"Princess Mononoke" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Fools do not win 'or' The world is cursed, but still there exists a reason to live. ' (C)
What do you imagine when you hear the "cartoon"? Perhaps no greater opportunity to demonstrate mastery of cinema than cartoons. For example, as the Soviet Winnie the Pooh - the best Winnie the Pooh. Among the good, high-quality and interesting cartoons I can highlight the trilogy of "Toy Story" - they have everything that should be in a good animated film - humor, feelings, experiences, kindness. "The Prince of Egypt" - for attempting to transfer a complex and sacred things like "Exodus" of the Pentateuch. Probably "Spirit: Lord of the prairie." Actually, there is a pattern that cartoons for children. I sometimes think, on the contrary, for adults. Not all, of course, but it's worth a little adult to open the blinders, and they can see that in front of them in fact.
Again, patterns, cartoons talk about right and wrong, and usually end with a happy ending . At the end of imposed morality, moral teaching, and everyone is happy (because of the same "Toy Story" I still believe that toys may not be alive, but the feel and understand.)
There is a Japanese cartoonist - Hayao Miyazaki. Among avid filmmakers he clearly known, and the audience also heard that name. But as a rule, the most deadly trend today, it does not know the name of any director, or even sometimes, the name of the product. Therefore, if you have not heard the name Hayao Miyazaki, a shame of course you can but you have heard of the name "Moving Castle"? Or "Spirited Away"? I think yes. And maybe even a look.
Japanese cartoons (anime) are as bright display of the unique Japanese culture, as well as their films, books, poetry, philosophy, calligraphy, tea ceremony, etc. Japanese culture attracts with its uniqueness, originality. And when we are living in the time of cartoons three-teh, we all have the opportunity to go back to just draw a cartoon, which so pleases the eye ( "The Lion King»!)
must be able to look hand-drawn cartoons, not to leave the idea, that every second of screen time was traced by human hands. Perhaps at this point we can say that the cartoons are more human than the movie.
But the name of "Princess Mononoke," have you ever heard? And the look? If not, then you have lost in life almost everything. This cartoon in 1997, all of the same Hayao Miyazaki, is a bright canvas, a truly brilliant work of genius wizard (I was surprised by the way the lack of awards at the "Princess", in contrast to Oscar-winning "Spirited Away")
If we talk about the plot:. Japan, the age of 13-14. Battling with a demon, a young and brave hero Asitaka ... You know what? I will not tell - it kills cartoon. Go and see
now about everything else:. What this cartoon, and if he teaches those who look at least something? Well, the red line comes the theme that man worse than an animal, he exploits nature and its resources, not respecting it. The confrontation between man and nature - a long history, and it is still a long way from end. Funny background on what happens plot development (I mean historically) - Muromachi period appears possible (1336 - 1573). This era is known more under the name "The era of the warring provinces", something like a civil war. A, and more Portuguese brought muskets (which is so good to shoot the forest gods!) Therefore, as shown in the screen brutality historically justified.
Again, for more disclosure of images, it is necessary to be familiar with Japanese culture, their customs and mythology. For example, Kodama (children trees, tree spirits) - really present in Japanese folklore. It was believed that the tree in which they live Kodama can not cut down, otherwise navlechosh curse
beliefs in spirits, demons and gods -. Common. And like the Great Spirit - a reference to Jilin - in Chinese mythology wonderful animal, the most important of the 360 ​​animals living on land (yes, there is no error, in Chinese)
consider this work can be as much as the symbols for the interpretation you. find. I think it is countless.
For example, a forest spirit suggests Jesus Christ (and not just because he, too, could walk on water). He, like God the Father, God the Son can give life and death, can be cured, but can not. He - something magical, sacred, inaccessible, which can see only your favorite (it is believed that the Jilin seen shortly before the death of Confucius). He carrier mystery Truth medium available to anyone, even the neighbors. And all around him - people. Stupid, cruel. Ready interrupt each other is not clear why (again the border to damn them to hell!). For metal, for money, for the secret of eternal life. It's like in the myth of Icarus - you can not touch the sun and not get burned. The wings will burn, and you ruhnesh into the sea.
And yet, it is interesting to timing multika- more than 2 hours, a rare and risky phenomenon in the paths of cartoons. But ... this time flies so fast, that I like, I want more and more and more, and more ... What else ...
Perhaps that is not ideal.
Probably, that a firm line between good and evil is not and never will be.
Where a person? Who is he? From nature? From the gods? And they all live together on one Earth. In a world of living, especially in humans, it is not obtained. The words of the wolf, "I hear weeping trees».
I would also like to see the code, say forest spirits and be friends with a red antelope.
And yet, it's about feelings. The high feeling of love - between man and beast, man and nature, man and man. On the evil - it seems that it comes from somewhere, but in fact it is already inside, he needs only to give a reason to go outside
This cartoon just about everything
It's beautiful
He's amazing <.... br> He masterfully executed.
He is accompanied by great music of Joe Hisaishi. And yes, it's an amazing contrast that many scenes with the spirit of the forest are not accompanied by any musical accompaniment. Silence. Calm. Enlightenment as a perfect understanding Buddhist. Life is suffering. The man initially bears the destruction. But the man made in the image and likeness of God ... So God or god - evil? Or is what we have made them cynical?
nothing ... nothing ... silence
I hear a cry like trees ...

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