Present And Future Impact Of External Influences Upon Nike And York Council Essay


Describe about present and future impact of external influences upon nike and york council.


Political and Legal

Impact of Infrastructure

Organizations such as Nike and York acts as one the central medium of globalization and are thus considered as the global symbol of an economy. In context to the viewpoint of the two mentioned brands, providing an efficient infrastructure for Britain tends to produce a significant impact on the brands (Guney et al., 2013). Thus, infrastructure plays a vital role in improving the supply chains, product designing and manufacturing process of Nike and York. Improving the transport facility will provide greater access to the people which in turn will help in engaging larger sections of people. Moreover developing the internet facility produces a significant impact on the two organizations in terms social media marketing (Godman & Hastak, 2015). This helps in implementation of better advertisement techniques. Furthermore, providing proper education and arranging effective training programs will help to develop efficient workers who will be able to contribute significantly to improving the workforce environment of a particular organization. This will help in enhancing the employment process that may play a significant role in providing employment to a large group of individuals and thereby will tend to strengthen the overall economy of Britain. In addition to it, providing a proper infrastructure will have a direct positive impact taking into consideration the factor of resource availability.

Impact of Government Policies

Governmental fiscal policies that specifically includes taxation, grants, and loans that serve to be an example of the political element also produces a significant impact. The government might increase or lower the taxes depending upon the financial condition of the right organization (GholamKandSari, 2013). A government intervention that specifically includes shifts in interest rates also produces a direct effect on the demand patterns of the mentioned organizations. The fiscal policies thus incorporated by the Government not only affect the social-cultural environment of the organization but also is associated with changing the economic environment and thereby can also influence the acceptance of new technologies. The Government policies are therefore considered as the last predictable elements in the business environment (Bertot et al., 2012). Depending upon the type of taxation system or the policies that the Government has implemented for the two mentioned organization, the management will come to the final decision in reforming the overall taxation set of the organization regarding resource availability and revenues collection (Schumacher et al., 2015). Thus the significant impacts that the Government fiscal policies produces on the two organizations specifically includes:

  • Impact on the overall economy
  • Regulation change
  • Political stability
  • Risk Mitigation

Impact of Employee legislation and Other Laws

The employment legislation that includes different kinds of laws and acts provides the platform for implementing the necessary legislation and regulations that will serve in playing an important role in giving suitable benefits for the workers belonging to the mentioned organizations (Ng & Lundstrom, 2014). Thus, employment law produces a direct impact on Nike and York based on the implementation of different laws that provides support to the employees by satisfying the goals and aims of the organization. According to Lee (2013), employee legislation helps in building a better team that will have a positive impact on improving the overall workforce environment without any biases or priority. The acts that are included within the employee legislation include the Employments Right Act, Sex Discrimination Act, The Equal Pay Act, and the Race Relations Act (Miller, 2015). These legislations thus helps to produce an impact in a way that Nike and York will be able to evolve more by improving the overall workforce environment taking into account the importance of the laws thus suggested. The employment legislation thus involved will also help in providing better job advertisements, better selection procedure for the employees, promotion of the employees and offering adequate training and career development options and opportunities for providing protection against unfair release from work. Apart from the standard employee legislations acts, the other laws that affect the workforce environment of the mentioned organizations include implementation of different kinds of regulatory laws, labor laws and most importantly the reporting laws ( Lee et al., 2013). The regulatory laws help in setting the standards that affect the business that takes place in a particular business situation. This also includes various kinds of environmental laws and laws that have been set up by the Federal Government. The regulatory laws also help in establishing the international trade markets and business licensing (Warner & Clifton, 2014). The labor laws implemented help to pertain the business that influences the way an organization treats their employees. These laws specifically include minimum wage regulations, worker protection rules, for example, the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Protection Act. The labor laws also include older laws such as the Child Labor Protection Acts and the Occupational Safety and Health rules. The labor laws that will be implemented for the employees of the specific organizations also include the employee insurance programs and the suitable benefits programs that can be provided to the staffs (Ghimire & Pimbert, 2013). The reporting laws control the reporting o the finances that include the Government and the investors. In other words, the reporting laws help in setting up the standards that are required for maintaining a transparent business process.

Effect on Stakeholders

The given factors thus associated with affects the stakeholders in a way that provides a greater certainty about their future and increased stability. The key stakeholder that is affected by the implementation of these factors specifically includes the managing authorities, the employees, the customers, retailers and the suppliers (Jimenez et al., 2013). The factors play a significant role in effective implementation and successful enrollment of the individuals that will provide exposure to a new system. These factors help in affecting the stakeholders in a way that helps in promoting better public awareness among the consumers regarding their options in order to obtain affordable business service (Gadde & Hakansson, 2015). It also helps in removing the barriers that include better involvement and enrollment of the consumers in a better and systematic way. Thus, the factors produce a significant impact on the stakeholders in a way that helps in engaging the consumers with information and tools that are very much required for holding or maintaining a provision of the company in the given competitive market field. In this way, the factors tend to affect the stakeholders in a significant and effective ways.

Social Issues

Impact of Population Growth, Ageing Population, Obesity Problem and Growing use of Internet

In context to the macroeconomic sense, latest report suggests that there are various kinds of social issues like population growth, the ageing population, obesity problem and growing use of the internet has produced a successful impact and effect on Nike and York. Social issues like population growth have also affected the two organizations in a significant way. With the increase in the population growth there is a gradual increase in the customer demands and at times, the organizations are not being able to provide the products as per the demand of the consumers (Watford, 2014). As a result, population growth produces a negative impact on the consumers. The aging population, on the other hand, has also impacted the organizations in such a way that it tends to hamper the overall sentiments of the two given organization. With the aging population, the trends and the interest for the latest technologies gradually decrease and as a result, a company has to enforce and reformulate the stories and the programs that they have been associated with implementing (Useem, 2014). In addition to the given factors, obesity has also affected Nike and York. Since both Nike and York are related to large-scale production of sports merchandise and sports accessories, obesity problems tend to affect the production and selling strategy of the two given organization which leads to decrease sell of the products on the market. Since obese people will not be able to participate in any sports activities, the increase in the rate will gradually lead to decreased productivity. Growing use of internet has affected in a way as people now a day remains more associated with internet shopping and as a result, there has been decreasing in the involvement procure of the workers (Gainet, 2013).

Impact of Environmental factors

In context of the present day scenario, the environmental factors have also affected the production and the marketing strategies of the given companies in some ways. One such important factor is child labor. The report suggests that the phenomena of child labor has increased gradually in recent days and thus have affected the production and management of many well known organizations in the recent days. Likewise, the two important organizations Nike and York have also been potentially affected due to the environmental factor such a child labor (Distelhorts & Hainmuelelr, 2014). Child labor is associated with decreasing the overall economy of a country which in turn affects the stakeholders and the work environment of the given two organizations. Child labor also tends to lower the education of the child associated with and as a result, the child who is being implemented for the work does not have sufficient knowledge regarding the workflow environment or the process. Henceforth, the increase in child labor has produced a negative impact on the two organizations. This, in turn, has lead to a decrease in the overall productivity and sell of the products and thus there has been a steady decrease in the market value of the products that the companies tend to produce.

Political Activities Adapted by Nike

In order to minimize the adverse effects of the factors discussed above, Nike has implemented a large number of political and legal activities. The first effective activity that Nike has undertaken is that they have indulged themselves in creating an efficient tax system that helped in enhancing and advocating the different kinds of available fiscal policies that will allow them to hold up a suitable position in the competitive global market. The tax system thus introduced will not only provide a suitable platform for Nike to modify the existing rules and regulations but also will also help in implementing effective management strategies, policies and ideas in a more precise and better way. This in turn will amend the policies in a better and significant way. Moreover, the management of Nike has also implemented in advocating free trade that helped in seeking improvements in the existing global, regional, multilateral and bilateral agreements. Nike had implemented certain legal policies that believe in providing free, fair and sustainable trade. The legal strategies assist in encouraging trade that facilitates growth, innovation, and investment that tends to attract the interest of the workers and the consumers on a global basis. Their objectives specifically include having seamless access to the open markets to eliminate the import duties and protecting the intellectual rights. The legal policies and the government actions thus implemented help in promoting an efficient and secure transport of products. Nike has also recently advocated workforce nondiscrimination legislation for gay, lesbian and transgender employees in order to build up a significant customer base (Burns et al., 2012).

Political Activities Adapted by York Council

The City of York Council in order to improve the present political and legal activities has appointed a two people council with a view to maintain and promote high standards of ethics within the City Council. The role of the independent persons has been taken into consideration by enacting the Localism Act of 2011 (Klassen & Vereecke, 2012). The act suggests that all the involved local authorities need to adopt a code of conduct for the members thus elected in order to appoint at least a single independent person for assisting the Council in dealing with the regular complaints that have been breaching with the code of conducts (Casey, 2016). This would help the council in investigating the allegations that the code of conducts has been violated depending on the views of the independent person who is taken into consideration before which the individual has been taken into account to put forward their views. In order to improve the productivity of the associated organization, various other legal and political issues has been implemented by the management and the appointed council members of the city of York. This mainly included implementation of a various kind so legal acts such as the Liberal Democratic Act, Conservative Labor Act, and Liberal Democratic Hold Act. In accordance to keep a privacy of the intellectual property, the York organization has also successfully implemented suitable policies for innovation, development and taking into consideration the consumers trust. The York organizations work in partnership with the available local and public authorities for supporting robust, improved and modern regulatory framework (Gadde & Hakansson, 2015). The legal frameworks thus implemented help in counterfeiting to promote a balanced system in order to protect the innovative design and the products for maintaining a sustainable position the market. For the betterment of the overall society, various agendas have been also taken into consideration that includes promotion and access to different kinds of sports and physical activities in various portions where they operate. Thus, they have successfully been assisted by building coalitions. This, in turn, helps in encouraging governments to develop other important legal and political policies and educations in schools and places. The solution thus provided help to provide a coordinated approach for considering the way the cities are designed and structured in order to provide priority to the physical activity as well as improvement of the overall community environments.

Social Activities Implemented by Nike

Nike is considered to be one of the fewer sports merchandise manufacturing companies which involve itself in different social activities as well. Nike is strictly committed to change the social viewpoint towards different sports and bring upon a change around the world. It helps to organize different events such as social and sports events and sponsorship programs to gets kid active (Burns et al, 2012). This will help to provide the children with better and healthier lifestyle. As a result, the kids become more happy and joyful towards life. Nike primarily emphasizes on the model of work and play. For this reason, they are associated with different business organizations as well. They organize different sports event among the employees of that respective business organize and improve the working environment as well. Nike also has a principle of accelerating global change through the power of sports and strategic partnership. They always believe that sport itself has the authority to bring change among any deformity in society. Nike works on the scale of impact of sports to create a greater amount of recognition among the citizen of all classes to increase the value of sports. In modern times, many parents and students are focused on the element of the study. As a result, the value of sports is decreasing day by day. To change this phenomenon, Nike focuses on the local community impact through sports. They organize different activities in the schools across the globe from first world country to the third world countries as well. Sports bring a ray of hope in the daily livelihood along with a change in mindset. The social structure is affected significantly by this sort of activities as sports can help a child to bloom to its ordinal potential. Considering the given facts, it can be thus stated that Nike is providing a good social structure and efforts to the element of sports (Green & Peloza, 2014).

Social Activities Implemented by York Council

The City of York Council is one of the leading organization which is highlighted and heavily rated for it productivity related to social events and sports. In order to build an effective social activity framework, the city of York council emphasizes on the development of the youth population of the community. It has an effective youth support services which are also known as YSS which deals with different activities across the city only to the young people (Watford, 2014). Most of the clubs for youths are organized and run by the local community. This provides a grass root level of framework and communication system which helps to implement the changes more effectively. There is also a presence of some voluntary and faith groups in the city which plays a significant role for the purpose of social activities. It is a quite fascinating phenomenon that the YSS runs many of the youth clubs present in the city which conducts many activities both of sports and social from the age group of 11 to 19 (Useem, 2014). These sorts of activities help to maintain a healthy environment in the society and community along with a good mindset as we. Shine is also a program implemented n work for the people by the City of York Council which initiates different fun activities in the city for the children of the age of five to eleven along with their families as well. You-Zone is the website in the York for the people belonging to eleven and above. It provides all information needed for such activities and procedures to participate in them as well. As this is an open source, any enthusiastic person can obtain the service and engage in such activities (Jimenez et al., 2013). The activities include cycling, climbing, walking, swimming and other more than fifty activities. All of these activities are easy and can have participated by any one. Another important aspect is that all of these activities are healthy which will help to maintain a good lifestyle and mind as well (Okwiet et al., 2014).


Taking into consideration the viewpoint of the areas that has been discussed in the present business report, a lot of recommendations can thus be suggested for both the organizations. This will help them in reducing the effects of various kinds of social and political factors which for lessen the impact of the various kinds of social and political factor as discussed. The primary recommendations include the appointment of a particular team that will help in monitoring the potential effects of the discussed social and political factors. The team will play a crucial role in determining both the positive and negative aspect of the implication that remains in association with the social and political factors. The business environment needs to be improved that will help in engaging top performance workers. Involvement of top performer workers will play a magnificent role to minimize the adverse impacts of the various kinds of social and political factors. Depending upon the effect of the factors it is also very much crucial and significant for the organization to involve them in reformulating the policies and laws that have been already enacted. This will help in better understanding of the political contributions and enhancement of the association members. Business sustainability is also one prime factor that will steadily remain associated with reducing the negative impact of such factors on a particular organization. Also understanding, the overall political and social scenario including the resource availability and the ongoing political processes will significantly help in reducing the negative impact of the factors over the business process of a particular organization.


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