"Princess Mononoke" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One of the most famous works of Japanese masters received special attention, the story is interesting, without inserts serial anime. We are introduced to a curse that looks like something mystical, giving the impression that it will be built the whole story. Yes and no
Curse changes the fate of the main character, causing the audience to open up a few things:. Panache nice, the story introduces the sad fate of the boy, the expulsion under the pretext of looking for drugs. Only you know about what is happening, there are difficult situations for the characters, making the drama does not make long to wait.
freedom or exile? Asitaka Prince, who had the misfortune to be the advancement of the plot, is forced to discover new lands, expand horizons and drag the to adventure for us. What awaits the traveler? Funny and tragic characters, sense of duty and justice are faced with greed and the greed of others. No border - who should help, and who does not. Therefore, in helping one, you can make enemies of others. The conflict of the plot is just based on ignorance of the brave hero, why have to disclose the supporting characters from different sides. Author perfectly laid in humanism quality outcast, a contrast can be likened to Harry Potter: The boy helps everyone, and they can manipulate the Dark Lord ( "Order of the Phoenix»)
What brings us traveler Miyazaki.? To protect people, which was attacked by a pack of great wolves (dire wolf?) Led by savage-princess. No more thinking about parties, only the people from the settlement, who need help. Animation in this child pleasant, bright palette of colors is able to impress and color selection also reflects the quality of character. After the epic events of salvation, all the representations of heroes comes the adaptation to different parties. The settlement, whose residents have been rescued, is fraught with a few facts
Mrs. eboshi -. Mayor settlement - immediately struck by his dark nature and lies. That intriguing, clinging feeling when the viewer can identify, feel rotten character and the protagonist blindly trust every word without a drop of doubt - is priceless. We are familiar with the culture and lifestyle of the area, and the more Asitaka learns, the more the question arises in his mind. (What can I say about the audience reaction?).
Let until the motive behind the nose, we need you to find out the true intentions of the characters. Drain off suit tales gullible hero harsh woman creates false images in your head of naive youth. The author does not forget about the curse, so this thread is the weakness of a brave character. Attention to detail - the important thing in the work of Miyazaki. You can find the plot seems to be a one-time hero, and he is after a certain period of time will play an important role.
Who's Princess Mononoke, and why it is presented as an opponent? Logical thoughts go to the main character, pointing to the right argument. Enmity hostility, but familiarity with both sides of the conflict very well reveal the situation. On one side - the people under the command of a strict mistress; on the other - a natural girl, reminiscent of "Mowgli", which steps on the warpath. In addition to the basic skeleton of the film with the confrontation between the two layers of the society, in the anime characters reveal different characters, showing the culture and life of people, their personal joys and sorrows. This was a pleasure to watch, interesting to learn the purpose of the stay of such persons in the picture, which proves once again - in Miyazaki no extras, one person or a group of people united by something personal for themselves, without affecting the main premise. Subtleties of craft, of human relationships, jokes and experiences - Asitaka faced with all the elements
script makes great twists to the first events of the cartoon, answering questions about the curse, the desire to escape from dependence malice.. Here stands out the fantasy feature panache not very happy with the screen in such moments, when an unknown force took possession of the body, the symbiotic effects, the ability to direct the media to the dark path. But the effects of possession must have been somehow isolated, so we have what we have. But do not be mistaken.
Reveals the card to the audience to rethink the way the parties and fix the protagonist. We can assume that it was in these areas is no accident, and it is possible, and vice versa - at the wrong time in the wrong place. However, a close acquaintance with the Princess, and allows you to change the place of the hero of the dislocation, and save his damn life. It seems that even here the denouement approaching, but we have not yet dipped into the main conflict. Therefore, under the immense forest landscapes are coming battles
mystical creatures in the film is represented by a deity -. Ghost Forest. It seems that many sides have, but no, the director and screenwriter Hayao and this move makes entertaining, he did not even once, and supplementing and revealing the full picture of the action. As a militant party shows a pack of wild boars, wolves and Princess, Mrs. eboshi and residents of the settlement. The alternative should the main character, but that it sheds light on what is happening, that he was seeking the hidden motives and truth from all parties to the conflict. "Doomed to death saves the rest" - such a dramatic message. But there is a higher power confrontation, exposing humans and animals pawns in this battle. Forest Spirit and The Curse - it is the highest level, multi-faceted beauty on the screen, the consequences of such a collision can affect everything that happens, which leads to an excellent final
Paint colorful episodes do not see sense, but should also mention the romantic line, it is like. visits to the site. You even expect it, because the wild feminist and a guy from the far edges (only adequate character) leave after their joint staff a lot of unfinished action, as if to say that there should be more romantic. Nice addition.
Despite this rich history, sometimes there is fatigue from watching. Though I understand that stretch some scenes just need to penetrate and feelings, but they had a lot of why timing began to give hints in the head wearily. Princess Mononoke was able to show steely, impenetrable character that throughout polnometrazha changes from events and mutual feelings.
This classic allows you to take another look at the world of anime, rejoice along with the characters, to find answers to their questions and to evaluate the colorful canvas director .

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