"Princess Mononoke" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Return to Miyazaki
In this film there is something special, something that creeps into the soul while watching, and remains inside you for years to come. It is this feeling 5 years later brought me back to Miyazaki.
first film I watched 6 years ago, was Princess Mononoke. And I watched it again a year ago, and again looked at it today. And again, I will write.
Reconsidering picture, and knowing in advance the story, I began to dwell on such details, which previously had not noticed the greatness of the epochal battle of people and nature. Now I have learned a lot of interesting facts. The plot is in addition to its ideological and instructive load has more historical factor. As it turned out, it was from the tribe Asitaka Amis. This tribe lived in the north of Honshu and Hokkaido, and it was almost destroyed in the year 850. In addition, we get a geographical point of the film action. North of Honshu, Japan's largest island, is a continuous mountain range, with the hills and uplands. Thus the film geographically accurate.
It is also known that the samurai attacked eboshi camp that is also true from a historical point of view, because the nascent class samurai just supplanted Amis. First for me was a mystery Zita feud with the samurai and his words: ' These Samurai - mere demons '. But then I came to, and the meaning of these quarrels. The fact that Zita was the bearer IMPERIAL print, and carried out the order of the Tenno, a samurai busidany, especially so far north of the capital, did not recognize the imperial power and aspired to independence.
All that I have written above, will be interesting unless those who are fond of history, and in general, all sorts of stuff. If we talk about people, seen familiar style of Masters in:
Shihan Miyazaki works very rarely negative or evil characters. In Mononoke Hime-such is not present at all. Here there is no 'evil Mrs. eboshi'. There Ms eboshi that cares about its people, saving the wounded and the lepers, protects the village from the Samurai and animals, each in its own good
The idea of ​​the lack of a villain - brilliant:. At all times we are accustomed to call the wicked tyrants, murderers and criminals. Miyazaki looks deeper! What distinguishes Hitler actually guilty of the genocide of entire peoples and the murder of millions of people, from the people who invented gunpowder, musket, bombs, bows, and if you look more deeply, those who destroy forests, drains resources from the earth, burning fields and osushivaet lake. .. All of them are guilty of a much larger number of deaths, and their offspring will continue to destroy the people themselves for many centuries, because ' Man and nature can live in the world '. So we get eboshi - liberator of the forest, dreaming to bring their people to a rich and peaceful life, thriving in the manufacture of metal weapons. We see Zita, the hunter for the human dream - immortality, healing from diseases being. These people live and now, among us, everywhere. We are still so same applies to the forest and nature.
quintessence of the world of nature, Forest at Mononoke is the life for animals and people, but people do not understand. For people now - a source of raw materials and resources, the lair of the worst enemies of the place that you want at any cost to clean and arrange a selfish human needs
Besides the idea of ​​forests, forest Miyazaki is also inhumanly beautiful sight.. I look at this masterpiece for the third time, but it still froze when Kamushek introduces Asitaku in the forest reserve. These tree, moss and dragonflies, familiar to us from 'Nausicaa' ... Plexus roots and marsh at the foot of the gigantic trees, rocks, covered with moss and seaweed swaying in the current forest lake, indescribable atmosphere of the forest, the play of light in branches, raw twilight, fog and the voice of the trees. What a pleasure to contemplate the forest in the picture, and a feeling of pain, frustration and anger you feel when people are destroying it when the trees turn into mossy rotten wood covered with a terrible disease plague the forest god. Involuntarily there is a feeling that unites us with San, Princess monster in her futile attempts to stop these fools.
' Once the land was covered with forests, where they lived . The gods, since time immemorial '
beasts in the film are 3 types:
-It gods: Moreau, Nago nukami, Okotto-wear, ancient animals, they say, and sympathize with the forest, they protect him from forest people and serve God ... their fate - to leave in the summer, along with the ancient forest, to remain forever in the memory of those who honored the land. Man in his eternal quest to dominate in the reckless aggression destroys anyone who impedes him, without thinking about the consequences. So disappeared Bustard disappearing Manatees, the Amur tiger, rhino, ancient Coelacanth
-Zveri:. Boars and wild boars of the tribe Okotto-san. ' Look at my people, Moro. See how they are crushed and became stupid. Soon people will beat their meat! 'And so be it, is now a wild boar? He is on the table, the wall, the carpet in the restaurant, in a bowl, and even on the handle of a hunting knife, a souvenir, but not Vles
-Yakuro:. Friend and servant of the man that honors nature, the faithful horse, a mule pulling a heavy plow, sheep, dayuschayasherst cow gives milk and meat. Well, it is a reality, but for some reason Yakurim us with you best, and not true-it? Because of the love and affection to their Red Deer, Asitaka fully endowed with gratitude and respect the proud animal.
I do not know how to say it in Russian. This Tribute, homage to the memory of the forest ... This is the end of the film, an old forest with all its magnificent trees and beasts, with swamps and mossy stones sunk into oblivion. To replace him comes a new, and this is the essence of the Forest God as Asitaka said: ' Woodland God - it is life itself !'. The forest will grow back, but if a person learns a lesson - we can not live without nature, and destroying our land, destroying the forest, he was in his death throes will cover all of us, and there will be no life, and the wind will again sing Tribute, on the ruins of civilization. Such future-sensei Miyazaki has predicted us in his first-born 'Nausicaa'.
In the picture a lot of interesting, Yakurim devotion, dedication and San Asitaki, complex relationships between young people, faithfulness the traditions of the tribe Amis. And then there are the sister Asitaki as it formidable and selfless, she will not leave her friend is in trouble and is willing sklinkom in hand to resist the mighty demon. And there is humor, love, conspiracy ... a lot of things there.
Treat yourself to 2:00 ... umm, no, do not rest, and revelation, 2 hours of communication with the master, who learned to love life, and shows the hatred .
Thank you Miyazaki-sensei, for your amazing vision of the world, its problems and its specificity. Spaibo you for that that you share this beauty with the world, Thanks for each movie that you give to people. ! Origato
Do not hesitate and do not hesitate, solid rating:
1000 of 10

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