"Princess Mononoke" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Japan ancient times. The young prince Ashitaka tribe Emishi to save his village from the attack sinister boar, kills a boar demon and thus incurs a deadly curse. However, the old sorceress predicts the Prince that he can change his fate. But for this he must immediately go on a dangerous journey, otherwise the curse will kill him.
Soon Ashitaka is in the city-fortress, where runs the ambitious Mrs. Eboshi, under the leadership of which the locals are destroying forests, mined ore and smelted metal. In addition, they prey on the Spirit of the Forest, whose murder can make people true masters of nature. But to protect the Forest God gets girl San daughter Moro wolf, nicknamed Princess Mononoke. Having found allies in both warring sides, Prince Ashitaka tries to prevent bloodshed and murder ...
In "Princess Mononoke" Miyazaki makes a breakthrough into a different artistic quality. Talking about the encroachment of progress on the right to possess divine power of nature, it actually develops and implements its own mythology on the screen. Only in order to establish a simple, but crucial in its essence truth that man is not the crown of creation, and especially not the master of the world. It seems that on this film there was a fundamental shift in Miyazaki different "weight category».
And after it no longer seems strange appearance of the next, the most famous creations of the director about a girl Chihiro, Spirited Away. In Miyazaki's Mononoke-hime he has devoted himself to the flight of his imagination, showing a rare ability to create a unified and organic picture of the world, invented by them from start to finish. To do this he had to use an extensive resource for visual images, semantic and emotional registers, the lack of which was felt more in his previous works. With the release of this cartoon, he established himself as a master storyteller of our time
Miyazaki -. Philosopher, tells his tale through animation and refer to the fundamental values ​​of planetary scale. Another thing is that to the important topics modern audiences do not really want to handle, catastrophically fear of responsibility, which in the age of total consumption has become synonymous with discomfort - sensual, moral, intellectual. Expressing warning civilization, he still further compared with previous works, departs from society, venturing into ethnic mythology.
If Americans are looking for their animation support in the popular culture sectors, including in popular films, forcing the viewer again and re-digest the screen product, but in the form of parody travestiynom, the Miyazaki continues to refer to the eternal questions. His face contemporary culture faced with the author of an adequate scale, at least, the creator of "The Lord of the Rings." However, "environmental parable" of the Japanese animator was much less popular contemporary "pagans" of divine providence. Yet it Mononoke broke through the veil of "seclusion" genius of the rising sun.
But solid charges ($ 150 million.) Could be just enormous, if not podsuetilis savvy guys from Miramax International (-daughter studio "Disney"), advance bought the rights to international distribution, "PM", and then reined it for a few years! So in America cartoon released in October 1999 (shtatovskih fees amounted to only $ 2.3 million.!), And only in the next 2000 - that is, Within three years after the premiere, which took place on July 12, 1997 th - began release it in Europe. Before all Russia (and then only on video) reached only 29 November 2001 (!), When Miyazaki's next film has been completed. During this time, Hollywood had to throw in the Russian hire more than a dozen of its animated blockbusters, and thoroughly hoisted the Russian audience to your product.
From Miyazaki Americans for a long time hard to create the image marginal, relegating him to a place in the back of his animation, which occupied the world rolled under the labels "Disney" and "Pixar". They honestly believed that a ride on it tested scenario: Japanese nugget may podorgaetsya, but all the same, sooner or later, to retreat. Indeed, without access to the international market, which is vigilantly monitored, it will not pay for their expensive products. And here on the Miyazaki came to the aid of his countrymen: they just went on his film and literally knocked making Mononoke box office champion of the national rental. In the future, a record achievement in the country of the rising sun has already passed by inheritance to the next miyadzakovskomu creation.
Americans have been and continues to be the direct reason to constrain the output of Japanese animation, which is largely due to Miyazaki has become a major competitor in the world of Hollywood box office. That's why the Yankees again prolonged the exit "stray lock Howl" (2004), which is at the box office came in second place in the history of the Japanese box office (at the front were only "Spirited Away"). Russian distributors rather than to enter into a contractual relationship directly with the Japanese, are completely dependent on the Hollywood bosses who have done everything that the film appeared on the fifth of the land in a very limited release - only five copies of screen
For this very reason! advanced viewer was forced to resort to the services of the world Wide web, that at least in this way, even with a substantial delay, to get acquainted with the works of one of the most important contemporary artists. Creators of this magnitude appear in the film, at best, just a quarter of a century. And it is possible that the change of millennia will be associated with the work of the future of movie-goers is that the Japanese genius.
Here are two excerpts of Miyazaki is not the last people in this profession. "I think we both belong to the same school - we both share an interest in a great human history. But when critics see our films in comparison, it makes me feel a bit awkward. It is impossible to understate the importance of creativity Miyazaki, comparing it with my "- so I said about it at the end of his life the great Kurosawa. And here is what he said at the end of the 1990s, Andy Wachowski, at that time newly-creator of "The Matrix", "Look Mononoke-hime, you can do only one thing - to rush to the phone and ordered all the movies made Miyazaki, since they belong to the one of the few works that justify the existence of the film and imprinted in the minds of the rest of your life. "

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