a young Ashitaka, who defend their village from a werewolf, was terribly cursed, about a girl who since childhood had been brought up by wolves, and now very lonely, because no animal is not a man, about the rigid and inflexible Eboshi, before which admires people with her fighting forest dwellers, and finally about the forest itself, which is already tired of human greed, cruelty and malice - cry it It was too long, and Th ovecheskaya stupidity has finally reached its climax. It's time to pay the bills - a beautiful and mysterious god of the forest, and the giver of life-consuming, angry, and good youth Eboshi will be until the last fight for peace and harmony, without ceasing to believe in people and hope for their prudence ...
In "Princess Mononoke "Miyazaki continues to develop the theme of human negligence towards the environment. If his early feature-length work "Nausicaa of the winds of the valley", he plunges into the world of the future, in which after the nuclear disaster, our home planet finally poisoned and nature is mother spewing from its bowels poison, showing the absurdity and stupidity of human actions - the in "Mononoke", it seems to continue to disclose this scrupulous topic, only without a post-apocalyptic surroundings, giving the tape touches and new questions - whether man to sacrifice his principles and ambitions, deep hiding its natural g adnost and gluttony? whether he is able to know the harmony of life and to recognize the full force of nature, from which he will certainly depend on? Whether he is able to love and to make sacrifices for the sake of his love - to give, nothing demanding in exchange and just live, enjoying every rain, wind and rustling in the thick forests often live? In the same Navsekae "Many of these questions have already been raised, but it is recognized that" Princess Mononoke "has its original side, making it completely independent and incredibly fulfilling.
negative character in this film, as in all other works Miyazaki, do not carry only one-sided and routine nature, which is very often seen in film and animation. They had a very contradictory, multifaceted and largely blind creature, steeped in their ambitions and do not notice that their own tricks turn against them - it looks very natural and topically. But the author in any case can not be accused of pessimism, because every cartoon, he will certainly manage to find some characters of purity, innocence, wisdom and infinite goodness, - therefore believe our great storyteller in the human soul, and their example, trying earnestly to bring to the audience the most important and sacred. In the 'Princess', thus being good and clean, it is Prince Ashitaka. Being slowly dying from the curse, he genuinely immersed in the problems of the magic forest and the working of the town under the leadership of Mrs. Eboshi, trying to bring them to the coexistence of harmony and balance. I even have the impression that this young man is Miyazaki - empathic, indifferent, wise and understanding. Separately, I want to write about and the forest. He really is magic - its giant trees overshadow its lush foliage, sky and scattered in different directions of the path, then led into a dense thicket, then lift up on the rocky mountain. And in the heart of the place, living God of the forest - he huge creature at night, it appears quite out of the blue, and in the afternoon - a strange animal like a deer, which is able to walk on the surface of the transparent rivers - incredibly original and interesting character, worthy of this incredible magic and a beautiful fairy tale.
PS Hayao Miyazaki's works are unmatched magical properties - they are so able to capture their soulful and sensual stories that sometimes you forget about the time, deep in the maelstrom of magical spells. That's "Princess Mononoke", turned out so beautiful, wise, kind and infinitely alive, that the master once again would like to express my sincere thanks! To say thank you for the fact that he does not cease to create masterpieces, and fill our souls infinite delight. After watching, I want to love nature, I want to love life and want to seek harmony, even where it seems impossible to find ...
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