Prevent bullying and spread tolerance Essay

Year of tolerance is known after His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan founder of the UAE. His goal was to gather the seven emirates to one country that share love respect and accept the others. We as citizens our duty is to spread tolerance. Today we are living with more than 200 nationalities with different beliefs practices religions, but one thing brings us together in this country which is tolerance. Tolerance is the way to accept and respect the others opinion, the way they think, belief, even their appearance, without causing any harm or damage to their feelings. Let me define the word bully, any way of hurting, harming, attacking, or assaulting the human, it can be verbal by using a bad language, calling names, being rude, or physically by abusing the body kicking, hitting, pushing, adding on a common way of bullying is cyberbullying, which mainly happens through using computer, phone, internet, and share it through social media. You might wonder what bullying does to the mental health here is a simple answer; word can hurt more than punches, the bruises will heal, but the words will stay in your mind, causing a life-long damage, and that has a lot of impact on the social life it messes with the self-esteem creating unstable emotions that lead to intolerance. Bullying is a serious behavior that counts as criminal behavior and this situation should no longer be ignored it creates unsafe communities especially in the schools, kids who get bullied or who bully others might go through serious problems starting with home, parent, family, friends, neighbors, or even the community who is targeting and marketing violence. We end up having a student who suffered from depression, anxiety, and it can even get severe if it kept ignored, in some cases some youth run away from home or even, they harm their body by commit suicide. We need to teach student starting in preschool how to respect the other no matter how different your race, color, sexual orientations, improving the social-emotional learning skills our goal is to create a safe and bully-free schools, because schools reflect our safe society focusing on student who is victims of bullying giving them care and attention, on the other hand, student who bullies need support too, because most of them are around illegal activity that enhanced the aggressive side. It is important to have a school psychologist in every school around UAE to manage, improving school safety, prevent bullying incidents, and lastly educate all student, faculty, even parent of how important to be tolerance. We should involve tolerance in the education system by teaching student how tolerance is important and provide articles stories in the school books working on student behavior by including activities that support kindness and love for example, customize a week of bully-free to spread awareness it's important to mention that punishments in school should be reconsidered by a specialist in behavior to get a positive result.

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